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Horns Up Podcast: Episode 24

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Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor) is someone I have known for close to a decade now and have interviewed multiple times (here, here and also here)

Keshav started off from his bedroom as Hydrodjent, a solo act that quickly morphed in to the global sensation that is Skyharbor – arguably the biggest rock band hailing from India. Over cups of coffee and chai, Keshav Dhar introspects on whether the journey was a product of sheer good luck coupled with tremendous hard work, and where the future lies after three solid albums. There’s also lots about his recent move to Bombay, and some sound advice for young musicians looking to make it big.

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August 6, 2019 at 11:30 am

Unscene – Bear in Mumbai

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Belgian metal band Bear kicked off their Indian tour a couple days ago in Mumbai with a smashing set. The band performed tracks from their latest album /// and also Noumenon. Known for their energetic live performances, the band put on a show that will be etched in the memories of the audience present for the near future. Guitarist James Falck got into the mosh pit towards the end of their set.


Escher’s knot, the support act for the tour played in Mumbai after 3 years. The band played a 4-piece and their set featured tracks from their EP, Tesselations and single The Grand Design. It was great to see the band live after a while and they really got the crowd going, starting a few moshpits. They ended their set with a cover of Meshuggah Humiliative.


False Flag started the night off with their political hardcore sound. Their set comprised of songs from their recently released self-titled EP and soon to be released split EP. I felt the young band need some work on their stage presence which could be ironed out once they play more gigs.

Bear performs in Bangalore today, in Delhi on 12th April and their tour ends in Ahmedabad on 14th April (All details in poster below). Metalheads in the respective cities don’t miss the gig, lest you regret it later.

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April 8, 2018 at 12:10 pm


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Calligram are a blackened hardcore band  from London. They put out their second release, Askesis via Basick records in November last year. The EP is a dark and bleak listen.

I spoke to guitarist Tim Desbos about their latest release Askesis, the origins of the band and also their plans for the year.

Read my interview with Tim on Moshpitnation.

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March 19, 2018 at 11:54 pm

Interview with The Algorithm

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The Algorithm is the project of French producer Rémi Gallego. His style of music has been described as “infuses modern metal breakdowns with a menagerie of electronic subgenres such as IDM, chiptune and breakcore to concoct his own potent style of fiercely heavy music.
In November last year, Basick records released their debut album ‘Polymorphic Code‘. Find out more about the album, how Remi started the project and his plans for 2013.


Hi Remi, you just finished a short tour of the UK with Collision. How did it go?

Remi : A short but nonetheless exciting tour. It has been really fun to travel through a bit on England and I’m looking forward to do more of this. It has been a really nice experience to share the stage with Collisions, these guys did an awesome job.

Your debut album ‘Polymorphic Code’ released a few months ago. Tell us a bit about it.

Remi : Polymorphic Code tells the story of a group of human hackers trying to get into a distant network using various viruses and hacking techniques. I loved working on this album, I think it has this storytelling side of music I’ve always wanted to explore even more.

What was the recording process like? How long did it take?

Remi : I didn’t want to finish a specific track before the other ones, that’s why all has been written pretty much in parallel. It wasn’t really practical to constantly switch from a track to another, but it gave more consistency to the whole album in the end. It took about a year, with periods of nothing, to get it done.

The video for ‘Trojans’ has close to 100,000 views on youtube. Tell us a bit about the video.

Remi : It’s not an easy thing to put instrumental music in video form, especially when so much instruments and moods are involved. We decided to take the road of an abstract feel, but giving at the same time an idea of what the live setup looks like. It was my first time on a green screen, an amazing experience!

How/When did you start ‘The Algorithm’?

Remi : I started The Algorithm as a bedroom project with a cheap laptop and cheap speakers. I used to think I wanted to do Mathcore influenced by The Dillinger Escape Plan. I progressively started messing around with synths and glitches, and found myself thinking that it’d fit well, it was luck and trial and error. I put my first demos on websites like lastfm, and I didn’t expect such a good feedback from the listeners, so I released another demo 1 year later and then it all took off exponentially.

Do you enjoy being the only songwriter or find it frustrating at times?

