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I Built the Sky interview

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Bringing back the podcast for the 123345 time.

Rohan Stevenson aka I Built The Sky is not stranger, I spoke to him last year when he released a collaboration with Jake Howsam Lowe (Plini/The Helix Nebula), an EP titled Coalesce. Check out the episode here.

This time, I spoke to him about going acoustic on his latest release, The Quiet Place Away, being a full time musician and a more. 

Yes there is video also.

The audio version of the chat for those who prefer it. There is a song from the album also in the episode (Didn’t want to risk a copyright strike from YouTube). Will be up on other platforms shortly.

Since I got the The Quiet Place Away, it slowly become the album that I use to wind down at the end of the day and sometimes even fall asleep to. Curious about the album? Hit play below

Check out The Quiet Place Away on other platforms here –

The documentary can be purchased here –

Stay tune for more interviews (maybe next week, no promises).

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July 3, 2022 at 10:00 am

Fistful of Metal # 32

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My guests are Rohan Stevenson aka I Built the Sky and Jake Howsam Lowe (Plini/The Helix Nebula). I spoke to them about their friendship, their collaborative EP Coalesce and much more.


The Last Martyr – Afterglow


Ascendant (feat. Andre Nieri)

Lord – Moon and Back (Savage Garden cover)

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October 15, 2021 at 11:40 pm

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 25

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Andy Dowling, the bassist for Australia heavy metal act Lord. I had interview Andy for the blog in 2015. The band earlier this month released their first studio album in 6 years, Fallen Idols.

On the Horns Up Podcast, we discuss with Andy – Fallen Idols, the mix-tape nature of the album and unique release strategy that resulted in it finding a place on the ARIA Australian Artist Albums Chart and Australian Independent Music Charts.

Andy recommends bands from Australia that we should listen to and also some handy tips for bands on their social media presence.

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August 12, 2019 at 2:00 pm

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 22

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Cracking new episode of the Horns Up Podcast like T.N.T. dynamite!

Meet the Hell’s Belles, the world’s first all-female AC/DC tribute band has been playing since 2000.

Why did they choose AC/DC? What led them to a tribute band? And of course, lot of fodder on the ‘real’ band VS ‘tribute’ band debate.

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July 22, 2019 at 10:00 am

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Death metal band Psycroptic are one of the well known extreme metal acts from Australia. They have made a mark with their 6 full length albums, the latest one self titled was released in 2015. This month the band embark on their first tour of India, covered 7 cities across the country.

I spoke to drummer Dave Haley about touring in Europe and North America, their upcoming album and also what to expect from their India tour.

Read my interview on Transcending Obscurity

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August 1, 2017 at 11:23 am

The Furor Interview

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The metal scene in Australia is underrated. I’ve got know of more bands from the country through Transcending Obscurity who has put out releases from 3 Australian bands this year. One of the bands is The Furor, a black/thrash metal band from Australia. They have released 4 albums In the past 15 years and last month released their fifth album, ‘Cavalries of the Occult‘. The album is an intense mix of death, black and thrash metal.

I spoke to frontman Louis Rando about their latest album, writing alone and also the other bands he is involved in.

‘Cavalries of the Occult’ is your fifth album in the past 15 years. How does it feel looking back?

It feels like it’s been a long time! I’ve had a great time playing and performing metal over the last 22 years, not only with the furor, but with all my other bands, 11 of them in total. The Furor began in 2002 after the breakup of my previous band ‘Pagan’. We did 3 albums with an active lineup, performing live all around Australia, supporting some of our favorite bands and getting positive response from most people. Over time, members left for personal reasons, which inspired me to take more control of the band, writing the entirety of the last 2 albums and basically managing the band by myself, which has proven to be a difficult task. The final lineup disbanded in the last year, leaving me alone once again. I do however actively write and perform with 2 or 3 other bands, I’m always busy, so all is not lost!!!
The intention was always to go international with The Furor, touring, full promotion etc, but without a stable lineup, it’s impossible. So The Furor is now officially ‘on hold’ while I’m working with bands that have more stability.

The album is an intense mix of death, black and thrash metal. Tell us a bit more about the album.

It was written over the course of about one year, directly after the release of the last album ‘Impending Revelation’. In terms of style, it’s much like our previous albums, bombastik high speed aggressive Black/Death metal, no romantic ‘arty’ bullshit, a mish mash of my influences Morbid Angel, Mayhem, Destruction, Slayer, Angelcorpse, Immortal, Krisiun, Impiety, Nephast etc. never consciously alter the style of the music, nor do I try to get more and more brutal for the sake of it. Inevitably, things become more extreme as my playing improves. Aside from being very intense, I try to keep a good honest flow happening. There’s gotta be a good spirit to the music too. That becomes easier to achieve as I grow into myself over time.

