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Transcending Obscurity is one of the few underground metal labels in India. In my interview with Kunal Choksi  in October 2013, he shared his plans for a sub label for India bands. After a quiet year (2014) next week will see the second release from the label, ‘Beyond forgotten shores’. The split release featuring 2 upcoming bands from the Indian subcontinent, Dionysus (Pakistan) and Dormant Inferno (India).

I’ve been listening to the review copy of ‘Beyond forgotten shores’ for the past couple of weeks and it sounds great. Both bands have recorded their best material yet. Read my interview with Sheraz from Dionysus and Sunny from Dormant Inferno below.


Dionysus (Left) and Dormant Inferno (Right)

You have been working on the “Beyond forgotten shores” split for some time now. How does it feel now that it is a week away from release?

Sheraz (Dionysus): It feels amazing since this split has been long overdue. We’ve been working on it since 2013 and I am glad both the bands are finally done with it and I am really looking forward to the release.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Yes things have been good. We worked on these tracks through 2014. It feels fantastic to be back and making some music after the 4 year void!

How did the idea for the split come about?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Idea for the split came about when I first heard Dormant Inferno on the internet and got in touch with Sunny. We connected well through music and in other aspects of life and became really good friends and when I mentioned doing a split with Dormant Inferno, it was like he was already thinking about it. So the decision to do a split was totally spontaneous. Kunal Choksi from Transcending Obscurity helped us turn it into reality.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Well it was like a natural thing to happen as both bands share common ground on a lot of aspects. Apart from when we had formed, there wasn’t another band in India that played the kind of dark doom metal that we were into; that’s how we kind of developed a kinship with Dionysus. It was just a question of who would ask first and then Sheraz mentioned it, and it was on from there!

Tell us a bit about the songs on your side of the release. How long have you been working on them?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Dionysus songs on this release are a bit more evolved from our last output. They’re more black metal, more on the atmospheric side. More memorable song structures. Basically people who are into black/doom metal are going to find it very interesting. We’ve been working on these songs for over 2 years now. It took this long since Waleed Ahmed , our frontman moved to Karachi in 2012. So recording process takes a lot of time now.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Well there are 2 new originals and a cover. ‘Veil of Lunacy’ is the latest track that we have written and I started composing it around Feb 2014 after we returned from our gig in Bangalore jamming along with our then live members Vineet Nair and Paresh Garude. The track developed into a mammoth slowly and steadily over the months. While ‘Deliverance’ is track that Gautam and I used to jam on in around 2010, the early days of Dormant Inferno; it was supposed to go on the ‘In Sanity’ release but we did not feel that the track was complete and so the track was buried for a few years. But we brought it back to life for this split release! I guess letting things take their natural time has worked well.

Tell us about the recording process for the songs.

Sheraz (Dionysus): It’s really weird and different from the other bands. Waleed and I do most of the song writing. Umair and I record the guitars/drums in my home studio. Then we send the files to Waleed in Karachi, he records his own parts on them and edits some parts etc then he mixes them and sends them back to us. It’s really hard to record like this but since Waleed doesn’t live in Lahore anymore, that’s the only way we can record now. It’s fun though.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Initially our plan was that we will record the instruments here in Mumbai and Gautam will send us his recorded tracks from the US. But as things unfolded, Gautam was scheduled to visit India for a few days, so he ended up recording his vocals here as well. I ended up doing guitars as well as bass, and Lenin rose up to the challenge really well as he had just joined us a few weeks before recording. All recording, mixing, mastering has been done by Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap productions.


The cover art for the split is done by your label owner Kunal Choksi and it looks awesome. Did you have any input in it?

Sheraz (Dionysus): It was Kunal’s idea and he captured the image of the music perfectly. We did gave him some suggestions but it was in fact totally his work and I am totally happy with it. It has that old school nocturnal feel to it that is found throughout our music.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Yes, it looks really mysterious and very different than most artworks. We pretty much gave him full freedom to try and capture the mood of the music into the art and must say he did a great job!

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Looking forward to the release. No plans as of yet. Let’s see.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Well, we are contributing a single towards another split called ‘Pentacle of Doom’ which is conspired by the Djinn & Miskatonic guys. It is scheduled to release somewhere middle of 2015. Rest is yet to be seen and we are content in promoting ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’ for now.

Any final words?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Thanks for taking interest in our music. Cheers!

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Thanks a lot to the Indian metalheads for the encouragement through the 4 year period of inactivity. These new tracks are for anyone and everyone who has helped us return!

Listen to “Beyond forgotten shores” below

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April 11, 2015 at 10:00 am

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