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Interview with Chaos

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Chaos are a thrash metal band from Trivandrum, Kerala. I first heard of them last year when they released a video ‘Game‘. A couple of months Chaos released their debut album ‘Violent Redemption‘ and it kicks ass. The album will take you back to Thrash metal from the 80’s. ‘Violent Redemption’ has received positive reviews from media around the world.
Find out more about the album, its production and also their future plans in my interview with their lead guitarist Nikhil below.


Hi guys, congrats on winning the “Best Metal Artist” award at the Radio City Freedom Awards. How does it feel? Were you your expectations prior to the awards ceremony?

Thank you very much Peter! It feels amazing. The fact that we were nominated amongst such heavy weights itself was indeed an honor for us! And winning it? Didn’t see that coming at all. Totally unexpected, and absolutely blown away by the support that we’ve been getting over the past month or so. We’d like to thank everyone who’s voted for the Popular Choice category! And of course the jury for thinking that we’re worthy.

You released your debut album ‘Violent redemption’ earlier this year in March. Can you tell a bit about the album?

Violent redemption has been in the workshop since the band has been conceived way back in 2005. And over these years, we’re tried out different things. Some of it just stuck on with the band.

Majority of the material that you hear on ‘Violent Redemption’ has evolved with the band, with us playing them faster every year! And of course, there are songs on the record like ‘War Crime’ which just happened while we were in the Studio.

Violent RedemptionWhat was the songwriting process for the album? You have been around since 2005, how long have you been working on these songs?

Most of the songs in the album starts off with me and JK talking about a subject that’s worthy of turning into a song. It could be something that we saw on the news, or something we’ve read somewhere. The lyrics come first and the riffs and the song structure follows. How long have we been working on these songs? Since the day we’ve started jamming back in 2005.

I have been listening to the album for the past week and its sounds great. Keshav Dhar has produced the album, how was it working with him?

Keshav is an amazing producer. He has this uncanny ability to just blend in with the band and get involved in what the band’s doing, be it making a kick ass record or partying like there’s no tomorrow! As a band, we were really comfortable with the way that he was working.

Last year you released a video for the song ‘Game’. Tell us a bit about the production of the video.

The entire credit for that goes to Kiran and crew of Red Ray productions. They’ve put in a massive amount of effort to make that happen. The whole video shoot was indeed a great experience for us. Since the people that we were working with were damn good at doing what they do, we didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Overall, the video came out good and we did get a lot of new people to listen to our stuff thanks to the video.

Kerala is not known for its metal scene; What are the bands from Kerala that you think we should check out?

Well, Kerala should get more credit! We’ve got a few great bands, coming out with awesome material! For instance, our brothers from ‘Heretic’ and ‘The Downtroddence’ are ready with their albums. In fact, ‘Heretic’ already released their album online, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. ‘The Downtroddence’ is ready with their album, and I can’t wait to listen to what they’ve done. Do check them out as well. Then there are bands which are extremely talented like ‘Blind Fate’ and ‘Decaying Humanity’, of whom you’ve probably never heard of, but trust me, you will. To be honest, the music that’s coming out of the state is a s good as its from anywhere in the country. And I guess we’ll still have to work on getting the music across to more people.

Do you have any gigs planned in the coming months?

Our management is working on the same, getting CHAOS and Violent Redemption to as many cities as possible and yes very soon you can catch us live!

Any final words?

Do check our album out if you haven’t yet! Hope to see you all soon! Cheers!

Buy ‘Violent Redemption’ from Oklisten and cd from Transcending Obscurity

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July 1, 2013 at 1:26 am