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Bangalore Open Air 2018

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It’s been a month since Bangalore Open Air and the line up was stacked with 4 international bands. I managed to get some decent shots of most of the bands that played at the festival.










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August 6, 2018 at 11:29 pm

1833 AD + Albatross

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I did two more interviews as part of the lead up to Bangalore Open Air, this week i interviewed 1833 AD and Albatross.

1833 AD are a black metal band from Delhi. They will be releasing their album “My Dark Symphony” at Bangalore Open Air.

Your debut album, “My Dark Symphony” was supposed to be released in May. Tell us a bit about it. When can we expect it to be released?

The album was releasing at Summer Blaze Festival but due to unforeseen circumstances the festival had to be cancelled and we had to postpone the release. It will be released at Bangalore Open Air.
The album was produced by Anupam Roy. What was the recording process like?

Recordings were done at two studios. Vocals at 1833 AD Studios and instruments at Grey Studios. Working with Anupam is always fun especially with the vast experience he brings to the table. He has done a great job on the album and we greatly appreciate his contribution.

What can we expect from 1833 AD at Bangalore Open Air?

BOA is part of our album launch tour. So we would be playing some new songs from our debut album ‘My Dark Symphony’ for the first time in Bangalore. This will be our second show in Bangalore. We’ll also be getting loads of 1833 AD merchandise along with ‘My Dark Symphony’ for sale.

What are you looking forward to at the gig?

Firstly, we are looking forward to play in Bangalore after a span of two years. Secondly and more importantly we are thrilled to be a part of this first of its kind festival. We are really looking forward to playing along with these great names from India and abroad.

In September you will be performing at the Nepfest alongside Decapitated. Any other gigs planned for the rest of the year?

We are eagerly waiting for Nepfest. We are planning an album tour after Bangalore Open Air. It’s too early to comment on it but we are also talking to promoters for a South East Asia tour at the end of the year.

Albatross are a horror metal band from Mumbai. I reviewed their second EP “The Kissing Flieshere.

How was the response been to you recently released split with Vestal Claret , “Kissing Flies/Black Priest”?

It has been over two months since we released the split and exactly a year since we first started work on Kissing Flies. From the single that we released online earlier this year to releasing the CD and thereafter, from reviewers and listeners, we’ve seen our share of kind words and brickbats (I would dare say more of the former). How much of it is translating into actual CD sales is something we need to sit and ponder over. Having said that, going by the responses we get at our gigs – people coming up and congratulating us for our effort, people picking up our t-shirts and wearing it to our gigs, posts on our Facebook page – the band is only encouraged.

You recently did a 4 city tour, how was the experience?

It is no secret that nothing is more exciting than performing your songs live. Albatross looks forward to nothing but fun before every gig. And the tour well lived up to the promise. Chennai and Guwahati were cities, we went to for the first time. While the turnout was understandably lower than what we would have liked, the few who turned up and enjoyed themselves have only led us to believe that we must pay these cities a visit more often. Bangalore has always been a favourite with us and the gig there was nothing but pure, unadulterated, old school metal fun. Bevar Sea, Shepherd, Dhwesha had a lot to contribute too. Mumbai, of course is home ground and barring some technical difficulties, it was awesome to have shared stage with Providence and Cosmic Infusion for the first time.

You will be sharing stage with one of your influences, Iced Earth. Tell us a bit about thoughts in the same.

Just a bit? Sure you will allow me more. To say that we are excited or how the folks these days are ‘stoked’ about everything would be an understatement. Not too long ago, when the band didn’t even have a name to go by, Riju and I were listening to Horror Show and watching Live in Athens over and over again and were sure we wanted to cover Dracula. The cover never happened. Our efforts at forming a band on the lines of Iced Earth – riff oriented, with long extended guitar solos, with high-pitched vocals, and songs based on concepts – though did see the light of day.
Now we’re on the same bill as Iced Earth? As Eurythmics helped Marilyn Manson sing, “Sweet dreams are made of these”.

What are you looking forward to at the gig?

For now, we are just looking forward to being back in Bangalore and hitting the stage and living the dream. The rest, I will tell you post Bangalore Open Air.

Personally, it is also a huge, huge high for me to be at Palace Grounds as an artist for the first time after many, being a part of the audience.

What can we expect from Albatross at Bangalore Open Air?

