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Bandcamp Recommendations – 5th November 2021 #BandcampFriday

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It’s #BandcampFriday again! Here are my picks for this month. All Indian musicians this time around.

Avant-garde act reissued their debut album with new vocalist and bonus track. Also a haunting new single.

Debut album from the Indian death metal act is out in a couple weeks. I got an advance copy and it rips!

India metal veteran is back with another EP. This time powered by international guest musicians.

Prog meets punk. Confused? Hit play and check out these 7 tacks of organized chaos.

A non metal compilation featuring Indian producers picked by residents of The funds raised will help keep the station operational.

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November 5, 2021 at 10:00 pm

Bandcamp Recommendations – 5th February 2021 #BandcampFriday

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New month and it’s a another #BandcampFriday. Here are some of my recommendations.

Debut release from the Pune death metal act tells the story of a psycopath warden who runs a prison holding innocent people picked up from the streets. BRUTAL stuff!

Another debut album, this time from Finland. No bullshit death metal courtesy the ever reliable Transcending Obscurity.

Potent mix of death and post metal from this American act engulfs the lister with each riff that can leave one claustrophobic.

New death metal act featuring members of Chaos Inception and Malignancy. Sci-fi themed EP Lair Of Xenolich is a short listen and does not disappoint.

New single from the Indian veteran featuring the killer rhythm section of Mohini Dey & Gino Banks

Raw live recording of the seminal grindcore act from 2004. Must have for all Nasum fans.

This is slowly becoming one of my favourite labels. Most of their releases are PWYW today. Not sure what to buy? Check out this sampler they just released today.

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February 5, 2021 at 10:27 pm

Fistful of Metal 23

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Year ender episode of Fistful of Metal. Lots of new music.

First aired on on 17th December 2020

Track list

Demonstealer – This Crumbling earth

Fuming Mouth – Master of Extremity

Found Hanging – Obliterated Intestinal Pulp

Evisorax – Ascension Catalyst

Evisorax – Harsh Reality

Deeds of Flesh –  Ethereal Ancestors

Engulfed – Summoning The Black Death

Respire – Tempest

Killer be Killed – Deconstructing Self-Destruction

Palm Reader – Hold/Release

Aviations – Nineties Nine Ties

Soilwork – Death Diviner

Bandcamp Recommendations – 4th December 2020 #BandcampFriday

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The last #BandcampFriday of the year is here! Check the previous posts I did here

New music from the solo black metal act in a couple years. From the single released so far, sounds a bit darker.

2020 has been a great year for Death metal and this album is a great addition to the list. Just over 49 minutes of prime death metal. No filler at all. AOTY material!

Comeback release from the now Mumbai based act showcases a heavier progressive sound.

The new release from genre shifting Aussie act has them take a psychedelia route. Trippy stuff!

2nd release this year from as Jesu. On Terminus, he goes back to the shoegaze sound of his earlier material.

500th release from the grindcore label is a 3 way split between the best current acts in the genre.

3rd solo release from Indian veteran metal musician. He plays all instruments on this one. Out next week.

Compilation featuring the bands that are part of Global Grindcore Alliance Festival Vol 1.0. Quite a few exclusive tracks.

Ripple Music and Vegas Rock Revolution put together this compilation. John Gist (VRR) has hand picked the bands part of this.

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 18

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What makes a band metal?

On this episode, we try to answer the eternal question objectively (well, somewhat) with the help of perhaps, India’s biggest metalhead, musician Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija (Demonic Resurrection).

So, are Alice In Chains, Ghost or Babymetal, Metal OR Not?

Tune in to find out.

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June 19, 2019 at 3:00 pm


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Sahil Makhija aka Demonstealer is a well known figure in Indian metal circles as the frontman for one of India’s oldest metal bands Demonic Resurrection. A couple years ago, he released a solo album under the moniker DemonstealerThis Burden Is Mine featuring George Kollias (Nile) on drums. This month, will see the release of a new album under the moniker, Last Reptilian Warrior. The album features guest appearances by some of the world’s best metal musicians.

I also spoke to Sahil about Last Reptilian Warrior, the stellar line up of guest musicians on the album and also the future plans of Demonic Resurrection. Check out the video premiere at the bottom of this interview.

