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False Flag

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False Flag are crust/hardcore band from Pune, India. The band are one of the the few current independent metal/punk bands releasing politically inspired music in India.The others being Heathen Beast and Chaos.

Find out more about origins of the band, theirs soon to be released EP and the unique cover art in my interview with guitarists Rohit Chaoji and Shaunak Phadnis below.

For those who are not familiar with the band, could you briefly tell us about your origins?

False Flag (Rohit): Few years ago, Shaunak,Prathamesh and I started jamming randomly to on-the-spot improvised grindcore. We abandoned the idea for the band mid-way, partly because we shifted our focus to a death metal project that never materialized and also because it was uninspired. However the inspiration came during Bangalore Open Air 2015,when a part of the would-be band witnessed Napalm Death live. Thus, False Flag was formed with Pushkar, Prathamesh, Shaunak and I as the first lineup.

Why did you decide to start a crust/hardcore band? What about the sub genre appeals to you?

False Flag (Shaunak/Rohit): To be honest, hardcore/crust is very stripped-down, no bullshit, honest music to me. We appreciate things that don’t have a pretense. I remember thinking around that time why there aren’t ANY crust punk bands around when the climate was ideal for it. I still don’t understand why but i guess subconsciously that led (at least me) to this.but also we were listening to a lot of Negative approach, anti-cimex, skitsystem & rakkaus at that time and ended up wanting to make songs like those bands. the songs fell in place quite fast and easily haha. The napalm death gig was a MAJOR catalyst as well. Sonically, this sound can be blended with almost every form extreme music. its fascinating. there is A LOT of scope to experiment i think since a very bare-bones stripped down crust punk song is very simple in structure etc.

Your Self titled EP is quite political especially the track Spectrum Disorder. What is the inspiration behind it?

False Flag (Shaunak): Yes, This song was a response in the aftermath of the JNU incident so its more anti-right i guess. FTII,JNU,HCU,JU,Ramjas. it just seems like one or the other kind of smear campaign from either end. also,repeatedly calling a certain something fascist does not gain you any traction at all. that much should be obvious. It seems as if the function of an ideology is to choose which “facts” should matter & justifying oppression of certain values/speech,violence of certain kind. especially the latter part does not help establishing any communication or successful dialogue at all. you can’t talk censorship and close down screenings of films in theatres or college campuses. You can’t claim to be tolerant and shut down someone because they criticized you. Also,its just fucking frustrating when we are too caught up in calling out people as bhakt/libtard/presstitute/anti-national/sanghi/fascist. like, to what end are we doing the things that we are doing? I don’t care if you are right or left, or what the state is; a strong and vehement critique of the state should always be established.


The cover artwork by jonty paul is quite unique. Tell us a bit more about it.

False Flag (Shaunak): haha yes. so, jonty likes to design hypothetical album covers. I have no idea how he comes up those things but i have seen him do it. He sent this image to me one day randomly(he hadn’t even heard the songs or any demos) and it just made complete sense. We did not want to go for usual high contrast black & white aesthetic in the first place. This gritty/dark style

just fell in place with the overall mood of the songs. it resonates quite well with it. In my imagination, The Album art reflects with the second song on the EP “sisyphus’ lament”. In some sense the image is the depiction of the words of the song.

Do you have any shows planned in the coming year?

False Flag (Shaunak/Rohit): We don’t have any shows planned as such yet. but we would LOVE to play as many shows as we can. actually, It would be GREAT to play a gig in bengaluru(*hint hint b’lore friends haha*)

Thanks for answering all the questions. Do you have any final words?

False Flag (Shaunak/Rohit): Thank you for doing this interview with us! to everyone reading this i am sure you’ll enjoy this small piece of emotive hardcore/crust music we put out! Please listen to it and read the words. We would love to hear your thoughts/ideas/stories and be inspired from them! Cheers!


This interview originally was posted on Transcending Obscurity


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Neck Deep in Filth

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I spoke to Vishal Rai about the origins of the band, their self titled EP and also the metal scene in Nepal.

You recently released your self-titled EP at a show called The Pit. How did it go?

It went great. The Pit was put on by our old friends in Ugra Karma at the best venue in town, so it was excellent. They have air conditioning! Sold more merch and CDs than we thought we would too haha

You have all been in bands previously like Inside 2 Stoopid Triangles, Jugaa, Squirtguns and Asphyxiate. How did you decide to form a band together?

Well, we all shared a practice space that our bassist ran at one time, and with the underground being so small, we’ve known each other for awhile.

I’ve played guitar in all of my bands so this time I wanted to try my hand at vocals. All I wanted was to start a fast, raging hardcore band. Sushil, our bassist, was down. He and I have been playing in bands together since 2002. As for guitars, I knew “Straight Edge” Sandesh would deliver what we wanted. He also plays in Squirt Guns, which is probably my favorite Nepali punk band. Sandesh delivered a bit more than what I was looking for though thanks to his crust influences haha He brought in a melodic aspect to our music too, which I’m totally fine with now. We later got Sanjay a.k.a. Jeson to join. He comes from a death metal background but he fit in perfectly.

How did you get into this style of music?

