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Noiseware – Wake Up And Soar Review

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Pune based Djent band Noiseware released their EP “Wake up and Soar” at the 2nd Edition of the Rolling Stone Metal Awards in June.

“Djent” is a sub genre of metal that has been creating a storm worldwide in the past couple of years with Periphery, Animals as Leaders from US and Tesseract from UK leading the charge. Recent tours to India by Meshuggah and Tesseract have spawned many “Djent” bands around the country.

Noiseware from Pune have been slowly building a name for themselves with a victory at “Mood Indigo” organised by IIT Mumbai in 2009 and performing at Great India Rock in 2010. After equipment upgrades (8 – string guitars) and a new vocalist, Aman Virdi in the past year, the band recently released their debut EP “Wake Up and Soar”.

The EP starts off with “23”, which won “Best Song” at the recently held Rolling Stone Metal Award. It continues on similar lines on the next couple of tracks “G-String” and “Maut Ki Ungli”; you cannot help but head bang along to the layers and layers of guitar riffs. “Need for Sleep” is my favourite track from the EP with the clean vocal melodies in the beginning. The last track is a Djent –style cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”.

I enjoyed the EP on my initial listens as it is very different from the “old school” and “brootal” Indian bands currently releasing singles/EP at the moment. However on repeated listens, it lost its novelty value and got boring. The band needs to work on their sound especially the harsh vocals and differentiate themselves from other “Djent” bands around the world.

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Written by trendcrusher

August 4, 2011 at 10:52 pm