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Last week I did a couple of interviews for Indianrockmp3 with Demonic Resurrection and The Supersonics.

Mumbai metal band Demonic Resurrection are performing for the first time in UK at the Bloodstock Festival. I spoke to Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija about their plans for the Bloodstock festival, their live DVD and also their 4th album.

Demonic Resurrection 2012

Hey Sahil, next week you will be performing at the Bloodstock festival in the UK. What are your thoughts about it? Excited? Nervous?

Sahil: We’re definitely excited about this gig, the UK is a place we’ve been wanting to play for a long time and last year we were gutted when our visa’s didn’t get approved and we had to cancel our appearance at Sonisphere and also our subsequent UK tour. We’ve been wanting to play Bloodstock for a while and since Sonisphere got canceled this year we’re very fortunate that we were able to get booked for Bloodstock and so stoked to be making our UK debut at the festival. The bill this year is amazing with big names like Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Testament, Machine Head etc it’s going to be EPIC! We’re really looking forward to kicking some ass and giving the UK metal heads a taste of Indian metal.

Do you have anything special planned for your set at Bloodstock?

Sahil: Not really, we’re just going to get out and and play our best gig. We’ve put together a setlist that we think best represents Demonic Resurrection and we’ll let the UK metal heads see and hear what DR is all about.

Which artists are you looking forward to see perform and meet at Bloodstock?

Sahil: The entire festival lineup is really awesome and I think we want to catch as many bands as possible including many artists we’ve not heard off, but definitely I’m personally looking forward to meeting George Kollias again and I want to definitely catch Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Testament and Iced Earth among the list and probably even catch some local UK talent like Flayed Disciple, Ancient Ascendant, Aanal Nathrakh etc.

You plan on releasing a Live DVD with video footage from Bloodstock along with footage from you gig at Blue Frog on 22nd July. What else can we expect on the DVD ?

Sahil: When we say DVD we’re at this point only referring to the content because our fan funded music video got a little side tracked due to logistical issues and some financial issues as well but we collected a large part of the funds despite hiccups and we asked the fans if instead of a music video they’d like to get a copy of our performance at Bloodstock UK and they were all excited about it since it costs quite a lot for us to get the footage but it’s going to be 6 camera shot with multi-track audio so we’ll have a nice little package for the fans. We also shot the Blue Frog gig which we’re giving as a nice little add on so fans will get these concerts if they’ve contributed. When and how we release the footage later on a DVD is yet to be planned out but if it’s happening it will be along with our new album, probably in the form of bonus material. We’ll probably have a UK video blog series like we did for our Norway trip but that again will be online most likely.

How are things shaping up for the 4th album ? When can we expect it to be released ?

Sahil: Things are going well we’re more or less done writing the music for the album and we’re going to start the recording process once we return from the UK. We’re doing a much more elaborate production this time in terms of moving out of the more conventional way in which we record. I can only say that fans can expect the album early next year most likely.

Any Final words ?

Sahil: Cheers & Stay Demonic!

Kolkata post-punk quartet The Supersonics toured 4 cities around the country in the first NH7 Roadkill Tour this past week. I spoke to the band about the tour, their set list and also the new album they are currently working on.

Hey guys, what are your thoughts as you start a 4 city tour as part of the “Nh7 Road kill”?

Well we’re pretty excited. It’s the first tour since we got the band together again so everyone is charged up and looking forward to it. Also there have been a lot of guys who have wanted to see us around the country, and with this tour at least well get to hit most of the big cities so a lot of these people will get a chance to catch a gig.

Do you have a special set for the tour?

Well we’re going to use this tour to bring out some of the newer stuff so they get some stage time. Also we’ve reworked some of the older songs and opened them up a bit so there’s more room for us to play in. So you can expect a bit more jam oriented stuff. We’ll also be playing some stuff from Maby Baking so on the whole you can expect some old, new and some unexpected stuff

‘The Evil Fly” is a new song you recorded for the vinyl only compilation to be released by Puma. What is the song about?

Well it’s a commentary on how theres a lot of people who go through their entire life without a basic belief and value system, starting from your crooked businessman to your dirty politician. It’s a pity to see its these people who run our country and are systematically destroying it.

You are currently working on a new album. Tell us a bit about it.

Yeah we’ve been working on it. Like I said earlier, we’re going to be playing a few of these on the tour so they get some stage time. It’s important for us to play the songs out a bit on stage before we record them so that we understand every nuance of the song. Also it’s the only time you can really gauge the dynamics that exist in the song as the audience adds an energy that can really propel the song to the next level.

How does it compare sound wise to Maby Baking?

Well we haven’t started recording anything yet so it’s too early to compare and like I said earlier, we need to play these songs on stage a bit before I can define their sound as such. However, from a songwriting perspective I can say these songs are more straight ahead rock n roll tracks and as a band we’ve tried to treat them in that fashion.

Do you have any tentative release date for the album?

We’re hoping to get everything done by March next year.

Any final words?

Yeah we’ve released an ep in support of the tour. “We Are, We are” from Maby Baking has been totally remixed by our producer Miti Adhikari and all I can say is that a lot of people will be totally shocked when they hear what he’s done with it. It’s pretty amazing, even I was shocked haha. We have also released the second song that we worked out as a band, and even though it’s just a demo and we stopped playing that song six years back, it’s something for people to have till the second album comes out. There is also a song called Mundane Sunday which were putting on the same ep as well as a hidden track of sorts. You can find the ep on NH7.

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August 12, 2012 at 1:50 pm

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