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One of the first webzines I read when I started listening to metal was ‘Diabolical Conquest‘. I was also active on the message board where I got to know a lot of metal heads from across the world. ‘Diabolical Conquest’ is now known as ‘Transcending Obscurity‘ and has expanded into a label as well as online store. I am glad to announce that I am contributing to the webzine section.

My first interview for Transcending Obscurity is with American death metal band Funerus. I spoke to frontwoman Jill and guitarist John (Incantation) about their latest release ‘The Black Death‘, how their Asian tour came about and also what they are looking forward to at their Indian shows next week.


You are embarking on your ‘Black Death over Asian tour’. How does it feel? Is this your first time in Asia? What is your perception of the Asians?

Funerus: It feels great to be a part of this thing! We played some shows in Japan years ago, but other than that we have been to Asia. I have always had an interest in the Asian cultures so it will be great to visit these countries!

I noticed a flurry of posts on my social media platforms by excited metalheads when your band was announced as the headliner for Pandemonium fest in particular in Delhi. Please tell us how the tour came about?

Funerus: The tour came about because John and I planned a vacation. It’s our 15 year anniversary this year, so we wanted to do something big. We decided to do an Asian cruise, and since we were already going to be here, we thought we would make a tour out of it!

Read the rest of the interview here

Written by trendcrusher

September 8, 2015 at 2:03 pm

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