Remi : I like brainstorming ideas on my own, I’m the kind of guy who’s better as an independant than working on a team. I’m really looking forward to broaden my horizons and collaborate with more musicians though, I’m not that selfish.

France is not known for its metal bands, which metal bands did you grow up listening to?

Remi : Iron Maiden was my first love in metal music, and I used to be a huge fanboy of their stuffs. For some reason, I used to listen to a lot of 70’s/80’s metal before even trying to discover some modern bands. I progressively got into The Dillinger Escape Plan, Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, some years later.

You’ve performed at the past 2 editions of the Euroblast festival. How has the experience been?

Remi : A huge, exciting, amazing experience! Being part of the Euroblast festival is always an honour and a thrill, I don’t have anything to reproach at what have been done with the 2012 edition.

It was also really interesting to play as a DJ during the aftershow, we all know that making metalheads dance is not an easy thing, but everybody seemed to enjoy it. So did i!

What are your plans for 2013? More Tours planned?

Remi : More collaborations with artists. I’m currently working with a singeron a progressive dubstep project, and I’m also already planning to let more musicians express their talent on some of my newer tracks. I’m also looking forward to play at summer festivals and blast some electronic science in an outdoor venue context, hopefully with lots of beers, girls and nerd humour. 🙂

Listen/DownloadPolymorphic Codehere

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January 22, 2013 at 2:39 am

Interview with Glass Cloud

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Glass Cloud are metalcore/post-hardcore band from Hampton, USA. They have recently released their debut album “The Royal Thousand” through Equal Vision Records. I spoke to Jerry Roush while they were on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour.
Find out more about how the band got together, the album and also their plans for rest of the year below.

Hi guys, you are currently on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour. Hows it going so far ?

Jerry: It was really awesome. Such a good tour for us to do, as our debut album just dropped. I think it’s severely beneficial to play at big shows, especially being so new. It’s cool opportunity to showcase what we have to offer being such a brand new band.

You’ve recently released your debut album “The Royal Thousand”. What has the response to the album been so far ?

Jerry: The response has been really well. We are all just really stoked to have our record out finally. We have been working and developing this record for a year. I also feel that people are reacting well to it because it’s a fresh sound in the scene. We really wanted to stand out from the crowd that is the music scene.

Tell us a bit about the album. How long did it take to write the album ?

Jerry: It only took a few months, we would bust a song out a night and expand it from there. But the development of the entity ‘Glass Cloud’ itself, also took several months. I didn’t want to haphazardly throw a band together. I really took time with my guys and management about the approach we would take on the music scene. I had to look at it as my passion and my business. We all brought our own help to the table and worked as a team.

The album was produced by Josh. What was the recording process like ?

Jerry: It was smooth. We had full say and made our own schedule. Personally for me, working with Josh whilst tracking the vocals, whether it be singing or screaming, him and I just meshed really well and had a good process. That really helped me out mentally with recording. I’m more of a performer and really feed off the energy live. So being in a tiny vocal booth with headphones on standing still and not really singing and screaming in the same passionate manner that I can easily channel on stage can be kind of nerve racking haha.

“The Royal Thousand” is being released by Basick Records in Europe and Equal Visions in US. How did you get signed to both labels ?

Jerry: We are signed with Basick for the UK / European distribution. We are also on We Are Unified for Australia / New Zealand distro, but Equal Vision will always serve as initial and main label.

Prior to the album release you got off the Road To Metal Fest Tour with Iwrestledabearonce, Moltov Solution and The Greenery. How did the tour go ?

Jerry: It was really beneficial for us in the fact that we had never toured together before. So we were able to lock our stage game in. Travis and Chad had never been on tour before (ever) so I didn’t know how they would hold up playing shows every single day. Half the part of tour is performing well. And that first run gave us the opportunity to figure out how to deliver the songs live that we recorded. It was great for us.

You were in Sky Eats Airplane, Of Mice & Men and Joshua is in the Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza. How did you meet Travis and Chad and get the band together ?

Jerry: I grew up going to shows and skateboarding with Chad and Trav. We’ve been friends since we were like 14 or 15. We had all recognized our passion for music back then but had no way to express it. Chad and I actually started a band like 10 years ago. We only had a couple of practices but we wrote two actually pretty dope songs haha.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012 ? More touring ?

