Introducing: Verse Vica

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Verse Vica

Who: Progressive metal band, Verse Vica. The bands consists of Paul Meisner (Guitar), Spencer Brunkhorst (Vocals), Tyler Shehan (Bass) and Greg Marcon (Guitar)

Where: North Carolina, USA

What: The band released their debut album ‘Endeavor’ last month. “We mostly wrote the songs in the order that they appear on the album.” said Paul Meisner about the songwriting process for the album. “We usually start with a guitar riff and then build other ideas off of that. Sometimes we’ll try to carry a theme of a repeating rhythmic pattern throughout a song, presenting it in different ways, or we’ll use polymeters to change how a section feels. Even though our song structure can be complex, we wrote the songs with the intention of having occasional sections that  we’ll repeat and come back to later in order to tie the song together. It took a long time to write and record the whole album, the project took over 1 year. We’re glad to finally have it out for others to enjoy it.”

How: The album was recorded at Paul’s studio. “This made it a very laid back and enjoyable experience, because we were able to take our time and not rush things.” said Paul about the recording process. “We’re very happy with the final product, and we learned a lot in the process”

Renowned producer Jaime King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit) mixed the vocals and also mastered the album. “Even though we didn’t record any of the music with him, having him mix the vocals and master the entire record was a great experience.” said Paul about working with Jaime. “He did a great job with making it sound how we wanted, and he had some great advice and input on things that helped us improve the whole package. Hopefully next time around we can record an entire record with him from the ground up!”

Endeavor’ sounds awesome and is a must listen of all fans of progressive rock/metal. Listen/Download to the album for free below

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November 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm

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