The Dead Goats Interview

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Poland holds a special place in my heart. I got to see a lot of my favourite bands during the 2 years that I stayed in Wroclaw, Poland. During that time I also got a chance to discover other Polish bands than Vader and Behemoth. The Dead Goats are a band that I have recently discovered. They have 2 new releases out now, “Don’t go in the tomb” MCD and a split with Icon of Evil. I spoke to their vocalist/guitarist Pavlo about the origins of the bands, their new releases and also their plans for 2015.

The dead goats

“It was on the Neuropathia’s last european tour in 2010 when the idea of The Dead Goats first surfaced.” said Pavlo about the origins of the band. Jaworski and Pierściński are part of Neuropathia “I was there with them as a substitute guitarist, Marcin and Radek approached me with the idea and so it went. As simple as that.”

Poland is a country known for its black and death metal bands. The Dead Goats play old-school death metal similar to Swedish bands like Dismember and Grave. “As you surely know, years before The Dead Goats was conceived it was Neuropathia that first delved into the old school swedish sound, so it was there really from the beginning.” said Pavlo explains how they decided the sound their new band. “We just shifted from the more grindcore approach to more of a punkish death metal style and then took it from there to see what happens.

The band has covered Napalm Death, Repulsion, Autopsy on their releases. “Well, obviously the bands you mentioned played a huge role in our musical upbringing as well as of course all of the 90’s stockholm bands like Entombed and Dismember.” said Pavlo describing the bands that have influenced them. “Personally, I also listen to a lot of punk rock/hardcore punk like Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Clash and so on, because it helps me keep my songwriting within  the frames of a mindset that I cherish the most, which is all about rawness and pure emotion rather than technical masturbations.”


The Dead Goats have released a MCd “Don’t go in the tomb” on Arachnophobia Records “This mCD came about I’d say pretty accidentally. Songs that it’s composed of were meant to serve different purpose and be released in a different way, but our plans changed and we decided to indulge our CD-loving fans and put them out this way.” said Pavlo describing

“This time we decided for a different approach to songwriting, more akin to what we did with the first album, which is having only one, two riffs written beforehand and then just improvising the rest of the song at the rehearsal, trying to determine the feeling and dynamics of the piece.” said Pavlo describing their songwriting process for the release. “It was really fun and really quick. I think we wrote these songs over the course of three rehearsals.”

“Apart from what I mentioned earlier, I think “Don’t Go In the Tomb” shows a natural next step for us, as we progressively try to experiment with different things, different methods of, let’s say, assembling our songs.” said Pavlo about how “Don’t go in the tomb” compares to their previous releases. “It’s still as old school as it gets, but less “primitive”. I’m not saying our previous releases were primitive, but I think the progress is noticeable.

“The tracks has been laid in our good friend’s place, Sphieratz Studio and then we’ve sent the whole thing to be mixed and mastered at Satanic Studio by Haldor Grunberg.” said Pavlo about the recording process for the MCD. “The recordings took place over the span of two days, as we tend not to fuck around in the studio, lest we go insane.”

The Dead Goats also have another release out, a split with Icon of Evil. “The guys from Icon of Evil and us have known each other for a while, we’ve even shared stage. So when the idea of a joint release came from them, we had literally no reason not to do it. I remember we had some delays, but when we finally got to it, the songs came about pretty fast.” said Pavlo about the release. “I’m pretty happy with how this split turned out, I love its’ animal-like rawness and morbid themes behind the songs.”

The band go on tour with Icon of Evil this week. “We plan to hit Germany, Holland, Belgium, as well as our home country. We’re also supporting At The Gates at their gig in Warsaw later in the month, which is awesome. ” said Pavlo about their plans for the rest of the year. ”All in all, the time has come to put out a new full-length album (at last) so we’re gonna have to try and focus on that. Keep your fingers crossed, because I’m pretty excited for that. Thanks for the interview!”

Listen to “Featherless” from “Don’t Go In the Tomb” below

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May 4, 2015 at 10:00 am

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