Agent Whiskers – A Perfect State of Disarray Review

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Imagine the post-apocalyptic world, death and destruction all around you. Lost and confused, away from your friends and family you are trying to figure out what happened to them and others. I am sure at least some of you have had a dream/nightmare like this or have watched the Hollywood movie, 2012. The latest album by Agent Whiskers, “A Perfect State of Disarray” is the soundtrack to it.

For those who have not read my previous post about Agent Whiskers, he is an electronic musician from Saudi Arabia. After releasing a couple of remixes, he is back with another album (the 3rd in 6 months for those keeping count). Unlike his peers in the Middle East, Agent Whiskers does not make electronic music to be played in clubs. It is for this reason I am writing about him on  my blog which mainly covers Rock/Metal artists.

This album has much darker themes than the previous two albums. With 7 tracks at 31 minutes, it is like a juicy beefburger with no fat (if i may use the analogy). My favorite tracks from the album are “New Dawn (The World Is Ours)” and “Deliverance (No Rest For the Wicked)”.  I feel this is the best release by Agent Whiskers so far. The production is a lot better especially the drums which I had an issue with in the earlier album.

If the past six months are any indication, expect at least a couple more album from Agent Whiskers this year. I hope this music reaches the ears of video game developers etc. , more attention needs to directed towards this new sound coming from Saudi Arabia.

Name your price and Download “A Perfect State of Disarrayhere 

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February 19, 2012 at 9:25 pm

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