Interview with Grand Hotel Paradox

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Grand Paradox Hotel is a punk band from Dubai. After releasing an EP and single last year, they have released their first album, “Rust“.Later this month they will be touring South East Asia.
Find out more about their album and also their upcoming tour in my interview with their vocalist/guitarist Chris Ryan.

(L to R) Mike Priest – Bass/Vocals, Michael Sydenham – Drums, Chris Ryan – Guitar/Vocals with Mohd ‘Freewheelin Man’ Rizman

Hey Chris, Hows it going? You’ve recently released your first Album “Rust”. What’s the album about?

Chris: Yo! There’s no real over-arching concept apart from that it contains songs written from the perspective of living and growing up in this country.

The album was recorded at your home studio. How did you go about recording it?

Chris: We went about it quickly! Got no time for the jibber jabber, as the honourable B.A Baracus would say. We record in the same place we rehearse so we kind of just do our thing.

How different is “Rust” compared to your previous releases, “First World Problems” EP and “Louder Than Lyrics/Wake-Up Call” single?

Chris: Those two releases were written together as a band in the rehearsal room, whereas with this new record I was away from town for a while so I wrote a lot of the stuff on my own. So it is a little different in that respect, I guess. Also recently i’ve not been listening to as much Fugazi and i’ve been listening to more Propagandhi and other more melodic bands like Joyce Manor.

“Rust” is your first physical release. Why did you opt to release the album on cd after your previous releases were only digital?

Chris: People would often ask if we have CDs out, so now if someone is interested they can get the physical copy. Plus, the artwork and packaging is pretty handsome. We wanted to do vinyl but postage was going to be way too much to post a 12” out to people in other countries. Maybe next time.

The album has been released by Abbreviated Records, a label you own. Do you plan on releasing music by other bands?

Chris:Abbreviated Records is just a name for me in my room stuffing & posting envelopes as well as trying to get in contact with reviewers. I also get some help from my friend Nathan when we’re away (shout out!). Currently the only physical stuff on the label is from GHP, but there is a bandcamp digital-downloads page with some ‘archived’ albums from earlier projects/bands I was in – just to make them freely available.

To answer your question, the idea is that this new record is the ‘guinea pig’ for the label so now that we’ve got all the ISRC codes sorted, pressing plant located and mailing prices calculated it should be easy to put out other band’s stuff through the same system. I definitely want to release other people’s music that I think is great, so watch that space for sure.

Last summer you toured Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. How was the experience? What was the response you received?

Chris: Punk is not dead, it just immigrated to Southeast Asia. We played about 8 shows and all those guys made us feel at home; we had great crowds who were in to what we’re trying to do.

You will be doing a tour of Southeast Asia again starting later this month; can you tell us a more about it?

Chris:When we played there last year lots of people recommended extra cities and spots we should have visited; we also had people asking when we were coming back again, so thats why we’re heading over for a longer tour #2: About 15 shows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and the Philippines.

Any Final Words?

Chris: Do what your heart is telling you to do: buy our CD from us for only $10 and you’ll get some pin-badges and a big fat sticker thrown in free – aw yeah: How’s that for a ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ sale?


Listen to “Rust” below

Check their Tour dates below

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June 9, 2012 at 2:10 pm

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