Heavy fucking metal, like it is supposed to be!

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May 27, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Bevar Sea + Dying Embrace

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Bangalore Open Air is less than a month away. This week I interviewed Bevar Sea and Dying Embrace.

Bevar Sea are a stoner doom metal band from Bangalore. They will be releasing their self titled album in August throught Iron Fist Records.

Your self-titled debut album will be out soon through Iron Fist Records? When can we expect it to be released?

It’ll be out on Iron Fist Records in India in August, looks like. Ours will be the release number 2 after the recent Kryptos album. We’re planning to do a special show to launch the album, provided we can find a venue for the show.

A little birdie tells us that Billy Anderson, who produced Cathedral, Blood Ceremony, Orange Goblin & High Fire will also be behind the knobs for your debut album. Tell us more about it.

Damn that little birdie who plays the bass for Albatross. But yes, Billy’s mixing and mastering the whole thing. We’re hoping to fly him down to produce our next album entirely. We wanted him to produce this one, but he came on board a little late and we went ahead with arranging and recording everything ourselves. We’re happy with the results, but it’ll be great to just plug and play with someone like Billy taking charge of every other aspect of the album production.

Bangalore is fast becoming a hub for Doom metal. Why do you think it is happening and what is your take on it?

Is it a hub already? Dying Embrace made a comeback around the same time as our live debut, and our ex-bassist went on to form a band called Djinn & Miskatonic, but other than that, it’s still rather nascent. It’ll be great to have more bands coming up. We’re at a stage when there are underground show promoters have gigs to put together, but are struggling to keep the line-ups interesting because there aren’t enough good bands around.

What can we expect from Bevar Sea at Bangalore Open Air?

Our best gig yet perhaps? We’ve played a big stage once before, and that’s still our most memorable gig yet. It was last year playing before Rudra at Strawberry Fields. BOA has got to be a few notches better. Better lineup, and more metal crowd to play to.

What are you looking forward to at the gig?

The backstage is going to be a blast because the other Indian bands are all our friends, and the fact that we’re opening for a couple of bands we grew up listening to. It promises to be a fantastic weekend for everyone involved.

Dying Embrace are a death doom metal band from Bangalore. Their discography titled “Era of Tribulation” will be released soon on Legion of Death Records.

“Era of Tribulation” a 12″LP featuring your entire discography will be released Legion of Death Records. Can you tell us more about the release?

Era Of Tribulation will carry our entire discography recorded between our formation in 1991 and disbanding in 2001,The 12″ Vinyl release should be out in a couple of months from now and it will carry mindblowing artwork by Zizi “Nexro Maniax” Amri from Malaysia as well as the fantastic packaging quality Legion Of Death Records are known for.

Bangalore Open Air is your first festival performance, what can we expect from you?

This is definitely our first Festival on this large massive scale, we have played smaller Underground Fests since we reformed, Undergrind Fest [co headlining with Putrid Pile (USA) and Trendslaughter Fest in 2011(Co headlining with Orator (Bangladesh) ] and Trendslaughter Fest II[co headlining with Abigail(Japan)] in 2012. Dying Embrace will be one of the oldest Indian Underground bands playing Bangalore Open Air and we will be holding the flag high up of True Indian Underground Metal!

This will also be your first gig with Pritham “Metal Farmer” D’Souza, how did he become part of the line up?

Pritham has been a great friend over the years and Dying Embrace was always a band of consisting of friends with a common love for Metal and playing Extreme music. When we reformed we waited for almost a year to get the right personnel and we felt Pritham fitted in perfectly well for Bass duties. He is an amazingly talented and a gifted musician, we were honoured when he accepted to join the Doom Cult!

What can we expect from Dying Embrace at Bangalore Open Air?

We will be playing a selection of tracks from our Grotesque & Misanthrope EP’s, Serenades Of Depravity Mlp and a new track we have written after we reformed in 2011 which we debuted at Trendslaughter Fest in January.

What are you looking forward to at the gig?

Watching Kreator & Iced Earth in the flesh! Playing our brand of Primitive Doom laden Death Metal, meeting our friends and fans from all over and downing dozens of Beers with our friends and hanging out with the other awesome bands playing at Bangalore Open Air! See you there maniacs, together we will carry the burden of Doom\m/

Stay tuned for more interviews with the bands performing at the Bangalore Open Air.