What was the writing process for Cavalries of the Occult? Do you prefer to write alone or as part of a band?

I wrote this album, plus the 2 previous releases ‘Impending Revelation’ and ‘Sermon of Slaughter’ entirely by myself. I write the framework of the song on guitar, then I write vocals, then add drums, bass guitar and synths lastly. I started writing alone because I was the only band member left after our ‘War upon Worship’ album. I soon realised the benefits and drawbacks of writing music alone.
The upside is, I can write very quickly without compromising my ideas. The downside is, recruiting and teaching people the songs, plus expecting them to feel involved in the music is somewhat hard.


You also play drums for the legendary Singapore-based band Impiety. How did you become a part of the band? When can we expect a new release from the band?

I was a big fan of Impiety since I heard Asateerul Awaleen back in 1997. Their old artist (who also played in my band Pagan) introduced them to me. I eagerly followed Impiety in the years to come, and was blown away by their works. I became Facebook buddies with Shyaithan in about 2008.
I offered my drumming services to him in 2011 after I left the band Nervecell. Soon after, I flew to Singapore to prepare for our first Asian tour in Sept 2011. After that tour, we continued touring hard until 2015, doing multiple tours of Asia and Europe, plus India, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh and China. We racked up A LOT of kilometers. I recorded drums on the Ravage and Conquer album in 2012, plus The Impious Crusade Ep in 2014.
Shyaithan has been hinting at a new Impiety release in the near future, but I’ll leave it to him to reveal the details. He doesn’t tell me anything till the week of recording anyway!! He’s quite secretive and IMPULSIVE!

You are also a part of Bloodlust, Depravity, and Mhorgl. How do you manage between all these bands? How are they stylistically different from each other?

You forgot to add Malignant Monster and Psychonaut hehe. All these bands happened across the period of about 10 years, so they don’t completely overlap and get in the way of each other. It’s a gradual process that’s quite manageable, although yes I’m quite busy and I’ve often wondered if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew… I’m not the sole writer in these other bands as I am in The Furor, so that makes it possible. Here in Perth, it’s very expensive to tour and hard to get exposure, so we pass the time by working with each other to keep occupied. I know everyone in town, so I’ve become the ‘go too’ drummer so to speak. It’s easy for me to join bands here.

When you’re not listening to, writing or playing metal, what are some of your favorite albums to listen to currently?

You mean metal albums? Nothing new, but the albums currently inhabiting my car are Suffocation- Pierced from Within, Nifilheim- Devil’s Force, Deicide-Once upon the Cross, Abramelin-Deadspeak, Absu-Abzu, the first Job for a cowboy album, Slayer-Hell Awaits, Marduk-Panzer Division Marduk. I don’t actively seek out new bands, but I do check out bands if people highly recommend them. I’m usually too busy with my own music and various obligations to keep up with newer releases.

Destroyer 666 are one of most well known extreme metal bands from Australia. Which are the bands from Australia that you think the readers should know about?

Ok here’s a list of old and new bands… Denouncement Pyre, Abominator, Bestial Warlust, Darklord, Nocturnal Graves.

You have toured around Europe and Asia. What have you been your favourite venues/cities to perform in?

All places have different things to offer, India has the best food I’ve tasted and offers the biggest culture shock, Malaysia has a diehard Black Metal scene and great landscape/beaches, Europe has big crowds, big bands and well organised shows, Dubai is an amazing modern city located in a harsh desert landscape, China was a rare treat with some great sightseeing, Australia is home so it’s great fun. I really enjoy the competitive nature of music in Europe, but I love the food and culture of Asia. That’s about as specific as I can be.
I love touring PERIOD!

Is The Furor going to perform live again? Do you have any shows planned this year? You have been active with Depravity of late. Is there anything we should know about that band?

Jarrod the guitarist from Depravity actually played in The Furor before, and I’ve played in previous bands with Depravity members for many years, so I’ve got a long working history with the members, even though the band is new. Like I said earlier, it’s hard to make a functional band out of The Furor when I’m the one writing all the material. People always want to perform music they have a hand in writing, which is fair enough.
Keep your eyes on Depravity because we intend on pushing the band really hard, staying together for a long time, and doing all the things that make a band great.
Check out our bandcamp page for info and download our EP ‘Reign of the Depraved’ for free.

Thanks a lot for the interview, support the furor and download the entire 5 album discography here


Listen/Download  ‘Cavalries of the Occult‘ below


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Lord interview

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In the past few months I have been listening to quite a few bands from Australia. One of them is Lord, a kick ass heavy metal band that I was introduced to by Riju Dasgupta (Albatross). He gave me their album ‘Set in Stone‘ on cd and I was hooked. I spoke to Andy, their bassist about their recent releases, the metal scene in Australia and also their plans for the year.

