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Its been a month since I moved back to Mumbai, not much has happened since my last post. Unemployment still prevails, not for much longer i hope. Been busy with job interviews, hence things  have been a bit slow on the writing front.

Dischordian is the Garreth D’Mello, vocalist of Mumbai alternative rock band Split. One of the few non – metal Indian acts that I enjoy. Check out my interview with Gareth who is the “Chosen 1” on 

Exhumation are one of India’s oldest death metal bands. They released their latest album “Consider This” a little over a month ago. I managed to get the album on limited edition Cd (#167/200).


Consider this

Exhumation are one of India’s top death metal bands. The Mumbai – based quartet have been around for close to a decade now and have maintained a stable line up. ‘Consider This’ is their first release in 5 years, ‘For Personal Consumption Only’ EP being their last release. The album is about choices, we as humans have two paths and there are external forces from each path that are trying to get us to “consider them”.

The band starts its aural assault from the first song All that is and it continues till the last song Alpha Omega, not letting the listener out of their grip. The album reaches its peak on the 5th song, the title track with poser crushing riffs. Other tracks that stand out on the album are, Black Plague and Hell Forbid. With 7 tracks under 30 minutes, the album leaves you craving more of this no frills death metal.

The album has a clean production courtesy Kuber Sharma. The mix is dominated by the guitars of Prashant Shah. Aditya Mehta adds some high pitch screeches to his growled vocals, however it gets drowned out by the guitars at times and the bass is barely audible throughout the album.

Overall, this is the best release so far by Exhumation in terms of songwriting, which is miles ahead of ‘Among the Dead’ however the production hinders it. ‘Consider This’ has set the bar high for other Indian death metal bands that want to release an EP/album this year. Those who have been waiting for this album for some time now should not be disappointed; I hope they don’t have to wait 5 years for another release from Exhumation. 

Download ‘Consider This’ for free here

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May 7, 2011 at 3:25 pm

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