Interview with Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew

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Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew are death metal band from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They have been around for over a year and recently released a split album with Who will Guard the Guardians from Jordan. Find out more about how the split came about, which metal band they would like to see perform in Dubai next and also their plans for 2012 in my interview with the band (Hardy RD – Vocals,  Joe Bear – Guitars, Vin Diesel – Guitars, Aaron Noville – Bass, Josh Grubbun – Drums and Diana – Manager) below

Hey guys, congrats on your debut release. How did the split with Who will Guard the Guardians come about?

Josh: Adnan from Who Will Guard The Guardians initiated the idea and informed Diana about it and we’re good friends, so why not?

Aaron: Yes, the songs were actually recorded back in August last year and in spite of the difference of genres, we thought it’s a great idea to do this split. Major props to The WWGTG guys for making it happen.

The songs on the split sound great, where were they recorded?

Diana: The songs are homemade like our brew, they were recorded in Vin’s lair.

Vin: We basically just locked ourselves up at my place for a whole month and the recordings you hear are a product of this. Of course, large amounts of brew were consumed during this process.

Joe: There are two songs from that session that haven’t been released yet and we’re waiting for Billy Bob to put his final touches before we can finally release them.

What is the writing process like? Who is the main songwriter in the band?

Rd: As far as I remember all the songs were created during drinking sessions at Billy Bob’s Brewery. Billy Bob basically narrates his experiences to us and we compile what we can remember the next day and piece together all the parts. That’s basically it when it comes to the lyrics.

Vin: Once the lyrics are done, the riffs and structures come very naturally to us. Though the music may sound very random to the casual listener, it’s basically a musical interpretation of Billy Bob’s stories and each section syncs up musically with the lyrics.

Vin and Joe were in Discord. How did you meet the rest of the guys in the band?

Joe: All of the members of BBBDB played in previous metal bands in the scene (A Shot of Adrenaline, Discord, etc.). Vin was in a band with me, I was in a band with Aaron, Aaron was in a band with Rd etc.

Rd: Members of the previous bands had left the country to pursue their path of enlightenment, discovering one’s true calling, in other words stepping out of the closet. Since we all had similar tastes in the music we wanted to play, we all quit the previous bands and formed Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew.

Josh: I joined in a bit later, the new extreme style of drumming was quite new to me in comparison to my old bands, but I’ve loved the experience till date!

You’ve opened for Obscura in October and a few weeks ago for Fleshcrawl. Tell us a bit about the experience.

Aaron: Obscura was awesome but there were a couple of technical difficulties and we felt like it wasn’t one of our best performances.

Vin: Rd wasn’t in Dubai at the time we played with Obscura but all the guys would agree that Fleshcrawl had a much bigger and better crowd and the organizers did a great job making sure it was a night that metal fans in Dubai would appreciate.

Rd: We went for some brew after the show with the Fleshcrawl guys, showed them the way of the Brew in Dubai, I’m sure they will be back with more friends. To sum it up; Good brew times.

A lot of metal bands have been touring Dubai lately, what are the bands that you would like to see performing soon?

The band: It’s great seeing Hate Eternal play here in May and we’d love to play the show with them. We’d definitely like to see Napalm Death, Decapitated, Nile (Karl Sanders seemed to like it a lot here last time anyway), Dying Fetus, Meshuggah, Hatebreed (Rd: “these guys are sick live, you would punch yourself first, then everyone around you”), Exhumed, Municipal waste, Slayer and the list goes on and on! Considering that quite a few famous bands have been coming down to Dubai and many of the above mentioned bands are touring India now, the chances of them coming here look better!

What are you plans for the rest of 2012?

Joe: Hmm, play for gigs that are worth playing for, and try to tighten up our sets more than ever

Josh: We’re also going to get working on an album and hopefully even Billy Bob’s merch!

Rd: Play as many shows as possible; maybe do some shows outside the country as well? Who knows.. Increase our Brew capacity and yeah, start an actual BBBDB brand (Brew, Shirts, condoms, etc).

Last Words?

Aaron: Let’s be a bit Band Whorey with this, just go on Facebook and like us and do take a look at our tracks, they are pretty intense. And also, thank you Mr. Trendcrusher, will wait to share another beer with you once you’re back in Dubai.

Rd: Support extreme music or FUCKOFF!!

Vin: What Aaron and Rd said, also we have a youtube channel where we will be adding a few lyric videos shortly, so be sure to check that out!

Josh/Diana/Joe: Pound it!

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April 13, 2012 at 2:30 pm

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