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Last month, you might have come across #mwe on your Twitter timeline. The Music Writers Exercise is challenge started by music journalist Gary Suarez in 2015. The challenge is during the month of February to listen to an album that you have never heard before and write one tweet about it. I decided to take part this year, could not write for all 28 days as I fell sick during the last week of the month. Here are the albums I listened to and tweets about them.


Pissed off grinders from Philly deliver a potent mix of grindcore & noise in just over 5 minutes.

Skullcrushing split between old school death metal bands from Philipines and Malaysia. Raw production will please purists.

4 tracks of claustaphobic metallic hardcore. Last release from the Immigrant Core quartet. 3 members went on to form Chepang. Killer artwork by Anoop K Bhat

Shrieked vocals and chilling riffs complemented by raw production. Released last year by Transcending Obscurity and overlooked by many.

Mid tempo death metal from Texas. Could not resist headbanging while listening to the album. Razorback Records edition includes a live track and a Motorhead cover.

Chernobyl death metal! The third album from the German band is an sonic assault on the ears and mind alike.

Third release from the Polish guitarist is smooth as top shelf whiskey. Got it on loop since morning.

The first solo release by the vocalist/guitarist of doom metal band Beastmaker is a mix of low crooning vocals and dual guitar melodies. Reminded me of heavy metal from the 80’s.

Deadstar’s Nihal Anand trades his electric guitar for an acoustic one. The relaxed pace and chilled out vibe of the tracks make it an essential listen over the weekend.

Youtuber AlaaWardi is known for his creative covers. His second A Cappella release is a mix of catchy hooks and beatboxing. An enjoyable listen for non – Arabic speakers too.


Foreign Beggars are one of the few rap/hip hop groups that I listen to. Their latest release features sharp verses with bass drops and topped with syrupy hooks.

Checked out this release after being impressed by the Brazilian doomsters second album out on Transcending Obscurity. Their first full length is sludgier with rawer production. A must listen for doom fans.

I checked out this album as it is not often that you get an email from black metal band from South Africa. Well executed black metal with cosmic themes. Brought to mind bands from the second wave of black metal.

The third album from the Germans is under an hour of twisted death metal. A surprise at each turn. Easily one of the best death metal albums of 2017.

Latest release from the Oriental metallers is a concept album inspired by Plato’s Allegory Of The Cave. Another gem in the band’s illustrious discography.



Formed by members of The Slow Death in tribute to their deceased band member. The album has an melancholic vibe and one can sense their loss. Not an easy listen.

A New band from members of Swallow the Sun, Amorphis and HIM. The albums features the last writings of Juha Raivio’s partner Aleah Starbridge. A soul crushing listen.

As a Thrash metal and Crossover Thrash fan, I was guilty of not checking out this album earlier. The tracks showcase a band at it’s peak. Moshpit inducing riffs


Playlist of all the tracks/albums.

Written by trendcrusher

March 1, 2018 at 11:00 am

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