Andy,  (Left to right)

Andy Dowling, Lord Tim (LT) and Mark Furtner (Left to Right)

Hi Andy, how are thing in the Lord camp?

Andy : Busy, but good! While we’re still on the hunt for a new drummer which is definitely a tiring process, we are keeping busy regardless with new recordings, booking shows with temp drummers and generally trying to stay in the public eye and keep it all moving. Things are good!

Last year, you put out a re-recording of all your studio albums under the name “Dungeon”. Tell us a bit about the project.

Andy : 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of Dungeon and we were thinking of what we could do to mark the occasion. We had discussed re-recording some of the old Dungeon tracks in the past but the more we thought about it, the more we warmed to the idea of just doing the whole lot. With each album/release having various licensing rights all over the world, it’s been a real mess and difficult to do a great deal with the existing back catalogue, so this was a great opportunity to take ownership of the songs again as re-recordings. It was also important to highlight this songs with the production that they deserved at the time but didn’t receive due to time and budget restraints. We were able to bring this songs up to the same production as the last few LORD albums which has given them a new life of their own. Since its release a few months ago, it’s been a great discovery for LORD fans who have only discovered the band in the last few years but has also been a fantastic gateway for the old Dungeon fans who never bothered to see what LORD was all about. This really was Tim’s baby from the start and his countless hours of putting this together has truly paid off. We’re all very proud of what it became.

For those not familiar with your music, which album would you recommend they listen to first and why?

Andy : I think ‘Set in Stone’ is a great introduction to the band. It’s nice and diverse in content (which is what we’ve become known for) and a lot of the songs have stood up over the last few years since it was released. I think that if you enjoy that album then you’ll love the rest of our back catalogue.

Alternatively, we send out ‘best of’ promo samplers that have songs from all of our albums. We include them with ever merch order we sell through our online store, so if anyone feels like grabbing a t-shirt or something else, they’ll get a cool promo CD that gives you a full taste of what we’re all about.

In the past 16 years, you have opened for some BIG metal bands. What is your favourite memory from these gigs?

Andy : For me personally, the shows we did with Queensryche in 2006 and Saxon in 2008 were my favourities. The shows themselves were fantastic but to be able to share a stage with your idols was a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment. An honourable mention was also doing the first Iced Earth tour in Australia. Amazing band and great guys who I’ve kept in touch with since.

How did you get into metal? What was the first metal concert you attended?

Andy : It would have been through other people at school and swapping cassette tapes/CDs. I didn’t have any older siblings to expose me to it all, so it was really just word of mouth from friends and slowly discovering what was out there. As far as first metal show is concerned, I honestly have no idea! It wasn’t metal but I think AC/DC may have been one of the first ones I went to? That was pretty amazing for me. I also went to a lot of local metal shows in Brisbane when I was young, seeing bands like Astriaal, Carbon, Urgrund, Misery, Catacomb, Tripwire and countless others. Brisbane had such a great extreme metal scene at the time I still listen to a lot of those bands today.

How has the metal scene in Sydney and Australia changed over the years?

Andy : It’s pretty quiet at the moment but that’s been due to a number of venues closing down, local promoters giving up, local bands not putting in as much effort as they used to and punters simply finding better things to do. I do think that things are beginning to slowly pick back up again but it is a long road ahead. The sooner we can get some fresh blood in and some enthusiasm back with the local promoters and bands, we’ll see big improvements.

I’ve only been in Sydney for the past 10 years so I can’t look back too far, but I’ve seen it do quite well and then quite poorly. The big thing has been the closure of venues due to pokies and noise complaints but instead of putting up a fight to keep things alive, a lot of the locals simply gave up and found something else to do instead. As said before, it is slowly getting better so hopefully it continues to go in a more positive direction.

What are you plans for the rest of 2015? New recording? Shows?

Andy : We’re recording at the moment for a release that is hopefully due out in April. Can’t say too much more on that at this stage but it’ll be a bit of a ‘one off’ for us and something very different to what we have done before. We’re quite excited about it and I think a lot of people will enjoy it. While we’re still on the hunt for a new drummer, we’re ensuring that we continue to put music out and keep busy, even if it means holding off on a full length album for time being. Shows wise we’re playing sporadically across the country this year and also looking at touring opportunities overseas. We’re working hard to try and tee up some touring in Europe/US/Asia but will ultimately come down to what is on offer. Either way, we’ll be in everyone’s faces as usual, working our butts off and having fun!

