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Picks of 2020

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This past year, more specifically the last 9 months have been easily the toughest for me. During the initial months of isolation, Music became my main solace along with exercise. I think I have listened to more music this year compared to past couple years. Hence it was not an easy task putting together this list.

Non metal picks (in no particular order)

 Impulsive Voices is another impressive release from the guitar prodigy from Down Under. This album is darker and is a huge step in all aspects. Just listen to the track Pan which features a saxophone is a stand out track on Impulsive Voices

Rock the Highway is a great throwback to the 80’s rock sound. There are a couple of progressive tracks on the album like Identity Crisis. Wonder if their future material will be like that.

The Earth below is the solo project from Deepak Raghu from Shepherd. Nothing Works Vol. 2- Hymns For Useless Gods was my soundtrack during times of melancholy. Big step ahead in terms of production. 

Bayaan is a Pop rock from Pakistan. Suno is a very catchy album that reminds me of the Pakistani Pop rock releases from the mid 2000’s 

Karakoram are another good rock band from Pakistan featuring Zain Peerzada from Takatak on guitars. Ibtida is a promising release and their upcoming album will be one to looks out for in 2021.

Metal picks

#10 On Solitude, Cloudkicker turned heavy again and was totally what I needed this year. Thank you Ben Sharp for this album.

#9 ‘When I Die, Will I Get Better?’ is a seemless meld of hardcore and black metal. The album took me on a journey through the album. I especially enjoyed the lyrics and topics it covers, things we face both in real life and online. 

#8 The World that was is a potent mix of Death and doom metal. Temple of Void keep getting better with each album like a fine wine or whiskey.

#7 Stare Into Death And Be Still is Extreme metal with a menacing atmosphere. A phenomenal release. I don’t think any other album has captured better the sound of the shitshow that this year has been. 

#6 Mortal has a mix of all my favourite elements of death metal, Low growls and crunchy guitar riffs. Alseep Forever is a track that I will be listening to for years to come. One of the best death metal albums I’ve heard this year.

#5 Habits is one of the albums I have listened to the most this year. It’s meditative riffs and doomy vocals left me in a trance.

#4 The first time I heard Chatta, I was blown away by what I heard. Each time I listen to this album, I find a new element. This album has pushed the levels of grindcore. This album is Chatta!

#3 Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic | Cenozoic is a Post metal masterpiece. This album made me trip/transcend to another level.

#2 The Sanguinary Impetus is a strange mix of Technical and brutal death metal. On their previous album, they did a split of sorts with Disposal of the Dead and Dharmata. This album is a marriage of both albums and pummels you into submission. An All A’s album. 

#1 Yes for the 2nd year in a row, my pick is Spirit Adrift. Enlightened In Eternity was my pick me up album for this year.  An album that gave me hope that there is a light at the end of this. 

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December 25, 2020 at 11:00 am

Bandcamp Reccomendations – 4th September 2020

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Here are my pick for this #BandcampFriday

The debut release from Foretoken is a melodic mix of death and black metal. Features Hannes Grossmann on drums. Great signing by Prosthetic Records.

This 5 track live release from Allfather proves that their raucous metal is best experienced live. Includes demos of 2 new tracks.

Another live release. This time from Scottish (post) rock act, Mogwai

32 tracks of doom metal put together by the awesome folks at Doomed and Stoned

50+ minutes of doom/drone from the new project of Ganesh K (Kryptos/Bevar Sea), Megadrone is truly a listening experience.

Another compilation. This one has a stacked line up

New album from Cloudkicker. A blind buy for many.

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September 4, 2020 at 11:31 pm

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 29

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It’s time for Music On Our Mind on the Horns Up Podcast as we discuss the music that we been subjecting their ears to.

Fear Inoculum is Tool’s first album in thirteen years and we try our best to answer if it was worth the wait. Plus, lots of new music talk that’ll definitely resonate with every non-Tool, and Tool fan.

Our picks for this edition of Music on our Mind are:-

Cloudkicker – Unending
Grima – Will of the Primordial
Pijn & Conjurer – Curse these metal hands
Waste Of Space Orchestra – Syntheosis
Killswitch Engage – Atonement
Infinity Shred – Forever, A Fast Life
Tool – Fear Inoculum

Hit Play, sit back and raise those Horns Up.

Horns Up ‘Music on our Mind’ Playlists


Apple Music:

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September 6, 2019 at 10:00 am

Now Playing – December 2014 – February 2015

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This post has been long delayed. As this is my 100th post on the blog, I wanted to make it a bit special. The past couple of months have been quite hectic at my day job and I have finally got down to writing this.

It’s been 4 years since I have maintained this blog, my longest “job” so far. I have the chance to interview and review quite a few bands from around the world and it’s been great. Here is what I have been listening to in the past 3 months.


The latest release from Cloudkicker, the project of Ben Sharp is mellower compared to previous EPs. Released soon after the tour with Intronaut, it is safe to say that it has had an influence on “Little Histories“. My favourite track from the EP is “Digital Lightning“.


Humiliation play death metal in vein of Bolt Thrower, who are one of my favourite death metal bands. Those who are into metal/ death metal with themes of war will enjoy this album.


Ingurgitating Oblivion are back after a decade. Their latest album continues where their previous album ‘Voyage Towards Abhorrence’ left off. Take a listen to the album below and find out why it has been described as “at once hypnotic, terrifying and unpredictable”.


Awesome new release from the prolific Australian grindcore act.


Clockwork Dilation did not impress me much when I first heard their album in the first half of last year. Listening to it in the past month, it has grown on me. The only downside on the album for me was a filler tracks which could have been left off the album. Overall an impressive debut album.


Non – metal

The first single by the progressive rockers from Kochi with their new line up. Sounds like a mix of their previous 2 releases. If this the direction they are taking for their new release, I am looking forward to it.


I was surprised to find a post rock band from the tiny state of Kerala. Their first release, a live album serves as a good introduction to the band. My favorite songs are ‘Acid Rain’ and ‘Cloud Rain’. Looking forward to a studio release from the band.


Aqua Dominatrix is the electronic project of Akshay, the guitarist of Scribe. The first thing that struck me about the album was how different it sounded compared to the current lot of “electronic” producers from Mumbai. It reminded me of the soundtrack of 80’s Hollywood movies. To know about Aqua Dominatrix, read an article by my good friend Adwait Patil here

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March 11, 2015 at 1:22 am