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I have been featuring mainly grindcore and death metal on the blog recently, it’s time now for some black metal. I was introduced to Folter Records a German metal label by Ulf (Metal Masala). The label have put out some killer black metal releases in the past 26 years. Do check out their recent releases at the end of my interview with label owner Joerg.

It’s has been 26 years since you started the label. How does it feel looking back?

I´m proud that my label is still alive. There are many labels coming and going through the years, but to survive for more than 25 years, that makes me proud.
So it´s a good feeling.

Your first release was As Divine Grace – Romantic Beatitude of Faded Dawn. How did it come about?

This was my first CD release, before I had released two 7“ EPs. I don´t know from where the band got my address because I was not well known as label and just at the beginning. Anyway, I got a promo tape and I had to travel to my grandfather by train and I had enough time to listen to the tape.I was more into extreme Black and Death Metal, but somehow I was touched by their music and I would release it.

What have been the most memorable release/s on your label so far?

There are a few, SKYFORGER-Thunderforge, URGEHAL-Death is Complete 7“EP, MAYHEMIC TRUTH – Cythraw 7“EP.

What is the biggest problem that you faced so far in running the label?

That I never got a distro service for my releases. But this have changed now. Since about 2 years I have a german distro and since last month also an american distro .

What kind of marketing do you do?

We still press promo CDs we send out to mags, in german mags we book advertisements and of course we send out digital promos. Bands play live and this is the best promo you can have. Of course when the band play well, hehe

What changes have you noticed in bands/customers in the past few years?

Bands accept more worse deals. In the past, the label had to pay studio costs, to pay royalties and now the bands are ok to get some % from the pressed CDs. Since customers don´t buy CDs in the right amount, the labels can´t pay for everything anymore. For bands it´s better to accept such deals than to have no deals.

What do you look for in a band before you sign them to your label?

I need a good feeling that the band will fit on my label. The band should play live, this is very important.

Have you been in a band? What instrument do you play?

No never and I don’t play an instrument. There are enough talented and untalented musicians hehe

Do you have any advice for those planning to start a metal music record label?

Better not to start a label when you have no money, no distro and not the right bands. Many labels have closed over the last years, hard times.

What are the upcoming releases from your label?

The next 2 releases are NARBELETH-„Indomitvs“, a BM band from Cuba, ah not just a BM, it´s the best BM band from Cuba and the new album of ARCKANUM-„Den Förstfödd“. Both will be released end of September.

Thanks for answering all my questions. Do you have any final words?

I have to thank you for the interview once again and keep the flame of Metal alive.


Here are a few of the recent releases from Folter Records.




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