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The Recipe started out as a hip hop collective in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to record a compilation album and help promote the culture. In the past 8 years, the group has gone on to release multiple mixtapes and support international artists ranging from  Snoop Dogg, Fat Boy Slim to Foreign Beggars and Pendulum.

The Recipe is currently 3 MC’s, Swerte, Kaz Money and Perfect Storm and their first studio album Funerals & Purgatory releases today. Check out the first single, Uma Thurman. 


Here is a throwback to an interview I did with Swerte and Jabbar when they first started out in 2009.


What is “The Recipe”?Who is cooking it?

Swerte: The recipe is a collection of hip hop artists in the UAE, who are trying to push the scene here by doing gigs and putting out a mixtape  which is currently being produced. The Two people behind it are Jabbar and myself (swerte)

Why the name “The Recipe”?

Swerte: Cus the people involved are the main “ingredients” in the hip hop culture here. Hehe. plus we wrestled with a name for so long and we always referred to the studio as the kitchen. it’s cliché in a way to say that we ‘cook up’ tracks in the studio but, we were just having fun and joking around. Hip hop has this serious, gangsta bling bling appearance.. we wanted it to be fun and more about the music and talent.

Where did the idea/inspiration for “The Recipe” come from?

Swerte: It came about from just watching people try things and fail. I think artists here were just going about things the wrong way. They had this idea that in order to be a star you had to act like one already. So they were reaching for goals they couldn’t reach. We wanted to bring it back down to pure talent and entertainment. Focus more on us and what we were doing instead of trying to impress record labels.

What differentiates “The Recipe” from Hip-hop/Rap that is normally heard on radio or seen on TV?

Swerte: Its local talent for one. And the artists are talking about issues that people herein the uae face and deal with.

What is “Dead-Ears Productions”?

Swerte: Hahahahaha.. a joke. Jabbar has this production house called “deaf ears” and  mine is called “dead end”… so it was either  gonna be “deaf end” or “dead ears” when we worked together.. again.. we just having fun

Since both of you have lived in other countries, do you notice any difference in the Hip-hop/Rap artists and fans in the UAE?

Swerte: All in all I think the culture here is still very young.. its just getting past the mimicking stage.. all hip hop cultures start off by mimicking what they see on tv. it takes awhile before they start developing their own styles and incorporate their own native culture to build a hip hop scene they can call their own.

Jabbar: also at the same time, very few people in the media actually support the local talent which has been discouraging for a lot of artists. you have to look at the UAE population, a lot of people see the country as a pit stop, so they don’t take time to listen to the local talent and would rather listen to international artists they are familiar with. this dictates radio and club playlists…in most of the other major cities, they support their local talent…but we have a feeling things are about to change.

Tell me a bit about your musical background.

Swerte: Check out my myspace.

Jabbar: I don’t have a musical background really..never had training in music…just love making it tho

What have you been listening to lately?

Swerte: A lot of british hip hop.. it goes well with the rain that’s been happening.

Jabbar: Most of the stuff being put out is crap, so I’ve been listening a lot Lupe, The Roots, and some JayZ here and there.

27th of March was the first live gig for “The Recipe”, how was it performing live for the first time? What was the response from the audience?

Swerte: It was amazing. I don’t think anyone, especially us, expected it to be so successful and enjoyable. The crowd was absolutely amazing.

Jabbar: What was encouraging was the crowd’s feedback considering they haven’t heard most of the music.  Not only did the crowd enjoyed but everyone on stage was so psyched up about it that we wanted to keep performing.

Do you any more live gigs planned in the coming months?

Swerte: We’re looking at doing as many as we can. Maybe even going on tour around the region. But we’ll see.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2009?

Swerte: Make music and travel.

Jabbar: Continue making music…and try to make it my primary source of income!


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