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Fistful of Metal # 10

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Track list
Road rash – Burn out
Screamer – Out of the Dark
Megaton Sword – Born Beneath the Sword
SuidAkrA – Halls of Tales
Coilguns – Manicheans
Formless Master – First Strike
Formless Master – Fatal Impasse
Nile – Long Shadows of Dread
Nox Irae – All is Over
Abigail Williams – Ever so Bold
Chrome Waves – When the sun hits
Jakub Zytecki – Sunflower
November’s Doom – What we Become
Officium Triste – World in Flames

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 40

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This week on the Horns Up Podcast, we dive into our recent listens to dig out 5 albums / EPs that you should definitely know about. This results in 10 diverse picks, ranging all the way from a guitar showcase to deathcore *cough*blashphemy*cough*. It’s Music On Our Mind.

Written by trendcrusher

November 23, 2019 at 3:24 pm