Jerry: We have the next 3 weeks off then we head out to Canada for a short run with our labelmates, Texas in July. And then come back to do the AP Tour in fall featuring Miss May I, The Ghost Inside, Like Moths to Flames, and The Amity Affliction.

Any final words ?

Jerry: Please go check out our debut album, The Royal Thousand. Like us on facebook ( follow us on twitter (@glasscloud) – and don’t forget to brush your teeth and wear your seatbelt. Be easy!

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Nathan ‘Barley’ Philips (Basick Records)

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Last month NH7 announced the launch of its Music store as part of Flipkart Flyte. The store also included a few titles by non – Indian bands, they were from UK based progressive metal label Basick Records,one of my favourite metal labels.
I spoke to their label boss Nathan “Barley” Philips to find out more about their plans for the Indian market.

Congrats on having the Basick Records title available in India via platform on the Flipkart website. Tell us a bit about how the deal came about.

Thanks, we’re really stoked to finally have our albums available for our Indian fans to get into!
We’ve been working with the NH7 guys on a whole bunch of other stuff in the past, so when one of the guys at Only Much Louder (OML) came to us and told us about their plans to hook up with Flipkart, we just knew that we had to be involved. It took a bit of time to iron out all the details, but it’s great to see that store is finally up and everyone can now check out our releases on there.

Do you have anything special planned for your Indian fans?

We’re always looking for new ways to interact with our Indian brothers, so right now we’re working ways of getting some exclusive products out there as well as having early discussions about getting some of our other bands on shows out there. It’s an exciting time!

For those not familiar with Basick Records, tell us a bit about early days of the label.

BASICK began nearly seven years ago when my brother and I decided to run a label from our parents spare bedroom in order to help a few local bands (Enter Shikari, Fellsilent, etc) reach a wider audience. Music has been my life for as long as I can remember and starting a label was something that I had always wanted to do, so we just got on with it and made it happen. It took pretty much four years of solid work to be able to get to a point where we were starting to make real progress. And the rest is history!

How did you come across Skyharbor, the only Indian artist signed to your label?

I’d heard of SKYHARBOR quite early on actually, when Keshav Dhar had started posting out demos of his previous solo project a couple years ago. So I kept some quiet tabs on him to see where things would lead and It was great to see how things developed. After a while Keshav started really honing in his sound and then got some great inspiration from collaborations with other artists, which helped the sound no end. Then a mutual friend from India hooked me up with the brand new vocal version of the album and we hooked it all up from there.

Earlier this year in April, Roadrunner Records shut down its offices in Europe and Canada. Where do you think the future lies for metal record labels?

I feel very sad for the staff at Roadrunner that lost their jobs – there were some great people working there, but overall I think Metal labels still have a very strong future, if they play their cards right. The fact is, people’s interest in this genre hasn’t waned, if anything it’s getting stronger. And labels that are adopting the correct approach to the current climate are managing to weather the storm. Undoubtedly, times have changed and some of the bigger labels that are owned by the corporate majors (as Roadrunner were to Warner Bros) are inevitably going to suffer, purely because they have huge overheads and cant live large like they once used too. But on the flipside, you have forward thinking indies like ourselves and Metal Blade for instance, that are experiencing growth in a time of austerity. Labels need to get leaner and smarter, that’s all.

Advice for bands that are just starting out and looking to get signed?

Honestly, just be yourselves and work your arses off to be as good as you possibly can be. Be as active as humanly possible and network yourselves like a bitch too. I’m a believer in fate and vereything happening at the right time for a reason; so don’t force it. Just apply yourselves and out yourselves out there in the most driven and professional way you possibly can. Real talent will always shine through. Us finding SKYHARBOR is a great example of that.

What artists/bands are you currently listening to?

I’m actually listening to a whole bunch of Electronica artists right now, like Claro Intelecto and Enabl.ed. Go check out anything released on Concrete Plastic and Ai Records if you’re into that underground UK sound.

What are you plans for the rest of 2012? More releases planned?

