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Fuck the Facts are in my opinion one of the best grindcore bands at the moment. The band have been busy in the past couple of years, they released two EPs  Abandoned (2014), Amer (2013) and earlier this year released a split album with Fistfuck. Later this month, they release their 6th full length album, Desire will Rot’. 

I spoke to drummer Mathieu Vilandre & guitarist Topon Das over email about the album, starting their own label and also their upcoming tour of US and Canada.

Topon Das (Guitar) Marc Bourgon (Bass/Vocals) Mélanie Mongeon (Vocals) Mathieu Vilandré (Drums) and Johnny Ibay (Guitar) (Left to Right) Photo Credit: Dave Levitt

Topon Das (Guitar) Marc Bourgon (Bass/Vocals) Mélanie Mongeon (Vocals) Mathieu Vilandré (Drums) and Johnny Ibay (Guitar) (Left to Right) Photo Credit: Dave Levitt

How does it feel now that you are a month away from the release of your album ‘Desire will rot’?

Mathieu Vilandré: Pretty stoked to say the least. Feels like we’ve been working on it for a long time, probably because we have. You never know how these things are going to go but we’re all happy with the end result. We’re not used to having some much time go by between albums. Even though we released a bunch of other stuff, it’s the last piece of the puzzle that we’ve been working on for the last few years.

Tell us a bit about the album.

Mathieu Vilandré: It has 11 beautiful tracks for a total of 40 minutes of pure delight. You’ll find grindcore, death metal, arena crust, noise and even Nan Bourgon. 

How does the album compare to your previous album ‘Die Miserable’?

Mathieu Vilandré: I think it is a much less “death metal” album then Die Miserable was. It’s very catchy; Jibay and Topon did a great job on all the melodies and stuff. There’s also a big difference in the production, Desire Will Rot is much cleaner and much more open then Die Miserable. Still, I think that people who enjoy Die Miserable will enjoy Desire Will Rot as well. It sounds cliché but this record sounds more mature, like the transition between peach fuzz and actual facial hair. 

desire will rot

‘Desire Will Rot’ was recorded and mixed by Topon Das at his Apartment 2 recording studio in Ottawa, ON. What was the recording process?

Mathieu Vilandré: It’s a pretty classic approach, I would say. We do at least one preproduction session to get everything in order and to make our lives easier. Topon handles pretty much every single aspect of the production. We record scratch guitars so that he doesn’t have to play and handle the board at the same time. We always start with the drums, and then we do all the guitars and bass parts plus any other extra stuff, and finally all the vocals. We took it a bit easier this time compared to Die Miserable. It has to be a fun experience or else what’s the point?

What do you feel are the main advantages of having your own studio?

Topon Das:  The studio has grown a lot over the last five years, so it’s fun to have all this at our disposal and be able to produce our own albums at a quality that we’re happy with. The studio is a very comfortable place, so even just to have it as a creative space outside of recording, helps a lot. Just to be able to build this thing up has been a very motivating experience. All that being said, it can be tough to rein it in sometimes and know when to stop. We have all the time in the world if we really want it, and that’s not always a good thing.

After releasing 3 albums with Relapse Records, what prompted you to start your own label Noise Salvation? Will there be other releases from the label this year?

Topon Das: Even though we started Noise Salvation back in October, we still shopped this new album around a bit, but got basically zero interest. We didn’t want to sit on it for another year in the hopes that something would come up, so we decided to just do it ourselves. Noise Salvation was created to be our own little label and was only ever meant for FTF releases and perhaps a few related projects. Back in January, we released a Merdarahta album, which is a side-project that Mel & I have together, then we put out the split 10” with Fistfuck. I have some other little ideas in mind for the label, but the new FTF album is keeping me busy enough now, so I doubt I’ll get around to anything else until 2016.

You will be touring USA and Canada in September and October this year. Do you have any other plans for the rest of the year?

Topon Das: We’re working on a booking a US tour that will take us more south in November and December. That’ll be it for 2015, and then we plan to go to Europe around March 2016.

Any final words?

Topon Das: Cheers and thanks for your support!

Pre-order ‘Desire will rothere. Listen to the album below

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August 14, 2015 at 10:00 am

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