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De Profundis are a death metal band from UK. I first heard about them when there were supporting band at the Iron Maiden in India in 2007 however I never had the chance to hear their music. Last month, they released their 4th album “Kingdom of the Blind” and it sounds really good. I spoke to their guitarist Shoi Sen about their album, their experience in India and more.

De Profundis

The band released their 4th album “Kingdom of the Blind” last month. “It follows from last year’s EP ‘Frequencies’. Its 9 tracks of uncompromising progressive Death Metal.” said Shoi about the allbum. “We decided on this album to go for the jugular ie shorten the songs and go faster.”

“Actually the songs from EP and the album were written and recorded at the same time. For the EP we choose the more direct songs and kept the slightly more prog songs for the album.” said Shoi about how the album compares to their previous release, “Frequencies” EP.

“The major difference is that we down tuned to D which automatically made us sound heavier and nastier.” said Shoi on the changes they made in songwriting and recording. “We had a line up change during the writing of the album, our old guitarist Roman was asked to leave. When Paul (Nazarkardeh second guitar) joined we were in a position for the first where both guitars were on the same page with regards to technique and musical ideas.”

Kingdom of the Blind

Kingdom of the Blind” has been released by Wickerman Records. “Our management looked for a deal, for once I had nothing to do with hunting for a label which was a good thing. I think it works better from a negotiation point to let someone else than yourself deal with the business side of a band. ” said Shoi about how they got signed to the label. ”Wickerman gave us the best deal financially and it still early days but let’s see what they do with the album. We knew our relationship with our previous label Kolony Records was over for some time.”

“Well ‘Frequencies’ was voted best self release by readers of Zero Tolerance magazine which is a huge deal and our bass player Arran entered the TOP 10 bass players poll on the back of the EP, so I would say the EP did us a lot of good.” said Shoi about the response they got for their EP ‘Frequencies’. “We toured a fair bit with that album including a UK tour with our awesome brothers of Demonic Resurrection.”

The band has toured across 24 countries in the past decade. “Without a doubt our 2 shows back in 2010 in the North East of India. Guwahati and Shillong were just plain awesome, the fans were fucking rabid metal nutcases. I am so hoping we can get our asses back there with this album, it would be a killer show.” said Shoi describing the shows that have stood out in his memory.

UK is considered by many to be the birth place of metal however not much is known about the underground metal scene there. “So many good bands in the UK dude, unfortunately all the media coverage seems to be devoted to the Scandinavian hordes, it pretty much looks like they are the only one who can do metal these days which is so bullshit. Anyway check out bands like Formicarius, Beyond Grace, Spires, Reign of Perdition, Scythian.” Shoi recommends bands from the country.

De Profundis are no strangers to India. In 2007, they opened for Iron Maiden and since then have performed multiple times. “They are very enthusiastic that’s for sure but very young. When you go to metal festivals in the UK you will see different generation which isn’t the case in India.” Shoi shares his thoughts on the metal scene in India. “The other issue with the crowd being so young is there is a lack of merch sales, which is pretty much the main income for bands these days so it’s a little difficult to tour India due financial exposure but you know what it doesn’t matter the crowd’s enthusiasm makes up for the loss of sales.”

“Well we were supposed to be touring for a month with 2 huge US death metal bands but that has been postponed for now which is a bit disappointing. But not much we can do so we focusing on writing the next album which is well under way.” said Shoi about their plans for the rest of the year. “We will be on the road a lot next year and really expect to play India. We are planning on doing a video soon as well.”

“Well people of India keep supporting De Profundis like you have from the early days.” said Shoi with a special message for their Indian fans. “Buy, download Kingdom of the Blind if you want proper metal with no cheesy gimmicks and hopefully see you all soon to create the pit from hell at one of our shows!”

Listen to “Kult of the Orthodox” from the “Kingdom of the Blind” below

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November 11, 2015 at 2:43 am

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