Yep, lots more in the pipeline; new releases, new bands and new corners of the globe to preach the good word BASICK! Looking forward to sharing all of this with you guys!

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Interview with Skyharbor

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Skyharbor the progressive metal band of Delhi based producer Keshav Dhar is one of the most promising acts of emerge from India recently. The band generated a lot of buzz online when it started 3 years under the “Hydrodjent” moniker. Their set at the NH7 Weekender in November last year was one of the highlights of the festival for me. Earlier this week Basick Records, a progressive Metal label from UK released their debut album “Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos” and it kicks ass. Read my review of the album here.

Find out more about the album, getting signed to Basick Records and their future plans in my interview with Keshav below

Hi Keshav, how do you feel now that “Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos” is all set for release after 3 years in the making??

Keshav: Very, very happy and proud! I feel we’ve written a solid debut record and there is nothing that I would do differently in hindsight. The album was finished around the fall last year though, so I’m quite anxious to get cracking on the next one and plan ahead for the future.

“Illusion” features Dan Tompkins (White Moth Black Butterfly, Piano, Ex-Tesseract) on vocals and Chaos features Sunnieth Revankar (Bhayanak Maut, Providence) on vocals. How did you go about writing the songs with 2 different vocalists?

Keshav:Interestingly, the album wasn’t really written with the point of view that there would be different singers for different songs, or for that matter even that all the songs would have vocals. It started out obviously instrumental since it was my solo project back then. I had always wanted to collaborate with Sunneith on some material though, so around early 2011 he recorded vocals for ‘Trayus’ and I was absolutely blown away. We proceeded to extend the collaboration with songs like ‘Aphasia’ and ‘Insurrection’. He’s a phenomenal metal vocalist with an incredible sense of phrasing and groove. Then shortly afterwards I was contacted by Dan on MySpace, and he was interested in guesting on ‘Order 66’ – which I was really excited about since that song sums up the other side of our music quite well, the more delicate and proggy side. I sent him some more material along those lines and he enjoyed it and offered to sing on that as well. One by one we ended up doing 7 songs in total. Even some songs, which were meant to be instrumental from the get go like ‘Dots’, just sounded so, so much better with his vocals that I totally gave him free reign to do whatever he pleased vocally.

Basick Records has released “Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos“. How did you get signed to them?

Keshav:My good friend Aaquib from Rock Street Journal was in contact with Barley and Lisa at Basick, and he put us in touch. I described the plans and long term vision I had for the project with Barley, and we came to an agreement very quickly. The whole deal took literally just a couple of weeks to sort out.

Skyharbor’s only live performance so far has been at the NH7 Weekender in November last year. Tell us a bit about the whole experience.

Keshav: Ahh, where do I begin! What an absolutely fantastic festival and experience. First of all there was Anup coming all the way from the US to rehearse and play with us, then the actual rehearsals which was an incredible feeling as I jammed these songs that had thus far only been sitting on a computer, in a room with a full band! Then the festival itself – awesome organization, awesome crowds, awesome sound, awesome lineups – I can’t say enough, how much fun we had at the NH7 Weekender.

From “Hydrojent” to “Skyharbor” what has been your most memorable moment so far?

Keshav:There are so many – the numerous wonderful collaborations, all the good things being said about us online and in the press, etc – but I would say our getting signed to Basick Records was really very special to me. I hugely respect and look up to them and the bands on their roster, and it’s extremely inspiring to know that they enjoy our music enough to want us in their family.

You were in Another Vertigo Rush for a short period before the band split up. Have you been in any other bands previously?

Keshav:Another Vertigo Rush haven’t disbanded actually – just on an extended hiatus. We’ll start writing again when the time is right, but we all have our individual priorities very clear right now. Besides that, a couple of jam bands in college which was fun but nothing serious.

You are also a much sought after producer, what projects are you currently working on?

Keshav:Heaps of projects at the moment! I’m producing Dan’s solo EP for his project ‘White Moth Black Butterfly’ which is wonderful ambient mood music, Limit Zero’s (Bangalore) full length album – kickass prog metal band! – and an ethnic folk trio called Just Ittefaq. I’m also producing singles and EPs for a lot of other bands, but these are the real ‘bulk’ projects as of now and the most notable.

