Mixtape 2023 # 1

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It’s #BandcampFriday and the first mixtape of the year is here! A mix of tracks that I enjoyed in the first quarter of 2023 along with a few upcoming releases. Here it is (Bancamp links below)

Tracks played on the episode (in order)

Katatonia – Birds (Sky Void of Stars)

Latest album from melancholic metal act Katatonia, Sky Void of Stars.

Ardent Nova – Rise from the Ashes (Ardent Nova)

American blackened heavy metal act Ardent Nova. Highly recommended for fans of NITE, AMON AMARTH, and BATHORY’s viking era 

Majesties – In Yearning, Alive (Vast Reaches Unclaimed)

New act Majesties featuring members of Obsequiae and Inexorum in my opinion topped the latest In Flames release.

Blood Star – Cold Moon (First Sighting)

American heavy metal act Blood Star’s debut album, First Sighting released last month and has been a regular on my playlists. 

Daath – No Rest No End

American extreme metal act Daath are back after 12 years and they have a new single.

Kruelty – Unknown Nightmare (Untopia)

Japanese act Kruelty meld heavy beatdown hardcore and ‘90s American/Scandinavian death/doom metal.

Enforced – Hanged by My Hand (War Remains)

American band Enforced epitomize the term no-frills thrash.

The Supervoid Choral Ensemble – |​|​|​|​| (The Supervoid Choral Ensemble)

Ben Sharp aka Cloudkicker and features Vinny Roseboom from Gospel on drums. This scratches the Cloudkicker itch.

Haunt – Fight the Good Fight (Golden Arm)

Trevor William Church takes it up a notch on Golden Arm courtesy  Darren Trentacoste who produced, mixed and mastered the album.

Cattle Decapitated – We Eat Our Young (Terrasite)

American death grind act Cattle Decapitation’s 10th studio album, Terrasite is out next week. It smokes!

Chepang – Asha/Avilasa/Anumati (Swatta)

Chepang evolve their IMMIGRINDCORE sound on Swatta.

Memorrhage – Reek (Memorrhage)

Garry Brents, the busiest metal musician, is back with a new release; this time, it’s in a new avatar Memorrhage. It’s a tribute to nu metal from the 90’s.

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