I got into metal in the early/mid 90s, the regular Metallica/Slayer stuff. The Indian magazine Rock Street Journal had a huge part in shaping my early musical tastes. RSJ was the only music mag worth reading in the pre-Internet era in this region. Then, in 1996/97, I heard Rancid’s “…And Out Come The Wolves” and dove headfirst into punk. Formed my first punk band in 2001, started getting into heavier hardcore around that time, played in a few more bands, and here I am today, 35 and more into this music than ever.

Reading through your lyrics sheet, it is clear that the EP is inspired by the current political situation in Nepal. Tell us a bit more about it.

Where do I even start? Over the years, hateful, jingoistic ultranationalism has become more and more common. Then there are the privileged who are committed to maintaining the status quo, people who keep downplaying the legitimate demands of minorities. There’s the bigotry that’s on constant display. There’s the sexism and the complete lack of equal rights. And, of course, there’s the corruption.

If nothing else, it’s cathartic just screaming about the issues that piss me off.

What was the recording process for the EP? Where was it recorded?

All of it was done at our main practice space at Mr Music and another rehearsal room called Advent. We didn’t have the need to enter a proper studio. Our bassist Sushil has gotten pretty good at recording bands. He recorded my old band Childwife’s EP as well as Squirt Guns’ full length, and his work on both was great. I realized I had underestimated him all these years haha turns out 25 years of constant weed smoking hadn’t messed him up that bad yet. So yes, it was natural and, more importantly, cheap just letting him record us.

What have you been listening to lately (metal and non-metal)? Are there any acts that have inspired you of late?

I wouldn’t say I’ve been inspired by anyone, but lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Kesha, Lana Del Rey, Nicole Dollanganger, the new Incendiary, Power Trip, All Out War, Propagandhi, and Integrity albums, along with Beast Jesus, Veils, and Barred from the Philippines, as well as this great Indonesian band called Children Of Terror.

Nepal has quite a few upcoming bands. What are the bands that readers should check out?

Nepal has a bunch of great bands these days. However, I’ll limit my recommendations to those that have at least an EP out.

Strangle – Straightforward hardcore with crossover influences. Great band!

Nude Terror – Possibly the best grindcore band in the subcontinent. Amazing live.

Disorder – Old school thrashers will love them

Rog – Intense powerviolence from Pokhara

What are your plans for this year? Do you have any more shows or a tour planned?

Yep, we’ll definitely play more shows this year. Then, in early 2018, we’re dropping a split with a friend’s band.

Thanks for answering all our questions. Do you have any final words?

Thank you for the questions. Visit and buy our EP.


This interview originally was posted on Transcending Obscurity

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Fredag Den 13:e Interview

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Fredag Den 13:e is a crust punk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have been around for nearly a decade now however I heard about them through my friend Andy (Everydayhate) who released their latest album ‘Domedagar‘. The album sounds awesome and reminded me a bit of Kvelertak.

I spoke to the band about ‘Domedagar’ and their plans for the rest of the year.

Fredag den 13e

Jacob (Guitars & Vocals), Peter (Bass & Vocals), Anders (Vocals), Stoffe (Guitars) and Niclas (Drums) (From Left to Right)

Could you please introduce the band briefly for those who have not heard of you before.

We started Fredag den 13:e back in 2006, so we are celebrating ten years as a band next spring. During this period we have released 3 seven inches and 3 albums, with “Domedagar” being the most recent. This album is also the first one with our new bass player Peppe. The album has this far received very good reviews and we are very happy with all the kind words from all around the world.

Tell us a bit about your latest album “Domedagar”, what is it about?

This album is written during a time of chaos. We witness how fascist parties throughout Europe are growing in size, we destroy the world around us and we fuck shit up in a way that can’t be stopped. “Domedagar” means “Judgement Days” and is a paraphrase to these facts.

What was the songwriting process for the album? How long did it take?

This album is the first one with our new bass player Peppe, and his involvement in the creative process has been a big change for us. I have played together with Peppe in other constellations for more than half my life and we work very well together. He is a multi-instrumentalist and used to play drums and guitar in the other bands we’ve had. Check out our hardcore band The Process if you want to hear some of that.

How does “Domedagar” compare to your previous album “Tjugohundratretton”?

It’s a faster and darker album, compared to our previous albums. I’d say that it our most divided album this far as well. We try to combine all the music that we like, from black metal to rock n roll, and I think you can hear this on our latest album.

“Domedagar” was recorded in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan by Fred (Gust, Anchor) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Studios. How was the recording process? How long did it take?

We recorded the music for this album during two weekends in Trollhättan with Fred. He’s a great guy with superb ears, so the music sounded really good right away. We started with Niclas laying the drums the first weekend. Then we followed with guitars and bass the second. The vocals was put down on tape at the end. When we were happy with the mix, we sent it all to Brad in the US and got it mastered. We are so happy with the result and Tobias from Grieved did a great job with the artwork as well.

The album was released on cd by Everyday Hate Records. How did you get signed to the label?

We started working with EDH on our album “Tjugohundratretton” and they have released the “Domedagar” CD as well. They are great at what they do and we have got in contact with numerous of cool people through EDH.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any gigs/tours coming up?

We are heading out in Sweden this autumn, visiting Stockholm and Västerås with our friends in From Soil. And in late November we will support Totalt Jävla Mörker when the visit Gothenburg. That is gonna be a blast! We are heading out in Europe again later in the spring, when the weather is better again.

Any final words?

Keep on rocking in a free world!

Listen to ‘Domedagar‘ below and buy the Cd here

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