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It has been a while since I have done a label profile here. Satanath Records is a record label and distribution from Russia. Similar to the labels profiles earlier, Satanath is mainly run by one person, Aleksey. I started following the label recently due to their unique releases from around the world. They have been really prolific, releasing 26 albums in 2016.

I spoke to Aleksey about the origins of the Satanath Records, the memorable moments and problems in running a label and more.


Hi Aleksey, you started your label in 2012. How does it feel looking back? You also have a sub label, Symbol of Domination. How did it come about?

Hello! I have two labels, Satanath Records and Symbol Of Domination. SR only for metal, founded in 2012. SOD in 2013 (founded by my colleague from Belarus), it releases unformat + music style is not suitable for the SR. There was another sub-label DeadDogSkull & HeilHellProductions, for unformat, founded in 2012 too, but he separated himself from us in 2014. There is still a distro GrimmDistribution (founded in 2011 by the same colleague from Belarus).

How did you decide to start a label? Why did you decide to start a label that releases only extreme metal music?

Back in that time I had an ambient project with the same name – Satanath (founded in 2011). Also I had another project that was more close to metal – Abigorum. One day my Belarusian mate asked me to print cover art for his band because he knew my profession is publisher (but I didn’t work by it). I printed the cover art for him and thought “Oh, it’s so easy, I can print something myself”. That was the moment when I decided to start a label. At the beginning I wanted to release only my own and my friends music, as most of the new labels. I printed my first demo and then a few other releases. Need to notice that I began printing from the CD-R editions from time to time printing CDs until the end of 2013, then since 2014 – CDs only. Now is two persons behind the label – me (boss) and my wife. But mostly I do everything by myself – design, advertising, printing.

Your first release was the self – titled demo by Abigorum. Did you plan on releasing albums by other bands then?

Of course! I on my label I release music I personally liked only. My music taste is wide, there can be not only satanic black metal, but classical thrash or avant-garde progressive metal for example. I try to keep within genres music that we release but we can provide help to anyone would need to have their release printed. We will just help to print the edition, without putting our own logo on it.

Having a record label requires a lot of commitment. How do you manage running a label? What do you look for in bands before signing them to your label? What has been your most memorable release so far? What are the problems that you have faced running the label? Do you have any advice for someone planning to start a label now?

All the money goes straight to fund new releases and keep the work of the label up, not to the iPhones and cars. Of course we have a very productive collaboration – the more people involved into release the more release will be spread worldwide. Also both label have album in their release catalog. Mostly I print everything here in Russia because price here is not that high as in Europe with the same good quality. I work like that because I have no trouble with our custom, my ‘secret friend’ works there so he can help me with parcels. Sent anything from Russia it’s always much harder that got anything from abroad so custom trouble with other countries is very rare. The latest case was about new Exterminas (italian black metal) album when parcel had been damaged by US Postal Service in United States and 200 CD copies of this album what was sent as a partake for a partner-label were broken…
Pretty interesting how people see us from abroad (probably many of them thinks that in Russia everyone drink vodka, eternal winter and white bears walking across town, through our label is from Saint Petersburg, near the Finland, so we consider ourselves as Europeans as well), but here we almost sure that we are one of the biggest labels on the CIS territory which dedicated to satanism and all black metal band can send us their demo submissions. CDs, tapes, vinyl, as everything else like books and board games slowly dying because of the progress, but people who appreciate physical formats is stays anyway, so everything seems not so bad. And yes, at nowadays is even like some kind of a ‘fashion’ to make himself individual by living in the old school way and resist digitalization. But I’d rather find here an golden mean.

I will say about the groups that have written to me, not that I found myself (there are many). To be honest – country of origin speaks for itself. For example first release with 6 bands together with the darkest corners of the Asia: Barzakh (Indonesia) / Goresluts (Malaysia) / Horrific Disease (Japan) / Savage Deity (Thailand) / Shadowmirth (Brunei) / Suicidal (Singapore). For me it’s hard to imagine what kind of life people live in Asia or what kind of metal scene they have in Brunei for example. Anyway split was good and bands participating their is serious just very small amount of bands can get to the Western market, so almost nobody knows them. With Russia almost the same and next release a bit of provocative – Ildverden, this band from Crimea and they use ukrainian language, they contacted me and asked me to release their album after the annexation of the Crimea by our criminal government so I released it as Ukrainian band as musician and we wanted. Our label apolitical, but most russian people are so stupid that could not support the musician. And third album and band that surprised be that’s Hatecrowned from Lebanon. I didn’t expected to hear any metal from there. Of course they have their own underground scene as in Iran or Iraq but it’s hard to imagine how it’s is happening in their Muslim countries. If they’re caught – they’ll be publicly executed on the square, but probably I know nothing about it and it’s just a stereotypes. Anyway music is great, so there’s a double interest to release it.

Have you been in a band? What instrument do you play?

Abigorum – everything. The group formed after the ambient project Satanath because a new style in which I wanted to try myself, did not fit into the frames of ambient. Genres of project is different and varies from many styles, so as I have broad musical tastes. No texts. music tells about deep matters as space, death, philosophy. More instrumentals. First there were session musicians such as Amezarak, Astarium, Winter Vampyr, Misanthrofeel, Dmitry Kolosov, but then project became a solo, as I’m a perfectionist and I can not work with people.

In the past 5 years, a lot of music listeners prefer streaming and downloads to buying cds. What other changes have you noticed in customers? What is next for Satanath Records and Symbol of Domination? What are the next releases from the labels?

Yes we sell digital on bandcamp too, it’s not big deal, 21st century, internet age! we’re not underground label with only physical sales. We will continue to release various bands, new or famous. Depends of life situations… Thanks for interview!

Here are some of the best releases from Satanath Records & Symbol of Domination






Indian readers can buy Satanath Records releases from Metal Masala


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