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Midhaven are an upcoming metal band from Mumbai,India. They released a promising EP “Tales from the Tide” last year and their debut album “Spellbound” will be out later this month via Universal Music India. I spoke to their vocalist/guitarist Karan Seven Kaul to find out more about the album.

Could 2014 turn out to be another big year for the Indian metal scene? With forthcoming releases from heavyweights like Demonic Resurrection, Bhayanak Maut, Undying Inc and Scribe (long overdue) amongst others, I personally wouldn’t bet against it.

Last month, I got an email from Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija about a new, full-length release from Midhaven, an upcoming band from Mumbai. I’d never heard much apart from an EP called Tales From The Tide from 2013 that suggested a band with some promise, so I was curious as to what they sounded like now. After a couple of spins through their debut album Spellbound (buy here), I realized their combination of clean and growling vocals plus a lot of melodic riffage sets them apart from their peers in the country. I was hooked and just had to find out more.

Midhaven started out in 2011 and now comprises Karan Seven Kaul (guitars, vocals), Shreyas Rane (guitars), Abhishek Sawant (bass, vocals) and Viraaj Saxena on drums. “It feels really amazing!” said an excited Karan Kaul about the release. “We’ve wanted to launch this album from the day we wrapped up at the studio, the day is finally coming! After months of hard work, it feels good to see that it’s paying off.” Describing the album Karan said, “the album consists of nine tracks, each placed in order to tell the listeners a story of rage, rebellion, loss and the death of the Sun God. It also focuses on the Indian God of Destruction – Shiva. This is a concept album which might be a bit hard to understand at first, but I guess if you give it some time, the songs will speak the story out to you.”

While their concept might be similar to Rudra from Singapore, their sound is unlike the vedic metal band. The writing for the album commenced after the release of 2013′a Tales From The Tide. “As the year went by, we wrote a close to 14 tracks (including ones written at the studio),” said Karan describing their writing process, “Four were scratched while a song of ours called ‘Altair’ was merged with another new one which in turn gave birth to ‘Fall of Olympus’. The song ‘Death Row’ has our producer, Jordan Veigas, on guest vocals.”


Spellbound sees the band move in a direction heavier than that of their last cut. “It wasn’t really decided that we’d go to the heavier side.” explains Karan. “The riffs came out sludgy and we got Abhishek to handle half of the album’s vocals along with Karan as well as breakdowns and guitar solos. So in a way, we basically started making music that we wanted to, that we enjoyed, and that just happens to be metal.”

The album was recorded at Jordan Veigas Music Productions between June and September last year. “Honestly, it was loads of hard work plus Jordan’s amazing connection with us that made the album.” said Karan about recording with the Reverrse Polarity bassist. “He’s a brilliant producer and an amazing friend who guided us, stole my cigarettes, loved to have a drink with us, believed in our music and wanted to make the best metal album out there.”

Midhaven are the third Indian band to have their album released by Universal Music after Reptilian Death and Coshish, no mean feat for a band that have been around for just over two years. “We’re still bare chest and celebrating all day because of the signing *beats chest in excitement*” exclaims Karan, “Universal Music dug our EP and the minute we got a call from them, we knew we had to speed things up. So, after four months of being in the studio and another two months of waiting for it to be mixed and mastered, we finally went up to their office with the album. They loved it and the next thing you know, we struck a deal! We’re honoured that a major label is backing us, it really does feel amazing.”

The band will be spending the rest of the year playing shows, starting with their album launch tour which is currently being put together. Catch them on tour when they hit your city, till then check out the lyric video for ‘Seeking The Divine’ below. Also, check out a recent review of Spellbound by fellow scribe Ritwik Deshpande, who called it “the most consistent and satisfying Indian metal release of 2014 so far.”

Written by trendcrusher

April 11, 2014 at 5:02 pm

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