Interview with Titans Eve

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Titans Eve are a metal band from Vancouver, Canada. They released their second album “Life Apocalypse” in April this year and it kicks ass. In a week, they will be touring Europe with Arch Enemy and Voivod.
I spoke to their guitarist Kyle Gamblin about “Life Apocalypse”, touring with bands like Anvil and Kill Devil Hill and also their future plans.

Hi Guys, for those not familiar with Titans Eve can you give us a briefly tell us how the band go together.

Kyle: Sure, my brother and I moved here to Vancouver from Alberta, and after some failed projects we came across a like minded drummer (Casey Ory) and dragged our good bud from high school to play bass.

Your latest album Life Apocalypse sounds great. Can you tell us a bit about it the album?

Kyle: The album is an honest album reflecting what we were thinking and feeling during the writing process. Its a faster, and more aggressive album than our previous album.

The album was recorded with Sacha Laskow at Perfect Fifth Studios in Calgary. How was the recording process different compared to The Divine Equal?

Kyle: It was more intense, we only had a month to record, so we didn’t have the luxury of time. We’re really happy with the result.

How was the response to your debut album, The Divine Equal was and what did you learn from it?

Kyle: People really liked our first album, we looked at our new album as we we’re writing and tried to improve things.

You toured with Anvil and Kill Devil Hill in Canada earlier in summer. How was the experience?

Kyle: Amazing! all those guys were really laid back and cool, considering their history. Rex Brown is a bad ass!

Next month, you will be touring With Arch Enemy and Voivod across Europe. How did the tour come about?

Kyle: Brian’s been talking to Angela for some time. She offered us some dates in Europe so we of course said yes. Thats about it.

Do you have any other plans for the rest of this year?

Kyle: Not really, just focusing on Europe. It’s gonna be crazy!

Any Final Words

Kyle: Thanks for the interview! You can check us out

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October 6, 2012 at 1:48 am

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