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Visions of the Night is a Black/Death Metal band from Oakville, Canada. They have released two albums, ‘EnVisioning the New Age‘, ‘Nocturnal Militia‘ and a Mcd ‘Externalizing Calignation‘. They are currently working on a new album, ‘Guerrillas within their midst‘ which will be released by Butchered Records around February next year.

I did an interview with their vocalist/guitarist Wolvesbloood in 2005 which later appeared in Issue # 2 of the Trendcrusher zine.

You have recently released your MCD titled Externalizing Calignation. Tell me a bit about it. What Feedback have you got from this MCD ?

It takes its name from the titles of the 1st and soon-to-be 2nd full lengths. Envisioning = Externalizing and Caligination = Darkness, a synonym for Nocturnal. Symbolizing a mid-way point between the two albums. It has 4 songs (2 old and 2 new) and a video. The 2 old songs now have keys all the way through them and of course live drums. The video was filmed partially in the CBC building in Toronto and the other half was filmed in a room behind my garage. That room had to be painted all black with the exception of a 4-foot diameter double-circled hexagram painted in white.

I ran into some really inexpensive recording time and thought it would be good to put out an ep that could be sold for less than a beer (we sell them for $3 at shows). And we offer the entire thing for free online (including a printable inlay).

Overall, people like the music, but dislike the production. Then again, youll be hard-pressed to find any $3 cd with Abyss Studios-like production.

I made a conscious effort to actually pronounce the words on this release, theyre still death metal growls of course, but now its understandable. It was quite bizarre having the recording engineer and video director singing some of the lyrics. Im thinking :You guys can actually tell what Im saying?

Its Not very often you see a CD priced lower then beer. Speaking of BEER are the members of VOTN big BEER Drinkers? Favorite Beer?

I drink fuck all, I drank a lot back in high school, but now I get drunk like twice a year. My favourite beer though is this stuff my brother brews, I dont even know what its called, Ive just always called it Brother Beer its fucking awesome though. The other guys are real drinkers, their favourite beers are.Nebulus Armagedda: Old Milwaukee, Necrotic Despoiler: Alexander Keiths, Blastphemous: MGD,
Black Amthyest: Canadian. Necrotic and Nebulus actually made something up called the Manowar Drinking Game! You can check it out at

What are the Themes behind the songs on the MCD

-The Summoning Liturgy

Its about a guy who attempts to summon a demon by performing a ritual for his own gain, things get out of control and he ends up getting possessed by it at the end of the song.

-The Nocturnal Resistance

This is a violent social upheaval, a riot, a revolt against all this touchy-feely bullshit, a return to a more sensible way of taking care of things.

-Postalled 2005

This is based on an old video game called Postal, at the time of the original writing it was the most violent game out there. The graphics are admittedly pretty dated now. But there is a part two out and its much prettier to look at and even more violent now. The games sense of humour is more pronounced now too, and of course its a very dark sense of humour, well for the most part anyway.
Theres something in that game to offend everyone, which is what makes it all that much more enjoyable. The voice at the beginning of the song is actually the voice of the character put down an octave.

-Besieged by Demons 2005

This is based on a true news story about a guy that cut out his own eye because he kept seeing a pentagram in it. Apparently calling it his Devils Eye. Its not mentioned in the song but the police found his eyeball in the toilet. I had to fill in some blanks in this song, so its not 100ccurate, but it is based on fact. I still have the little article around somewhere. Its from like 10 years ago, even back then I knew Id eventually want to do something song-wise with it!

What was the reason behind re-recording songs from your Debut album Envisioning the New Age?

A lot of people liked the old songs, but hated the drum machine, so I decided to re-do my 2 favourites from the first album, plus theres keyboards all the way through them now also. Plus the vocals are somewhat actually pronounced now, incase anyone actually wants to hear what Im rambling about.

Tell me a bit about your band name? How did you come up with it?

After a while of not finding anything I liked I came to the conclusion that although I didnt really have a place for them, I liked the idea of having the words Night and Visions in a band name. So, first I tried it out as Night Visions and of course changed it to Visions of the Night.

It wasnt until later via searches on the internet that I found out that phrase is used a lot in the book of revelations, which I guess is somewhat suiting since the book is about Armageddon and the end of time (as another coincidence there is a song called Black Revelation on the first cd which was made before any connection was noticed). A much less cool coincidence was finding out that the Police also have a song called Visions of the Night! Hahaha!

VOTN has been around for a while now. Tell me a bit about the history of the band.

It first started out with myself doing all the tracks with a drum machine for one song (Grindblast:Dissolution, which was later re-recorded and ended up on the first full length) and a friend of mine, Jim the Corpse doing backing vocals. Another friend of ours, Miz Fortune asked that we bring it with us so she could check it out next time we come over. Little did I know the reason she was asking was to see if it was good enough to play on her radio show. She liked it and later that night she played it. Oddly enough both Jims reaction and mine was to laugh all the way through it, Im still not sure why exactly that was. Most likely it was a mix of nervousness and elation.