Check out a few songs by Lord below

“Digital Lies”

“Set in Stone”

Here’s a nice cover of Kylie Minogue “On a night like this”

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The Dead interview

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The Dead are a death/doom metal band from Brisbane, Austrlia. They have been around a decade and have released 2 albums and an EP. I heard them first when my friend Kunal Choksi released their second album ‘Ritual Executions’ on his label Diabolical conquest (now Transcending Obscurity)

Last month they released their third album ‘Deathsteps to Oblivion’. I spoke to their guitarist Adam Keleher about the album, it’s recording process and their plans for the coming year.

The Dead

“It’s definitely a big relief to finally have this out.” said Adam Keleher about their album being released. “Recording had finished by late 2011 and that in itself had dragged on for that whole year. A lot of work had gone into it and we were confident that we had created something unique and worth listening to so it felt like we had unfinished business until it was out there.”

“Overall we wanted an album that sounded cohesive and not a random collection of songs.That was already worked out very early on when we had a bunch of ideas that seemed to be coming from the same place yet were strong and individual in their own right.” said Adam about how the album compared to their previous album ‘Ritual Executions’. “On the surface the big difference is ‘Deathsteps to Oblivion’ has predominantly slow and mid paced songs with only two minutes of fast blasting in total.
Deathsteps to Oblivion cover
The recording of the album was affected by the floods that hit Brisbane in 2011. “It was during recording that the flood hit and things were delayed for a while. This was our first time recording everything ourselves so there was a lot of learning going on throughout.” said Adam about the recording process for the album. The band took a different approach to recording this time around. “All of our previous releases were essentially recorded live with a few overdubs for vocals and solos. For those recordings we had the songs worked out in rehearsal and had usually played them live too then we would spend a day or two recording and another day for mixing. This one was built from the ground up starting with drums and the songs only in a basic skeleton form. It was then built on and refined until we were happy with it.”

Ritual Executions’ was the first release of Indian label, Diabolical Conquest (now Transcending Obscurity). “Kunal, the head of the label, had positively and insightfully reviewed all of our releases including a badly mixed version of ‘Ritual Executions’ that we had put out ourselves. He approached us about making ‘Ritual Executions’ the first release on his new label Diabolical Conquest. We jumped at the chance of a proper release which also gave us a reason to remix the album and include a proper CD booklet with lyrics and additional art.” said Adam describing how the band got signed to a record label from India.

“Brisbane has always had a healthy band scene with plenty of bands and musicians around.” said Adam Keleher about the music scene in their city. Vocalist Mike Yee recommends we check out Dead Letter Opener, Lustration and Laceration Mantra.

“No official plans for 2015 at this stage.” said Adam about what the coming year holds for the band. “We recently played our first show in a long time and it was good to brush off the cobwebs and get out again. So we want to keep that going and help promote ‘Deathsteps to Oblivion’ now that it is out. Hopefully we will start recording again before the end of 2015. It’s too early to accurately predict when that will happen as we are still in riff collection mode.”

Listen to ‘Deathsteps to Oblivion‘ below

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Roby (Blastasfuk) interview

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Blastasfuck Records is the only extreme metal label that I know that releases only grindcore music. The label and also distro was started by Roby  (The Kill) over a decade ago in Melbourne, Victoria. I spoke to Roby recently and found out more about Blastasfuk, the metal scene in Australia and the upcoming releases from the label.

Hi Roby, you have been running Blastasfuk Records for nearly a decade. How did you decide to start a label?

Roby: Yeah, it’s been a long bloody time. I was trading & selling records before I decided to call the label BLASTASFUK! It all came about from trading THE KILL demo with labels around the world. From there on I went mad!

What was your first release?

Roby: UNDINISM – Live At The Green Room 01.05.04 DVDR & NOISEAR – Red Tape Agenda MCD

When did you decide to release only grindcore music?

Roby: From day 1 mate… I can’t recall exactly what year!

What do you look for in a band before you sign them to your label?

Roby: Good composers who play fast music… Only bands I love!

What have been the most memorable releases so far?

Roby: That’s a very hard question. I think I’ve probably listened to the first HATRED SURGE collection CD more than any other BAF release.

You also play in The Kill. How do you balance being in a band and running a record label?

Roby: In moderation now. We usually jam once a week, but at the moment we’re taking a little break, whilst I’m trying to get this new KILL album out: “KILL THEM ALL…” whilst in the mist of writing new tunes & spending quality time with the family.)

What are bands from Melbourne and Australia that we should check out?

Roby: At the moment, bands like SEWERCIDE, INTERNAL ROT, SPLIT TEETH, MORBID ANAL, BLACK JESUS, PISSBOLT & shit loads more, I just haven’t been out for a little while… Old!

What are the upcoming releases from your label?

Roby: CAPTAIN CLEANOFF – Rising Terror CD GROTESQUE ORGAN DEFILEMENT – Body Horror CD EXCRUCIATING TERROR – Divided We Fall (Re-press) CD & more.

Here are a few releases by Blastasfuk that everyone should check out

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