Now that you have a live line up in place, will there be any more gigs in support of the album release?

Keshav: We still aren’t quite there as a live lineup yet, and we will make announcements about this in due time, but there are definitely plans – keep an eye on our facebook page for updates!

Have you started writing for the second album? What can we expect from the new material?

Keshav:There is some material left over which didn’t make it to the first album because I couldn’t finish up the songs in time, but these ideas are the basis on which I’m going to start writing for the second record. I also have a lot of ideas which I’ve yet to record or demo, and I plan to take a couple of weeks off sometime soon and start writing earnestly. It’s too early still to judge what kind of shape the second album will take, but I can say that the writing process is starting somewhat from where we’ve left off last time.

Final words?

Keshav: Thanks for having me on here, and a ton of thanks to you and all our wonderful fans for all their support and patience! Keep those awesome messages rolling in on our social networks, and look out for some more exciting news from us soon!

Stream/Buy “Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaoshere

Skyharbor – “Blinding White Noise:Illusion & Chaos” Review

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The long awaited album by progressive band  Skyharbor has finally been released. Keshav Dhar has surpassed all expectations with his debut. The last album from India that make an impression on me was “Abolishing the Obsolete System” by Amogh Symphony. Read my review of “Blinding White Noise:Illusion & Chaos below (Originally posted on Indianrockmp3) 2012 is slowly shaping up to be a great year for Indiean bands. Many of the releases that were on our lists of bands to watch out for in 2012 have released their long awaited album like Split, Kryptos, SkyRabbit, another band to add to the list is Skyaharbor. Keshav Dhar is no stranger to IRMP3 regulars. He has been featured here a few times, as “Band of the day” in 2009 and in January 2010 he was the “Chosen 1”.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few years and are unaware of who Skyharbor is, the band was started by Keshav Dhar in 2009 as Hydrodjent. Recently he added two more members to theband Anup Sastry on Drums and Nikhil Rufus – Bass. They performed live for the first time at the Bacardi NH7 Festival in Pune in November last year.

Skyharbor has released their long-awaited debut album, “Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos” through Basick Records, a progressive Metal label from UK. The album consists of 2 cds, the first cd “Illusion” has Daniel Tompkins (White Moth Black Butterfly, Piano, ex-TesseracT) on vocals and Sunneith Revankar (Bhayanak Maut/Providence) on the 2nd “Chaos”. “Dots” one of the first songs i heard by Keshav kicks off the 1st cd. I was surprised how seamlessly Dan’s vocals fit into the songs as they were initially written as instrumentals. The album hits a peak at “Catharsis”, the track which got Skyharbor a lot of attention and new listeners as it was featured on the Metal Hammer “Global Metal” compilation. Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) plays a guitar solo on the track. “Night” offers a brief respite in the middle of the album. “Celestial” which feature guest solos by Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) is another monstrous track. The songs on the 2nd cd “Chaos” are like name suggests the more aggressive. It’s a short listen with 3 tracks clocking in just under 14 minutes. “Aphasia”, a song about anger is the stand out track on this cd especially the bridge section “And I hate…”.

Daniel and Sunnieth have delivered a great vocal performance which reflects the production skills of Keshav. A special mention goes out to Aaquib Wani for designing a great album cover. With the recent trend of bands releasing their music online for free I have noticed that the quality of artwork has been lacking. I am sure this album will end up on the “Best album” lists of many metal writers in India and Internationally at the end of the year. Delete all those Hydrodjent demoes from your hard drive and pick up a copy of “Blinding White Noise: Illusions and Chaos” from Basick Records.

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Interview with Aliases

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Aliases are British technical metal band that took everyone by surprise with the release of their demo track “We Never Should Have Met” last year. Their debut release, “Safer Than Reality” is out on August 15th via Basick Records. Read on to find about more about their debut album, playing at Euroblast festival and their upcoming tour.


Hey guys congrats on the release of your debut album “Safer than Reality”. Tell us a bit about the album

Thanks! We’re very pleased to finally be releasing it on August 15th. “Safer Than Reality” is a product of our crazy imagination and personalities. When we started writing these 8 tracks, we tried to create what we would like to hear and mix everyone ideas into it.

