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Cyclamen is the Project of Hayato Imanishi. After releasing a split with Haunted Shores and a full length album, “Senjyu” he has recently released a new EP “Memories, Voices“.
Find out more about the EP and also his plans for the rest of the year in my interview with Hayato below

Hi Hayato, hows it going? You recently released your new EP “Memories, Voices”, tell us a bit about it.

Hayato : Great thanks! “Memories/Voices” is a new Cyclamen EP/mini-album that I’ve been meaning to release pretty much since last summer! Last year has been a very busy year and I had little time to focus on Cyclamen so it kept getting delayed but I finally managed to get it out! So I am pretty happy about that 🙂

The EP sounds great. What was the recording process for it?

Hayato : It was almost completely done on my own at home. Not sure if I could even call it “Home studio” because it’s just a laptop and a pair of monitors pretty much hahaha.
And since I live in a flat I couldn’t really make much noise either, so guitars were recorded with my custom ESP guitar going into Blackstar HT-20, that goes into Motherload Elemental, which is a speaker simulator and dummy load in one. Motherlod lets me record the amp without making any noise.
Bass also was recorded with line. Only thing I had to record outside was my screaming, but I am lucky enough to have a friend who owns a venue so I recorded vocals there in one evening when he had nothing going 🙂 I used S.E.Electronics Gemini mic, which is a massive condenser mic!
Mixing and mastering was done using Logic with Logic, Waves and PSP plug-ins. They are the only three brands of plug-ins I use. I never felt I needed to look for anything else.

How does “Memories, Voices” compare to your album “Senjyu”?

Hayato : It’s meant to be a release that’s more straight forward and listener friendly. Senjyu to me was one big story and there are songs that people would understand only if they heard the whole album and understood them in the context. I don’t think many people really understand idea of listening to one album as one big piece of music these days unfortunately. Also it’s a lot more melodic and there are more layers in sound, which was natural progress I think after I started Withyouathome.

For those who are not aware of Cyclamen, when did you start the project? Give us a brief history of the project.

Hayato : Cyclamen started in January 2008 as a bedroom project. It caught people’s attention when I released “Sleep Street” that featured Mikee from SikTh. Since then it’s been slow but steady process of growing and it even had a full band for a short period – We toured with Chimp Spanner and Aliases, which was a lot of fun 🙂

You had put together a live band after the release of “Senjyu”, what happened to it?

Hayato : Some band members had other commitments, and my life style has changed to constantly travelling to different places so it just made sense to disband it.

You also have another project, Withyouathome and released an EP titled “…and the Moon Still Shines Quietly”. How did it come about? How do you manage 2 musical projects?

Hayato : Withyouathome was something I made much more for my personal enjoyment, and also a project that I deliberately meant to keep it simple in order to have a live band in Thailand. Simple doesn’t mean bad though, Cyclamen appeals to many technical minded musicians but Withyouathome is much more popular to those who are more about enjoying the overall sound of music, rather than thinking how technical the music is.
Main difference between two projects has become to Cyclamen being something I create on my own and challenging my skill and creativity, where as Withyouathome is something I write with certain feel in mind, in a band context, and activities based in Thailand. As for how I manage 2 musical projects, it’s hard. But Cyclamen being a solo project, there is much less pressure to keep it up…Whenever I can find time I work on it, and I don’t need to worry about other band members 🙂

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you plan on getting together a live band again?

Hayato : I’ve managed to find kind people in Japan who can help me release Cyclamen music in Japan, which is very exciting! Since my Cyclamen activity has always been abroad, it’s nice to have something going on in my home country! I’d love to get a band together, but Cyclamen being pretty technically demanding music project it’s hard to find band members…And when I find capable musicians they tend to be the other side of the world hahaha! I will keep trying getting a band together but I’m not expecting anything soon. I will just take time and make sure the next lineup is something that can work for long term!

Any final words?

Hayato : The support I’ve been getting from Cyclamen listeners has been nothing but incredible, and I could never thank them enough for their generous support. They give me a great hope in my life as a musician and I hope they keep enjoying my music, because that’s the only thing I know how to do well hahaha
Thank you so much!

Listen to “Memories, Voices” below

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