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The Eternal Twilight is cross continental studio band made up of Noor, Abbas, Quinn and Christian. Last year they released their debut album, “Everything Resembles You” and an EP titled “Another Quiet Day“. They describe their sound as “First Tea/Coffee of the day with a cigarette on a shiny sunday morning amidst the high mountains while waiting for nothing but memories to come”. They released a new single, “The Landscape is not same without you” yesterday.

Find out more about their new single, how the band got together and also their plans for the rest of the year in my interview with Noor below

Hi Noor, Congrats on the release of your new release “The Landscape is not same without you”. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Noor: Thanks! Well, this release is meant to be something a lot more personal (as you can guess from name). “This Landscape is Not the Same Without You” refers to this feeling you get when things change. I guess just like a beautiful landscape where you spent some memorable time with someone and that someone may no longer be there with you today. And that same place just doesn’t feel same now.

Was the songwriting and recording process this time different from your previous releases?

Noor: Not entirely. However, track ‘Lasting Moment and Embrace’ is quite different than most of our previous tracks. Its more experimental, minimal and sort of carries glitchy/electroacoustic feel to it. Both tracks are somewhat improvisational.

You released you debut album, “Everything Resembles You” in May last year. Tell us a bit about it. How was the response to the album?

Noor: Everything Resembles You is basically collection of songs we composed over two years(2009-2011). Response has been quite amazing. We were interviewed by MTVDesi. One of the tracks “Sky Is No More A Friend” was also featured on Ramen Music’s latest issue. Even today, I feel quite stunned when I open our page and see there are 1000 listeners and we are approaching 20k scrobbles. I think its a huge achievement for a small project like us.

“Everything Resembles You” had a limited edition release through Oxide Tones, a German post rock label. How did the deal come about?

Noor: Well, we first released the album via bandcamp for free. We were looking for a label to release even before putting it out for free download. But we didn’t fit into some and few didn’t bother replying. Oxide Tones was the last label I thought about emailing. And gladly, Adam(Oxide Tones) replied saying he liked our music and will be interested in releasing. That’s how it went on. It has been amazing journey so far. If you don’t know, Oxide Tones started functioning as a label in 2011. Its really mind boggling to find yourself among some of the known artists of the scene such as The Echelon Effect, Canyons of Static, Mooncake and so on. We also contributed a remix to “The Circle Project” which was curated by oxide tones.

Tell us a bit about it about the EP “Another Quiet Day” that was also released last year.

Noor: Another Quiet Day was more conceptual and cohesive release . Concept was about being in nature/outdoors. I just had this idea that I want to capture feelings of being in outdoors/nature in different time of the day. That’s why you also see tracks named “quiet morning” , “quiet afternoon” and so on. Also, Another Quiet Day we used a lot more guitar layers/textures than our previous release. Apart from that, we also released “Under the Starlit Sky” which was collaboration with this great band “The Sound of Rescue”.

Will Faulkner has produced videos to accompany the songs on “Another Quiet Day”. How did that come about?

Noor: Will is a visual artist from UK. He liked us on TET Facebook Page. I am also interested in photography. And so I checked his page out of curiosity. I loved photos he put on his page. At around same time, we were working on Another Quiet Day. So this idea struck and I asked him if he will be interested in making video for us. He agreed wholeheartedly. I really think visuals capture and enhance the essence of what you want to achieve. It adds another dimension of effectiveness to your work.

Abbas and You started Eternal Twilight in 2010. Tell us a bit about the beginnings.

Noor: In the beginning, we were sounding worse than we currently are haha. We also thought of this name “Eternal Light of Yours” But later changed to TET. Back then, I knew Abbas since a couple of months. We also released a split (Bleak Emptiness and Abyssed) at that time. There was hardly any project in sub-continent playing ambient etc inspired music. So we thought about starting this project. And yeah, here we are…

How did Quinn and Christian become part of the line up?

Noor: I made this sort of video for Quinn’s My Cats A Stargazer. I was in touch with Quinn for a bit. Abbas got busy with studies etc while the album was yet to be finished. I was looking for a guitarist to add some clean guitars on one of the tracks I composed. I asked Quinn to jam and he did brilliant job. After that, I think it was natural to be associated with the project. Christian’s another hell of a guitarist. I came across Christian from youtube. We just had a small talk about our love for Hammock. I sent some of the music I was working on to Christian. And even without asking, he added few beautiful lead guitars. And that’s how we became project mates. Even with lot of difficulties we face, we still enjoy working this way. Specially working on remixes (The Mountaineering club orchestra’s Mallory and The Echelon Effect’s What Makes Us So Uncommon) together is hell lot of fun.

What are you plans for the rest of 2012?

Noor: 2012 may turn out to be a little bleak. I may be shifting to Pune for higher studies and lot of things are changing around us day by day. Only thing we are aiming at the moment is to finish our split with Aurora Borealis. We have our second full length “A Beautiful Departure” to work upon. But We aren’t going fast. We will take our time to deliver the best we can.

Final Words.

Noor: Thanks for this opportunity. Lots of love to anyone who cared to check our music. Its really wonderful to see lot of Indian fans listening to ambient/post-rock etc these days. Nowadays, we also have awesome artists like Until We Last and Nitin Garg coming from our own India.

Listen/Download “This landscape is not the same without youhere

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