What was the recording process like?

The recording was great fun, we were still bonding as a band and getting to grips with the parts as everything came together, so for us it was a really organic process. We only recorded drums and vocals outside the comforts of our home studios so the majority of time spent recording was massively chilled, we then went back into the studio with Rick Powell to mix and master and the end product has definitely captured the intensity we were looking for.

Are you happy with how the album has turned out?

Yes, we definitely are. It’s the beginning of something great. Hopefully people will like it too. We set out to let the music push our capabilities and yet retain proper songs! That’s what it’s all about, not just crazy technical stuff for the sake of it. More than just the music, we were very lucky to have Seldon Hunt on board to produce some amazing artwork for us.

You recently released the video for “What’s left for us” produced by international film-maker Benjamin Cappelletti. How was experience?

We learnt never to trust an artistic French producer with crazy concepts and ideas! It was loads of fun working with Ben though; he pushed us beyond belief to achieve the best results possible. Although we had the absolutely freezing ‘glowing water’ thrown all over us at 4am in march in a sub zero barn…..we forgave him and can’t wait to work with him in the future!

For Pin: How did Aliases come together after the demise of Sikth ? How did you meet the other members of the band?

After putting together and working on various projects, constantly searching for members and often working with people in other countries I just wanted a functional band that could write next level music and actually spend time writing together to get the best of each person’s abilities.

It seemed the answer was obvious and staring us in the face. I was living with Leah and we were both trying to get bands up & running, it seemed simple to take advantage of the home studio and put together a kick arse band! After a few weeks writing we realised we had hit the nail on the head with the members we had found & went on to find Jay Berast who although living in Paris was definitely the man for the job. The band and the members just work. We write what we want to hear and the personalities just work together perfectly.

How did you get signed to with Basick Records?

Everything went really fast for us. It seemed we were hunting each other down as we contacted them only to find out we were already on their hit list! Things kicked off for us at Euroblast Festival where we caught up over many a Jagermeister! And we plied Barley with a lot of drinks … that may explain why we got signed…

What equipment did you use on your album and also live?

*insert world’s longest list of gear ever here*

Pre-dominantly Blackmachine, Parker, ENGL, Diezel, TC Electronics, Warwick, Ampeg, Pearl & Zildjian

How was it performing at the Euroblast Festival in Germany alongside bands like Monuments Chimp Spanner and Vildhjarta ?

Fantastic, what a night! Not only to play along such talent but they’re good friends of ours and the more time spent touring alongside them, the better! It was our first gig ever and we travelled from the UK to Germany in a VW Polo with all of our gear so it was an experiment. The crowd was excellent and it was maybe one of the best organised gigs we have seen so far. We are playing there again this year and I am sure it is gonna be huge!

There are many new technical metal bands coming out of the UK in the past couple of years, which are your favourite bands?

To be honest we don’t listen to a lot of technical music. I know that sounds weird with the music we’re making! We have an Ace of Base, Lady Gaga, 80’s and 90’s best songs (made by Darren) mix CD in our van. I think it’s not only the UK, all over Europe there are good metal bands whatever genres or names you want to give them. A few of our personal favourites would include Mask Of Judas, Chimp Spanner, Visions, Cyclamen, Chronographs, in Ireland you’ll find Censura or Hero in Error and in France, you’ll have Beyond the Dust or Hord.

Do you have any upcoming gigs/tours??

We will be on tour in the UK in September with our label buddies Visions then we’ll be rearing our ugly heads once more at Euroblast Festival in October and after that we will hit the UK again with Textures and The Ocean in November/December. Hopefully loads more to come….we’ll play wherever you want us! India we’re looking at you 😉

You have already started writing a new album, how will it compare to “Safer than Reality”?

It’s shaping up to be mental….early days as it is but we intend to push everything forward, more melody, more chaos, heavier, softer. It’s exciting as writing this time we have spent time playing together and really know how to push each other and get the best out of a group of extremely talented and creative musicians! Hopefully ‘Safer Than Reality’ will leave you hungry for more!!

Any final words?

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Thanks to Lisa from Hold Tight PR for hooking me up with the interview.

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