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Irreversible Mechanism

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Recently I have found the current lot of technical death metal bands sounding sterile. One band that has stood out for me is Irreversible Mechanism from Minsk, Belarus. On their recently released album, Immersion the band mix tight riffage with a post apocalyptic atmosphere. I’m going to be listening the album often in the coming weeks/months.

I spoke to guitarist Andrie Parmon about Immersion, Dan Presland performing drums on the album and also their future plans.

Read the interview on The Metal Wanderlust

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September 18, 2018 at 8:02 am

Introducing: Irreversible Mechanism

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Irreversible Mechanism

Who: Irreversible Mechanism The band consists of Yarolsav Korotkin (Vocals, Bass), Vladislav Nekrash (Guitars). Lyle Cooper (Ex – The Faceless) played drums on the album.

Where: Minsk, Belarus

What: “Infinite Fields is an album of post-apocalypse, of perception of a destroyed world by the few survivors.” said the band about their debut album. “It is about cataclysms and human mistakes that may lead to destruction of the planet and its biosphere. It describes the concept of devastation versus creation. It tells of nature’s forced decadence, ignorance in history, physics and karma. Each of the tracks is a chapter in a book you must finish.”

How: “We started writing November 2012 and finished May 2013.” said the band about the songwriting process for the album. “Designing a concept album is a rigorous and demanding process. But first and foremost we wrote the music we’d liked”.

“We were very scrupulous when it had come to recording: from guitar tuning, to each of the instrument sounds. We were recording at studios in Minsk and Kiev.” said the band about their recording process. “The only troubles we’ve had were related either to the time we’ve had to spend or the distance we’ve had to travel.”

Listen/Download ‘Infinite Fields‘ below

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May 12, 2015 at 10:00 am