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French heavy metal band Hacride were in Mumbai last week as part of the Deccan Rock tour organised by Orka Entertainment. I met their vocalist Luis Roux and drummer Florent Marcadet before they performed at Club Escape. Read my interview with them below

With Hacride

Hi, it’s your 3rd stop on India tour today. How’s the tour going so far?

Luis: Our first show in Hyderabad was great. The crowd was very excited, going crazy in the moshpit and headbanging a lot. I think it was one of the best concerts and it was great to meet our fans later. Unfortunately, our concert last night in Nashik was cancelled due to technical problems.

How did you become a part of the band?

Florent: I am a friend of Ben and Adrien for a long time. So naturally they thought of me to take the place of Oliver. I was not sure it would fit in my schedule as I also play for Klone. I don’t regret it as its been great so far. Adrien made me listen to a few demo tracks and I thought of Luis for the vocals and I called him.

Luis: I don’t live in the same city as the other guys, but we have many common friends like Trepalium who I have been hanging out for a really long time, you can say we are like a big family. I know Flo as he was friends with my previous guitarist and we got along pretty well. From the time we met I got to know that we have a lot in common especially a passion for music. They send me the demo for ‘Overcome’ and I added my vocals to it and sent it back via email. A couple of days later Adrien called me and said that I was in the band. We got together in a bar, had a few beers and realised we were on the same page.

Did you start working on the album after you joined?

Luis: Adrien had been working on the album for the past two years. He worked on some of the arrangements with Flo.

Florent: He had all these ideas in his head and also on the computer. After that we had a few rehearsals to feel the reactions to the tracks. We rehearsed for about 3 or 4 months to come to what you can be heard on the album.

Luis: I joined the band in September and by December I was done recording my vocals. A short time for me but overall it took less than two years, a lot less than Metallica took to record “The Black Album”. Adrien records at home so we don’t have to rent a studio.

What were your expectations from the album since their last album was quite popular?

Luis: I know Hacride only from the album ‘Lazrus’ and so I was a bit surprised to hear the new album as it was more simpler and effective. I started writing the lyrics and it was a very natural process. My vocal style is more ‘in your face’. I wanted to hear some good riffs and solos and nice melodies as its more important for me. I wanted it to be a bit nostalgic and sad, I hate happy music. I think with this album we have managed to explore some of the darkest things in life and it has inspired me a lot.


You just played a few gigs in Europe this year and now also in India, how does Indian metal audience compared to those in Europe?

Florent: It all depends on the city, the local scene and also the day we play. In general in Europe, we have so many things and there are so many American bands performing that maybe people tend to get a bit lazy and bored. Here in India, I can see that no one is bored, it’s a warm atmosphere. In France, we are sometimes criticized because we are not that well known in America and some kind of bullshit.

Luis: In France, people have a special taste, if a majority of people don’t like a band then no one will like it. Here in India, if people appreciate the music then they like the band, they don’t ask too many questions. In France, bands need to have an approval. To be honest I am not too comfortable with the French metal audience right now. There are a lot of extremists because its all about death metal, black metal and grindcore. Nu-metal is not cool any more but I think its very stupid because its its not cool then I am going to listen to it again. Metal is all about being different and that’s why I have to take the other side.

Messhugah are a band that you are often compared to. How influential are they on you as musicians? What are the bands that you grew up listening to?

Luis: I started out listening to a lot of Grunge band like Soundgarden, Stone temple Pilots, and then moved on to Thrash metal band like Antharax and Sepultura. I then went on to more extreme music like death metal and grindcore.

Florent: I listen to a lot of Hip hop, R &B and funk. Also a lot of New York hard core.

Luis: In the 90’s there was a wave of metal with rap bands like Rage against the machine, Body count, Faith no more, even the first limp bizkit album. I was overwhelmed by it. These are all our influences, but bands that have influenced Hacride are definitely messhugah, Strapping Young, Lad, Tool even deftones.

You are performing at the Prog Power Festival and Euro Blast festival later this year in October. Do you have another other tour planned this year?

We are playing in Barcelona in July and also French festival in August. We are also working on a European tour but its too early to say anything as yet.

Do have any message for your Indian fans?

Luis: I would like to thank the India people for their interest in Hacride, everyone has been really warm towards us since we arrived here. The food has been great; we’ve been eating a lot. We can’t wait to come back and play more shows here. Hopefully we will be able to play in Nashik again, we were disappointed for the guys who came there and waited for nothing.

Florent: This was my first time in India and also Asia. The trip has really changed our view just like every journey

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June 25, 2013 at 11:30 am

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