A couple weeks later Miz Fortune announced that she was going to put on a concert, I cant remember whether she asked me to play or if I asked her, but in either case the answer was yes, despite the fact that I only had 3 songs at the time. Naturally, I needed some musicians if I was to pull of a live show, Alexander joined as guitarist and a friend of mine named Keith filled in on bass. A week or two before the show a 4th song was completed and we got that down pretty quick, so we performed 4 songs. A month or two later Jenn joined as a full time bassist.

After several hundred line-up changes (or so it seemed), I came to the conclusion that it was best to do things a little differently. Id always written over 90f the material anyway, and there were always certain extra things related to the band that Id pay for on my own anyway. I decided to have it where I would do everything on the next album with the exception of a live drummer who Id call in. However, there was still a tour with Ancient that was supposed to happen, so, Id need some people for that. I called up Nebulus Armagedda and explained the situation and he was all for it. A week or two later Necrotic Despolier said he was up for it as well. By the time we got Blastphemous on drums I knew that it was better to have everyone on as kind of like session musicians, where I can have full creative control, but (unfortunately, heh) also pay for the bands expenses. Black Amtheyst later took over on keys, as for a while I was doing a piss-poor job of going back and forth between guitars and keyboards and was glad to have someone take care of them for me.

This overall arrangement seems to be working well so far.

Since you are the songwriter of VOTN, how does the Songwriting process work?

Basically Ill just be fucking around on the guitar, if something sounds decent, Ill record it onto a tape. I wont even listen to the tape for anywhere from a couple days to a month or two. When I go back and listen to the tape, Ill listen to it several times over a span of a couple weeks. Whatever still stands out after that will most likely get used in a song. However, I do try to match up a riff with the same feeling behind the song. So, in other words I try to convey the idea of the song without anyone even knowing the lyrics. I guess you could say I try to give it a matching aura or something. As a result some riffs end up sitting around for a long time before finding the right riff to match up with, but when it all comes together Im very happy with the results.

Being the only Songwriter, do you enjoy it or find it frustrating at times?

Both. But, I for the most part I prefer it. No arguing, and I dont ever have to include any riffs that might not suit the songs just so other people are included in the writing. Songs are given time to find the proper riffs to fit the overall theme. If I like a riff, it gets used, if I dont it doesnt. Theres no case of Fuck, I hate this riff in this song.
The downside is of course, if Im not writing, nothings getting done.

VOTN use a mix of Samples/ Synth/ Blastbeats and Death growls. What are the bands influences that bring together this sound?

Deicide, (Old) Cradle of Filth (might not be that popular to say that, but their first album was amazing), Slayer, Marduk, mid-Cannibal Corpse, Black Sabbath.

What is the Inspiration behind the your music?

Military actions and weapons, horror movies (for some wicked sound atmospheres in some of them), general chaos and upheaval, supernatural/occult/unexplained phenomenon.

Tell me about your debut album Envisioning the New Age. How was the Response to the album?

Response to Envisioning the New Age varied greatly, (scores from 1-8.5/10!) people either loved it or hated it. People that loved it liked the variance of the songs and lyrical topics, speed and overall heaviness. People that hated it didnt like the drum machine and overall heaviness, heheh. Also, some people automatically assumed that Nocturnal Hate Metal had something to do with racism despite the complete lack of any racist imagery or lyrics. A quick look through the thanks list would reveal some obviously non-Caucasian names, including this Japanese girl I was dating at the time, but once people get an idea into their head.

What are your thoughts about the metal scene in the GTA. Any promising bands to look out for?

Metal in the GTA has recovered greatly from its near death of around 8 years ago. People come out to even most local shows and theres a lot of shows happening quite often. Right now is probably the best time for metal in the GTA that I can remember.

Tough to narrow it down, so Ill do it this way: my two favourite bands from the area to see at the moment are Will of the Ancients and Sentient.

Your Forthcoming Album is Titled Nocturnal Militia. Tell me about it. Are you recording it at present?? Do you have a release date set for it?

Visions has always had a bit of militarism and the occult themes, this album will bring that more to the forefront and it will be the overall concept of the album. The topics will still be varied, so although it has a theme, its not really concept album.

Were not recording right now. The release date would hopefully be December 2006, but if the previous releases are any indication it will be greatly delayed. May 2007 is a much more realistic timeline.

Do you have any plans on touring in the near future? Any shows coming up soon?

Heheh, weve had two tours fall through at the eleventh hour within the last year. One with Ancient and another with Sinned. Both Sinned and us are determined to make one happen next year and now that we have ample planning time, I think it will happen. Thus far its looking like it will be Canada-wide.

Were also playing Peterborough on Friday June 2nd at Underdog Tavern, Toronto with Stormlord (of Italy) and Necronomicon at Reillys on Saturday June 17th.

Final words.

Check out our shit at and
Thanks for the interview Peter, Stay DEADicated.

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November 29, 2012 at 9:10 pm

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