Read my interview with Sahil on Unite Asia


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May 5, 2018 at 1:05 pm

Demonic Resurrection

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Demonic Resurrection is one of India’s oldest metal bands. Frontman Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija has kept the band going with his dogged determination despite multiple lineup changes over the years. The band have performed at festivals and even toured the UK. On their fifth full length album Dashavatar, the band have expanded their already full sound with the introduction of Indian instruments and further experimentation in melodic death metal mixed with black metal and even strains of epic power. I spoke to Sahil about Dashavatar, their new sound and their plans for this year.


Read my interview with Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija on Nine Circles

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Ten Years Later:A Darkness Descends

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Last month at the Metal edition of Control Alt Delete, the guys behind Bhenchod Madarchod zine decided to release a special zine. I contributed an article to the zine. Read the entire article below.

The number of releases by Indian metal bands has increased rapidly since the year 2000, and that can be easily attributed to both the home recording tech revolution and the rising popularity of the genre. One of the first such albums that I recall buying was 2005’s A Darkness Descends by Mumbai based death/black metal band Demonic Resurrection.

A Darkness Descends

If you’re a scenester from back in the day and own the album, I’m sure you’re reading this and wondering “Huh, it’s almost 10 years since it released?”

The album was a landmark release for its time when it came to the production, artwork, marketing and promotion. In fact, the promotional aspect came to be synonymous with Demonic Resurrection front man Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija. I caught up with him recently to find out more about the album, its recording process and a lot more.

“We started writing material after the new line up of the band (Mephisto and JP) came together in 2003,” says Sahil reflecting on the early days. “We started jamming on new material as they said they did not want to play any of the old songs.” ‘A Darkness Descends’, ‘A Frozen Portrait’ and ‘Spirits of a Mystic Mountain’ were the first few songs recorded. The first 2 tracks also featured on the Resurrection compilation that was released by Demonstealer Records.

The line-up for the album was Demonstealer on Vocals/Guitars, Mephisto (Keyboards), Husain (Bass) and JP (Drums). “We used to jam every weekend back then and spent the rest of the year writing the rest of the songs except ‘Where Shadows Lie’ and the ‘The Summoning’ which were completed in the studio.” says Sahil, describing the writing process for the album. The album was funded by prize money from college festivals such as RAIT, Mumbai and NSIT, Delhi.


Makhija, an upcoming music producer then was working at Farhad Wadia’s Power Studios at the time. Having recorded demos for nu metal band Pin Drop Violence, 90’s alt punk act Kinky Ski Munky amongst other bands, it was a no brainer for him to produce the album himself. It was the first time for most of the band members at a professional recording studio.

“The idea was not to hold back on the production. It was not about can we do this live or not, we wanted the album to be the best that it could be,” reveals Sahil. “Working at Wadia’s studio gave me a chance to collaborate with a lot of people.”

Some of the collaborators were: Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues/Zero), Pozy Dhar, Prashant Shah (Scribe, Exhumation) who played guitar solos and Taufiq Qureshi and Nimit did guest vocals.

Complementing the production of the album was the exceptional artwork that was designed by Prashant Shah. Each of the 16 pages of the album inlay had a different design, a first for an Indian metal band. “We wanted to create a product that was of international quality,” says Mephisto. “The initial idea for the cover art was a concept that Sahil had in mind, however Prashant’s idea of a Dark Lord overlooking an army and its rendition is something that blew us all away.”

The album was released on 29th October 2005 at the 4th edition of the Resurrection festival at Vashi Marine Centre. The festival was organized by Barcode Entertainment [a venture between Sahil and Husain] and had an impressive line-up featuring acts Exhumation, Kryptos and Myndsnare (both from Bangalore). The show saw a good turnout and everything went off quite smoothly, by Indian metalhead standards. Sahil reminisces of the camaraderie he shares with the Bangalore metal bands. “It was so much easier back then; all we had to do was book their train tickets”.

I-Rock Flyer - Merged JPG

Prior to the album release the band had a pre order sale at a special price of Rs. 120 (Rs. 150 for those who lived outside Mumbai), something that was done for the first time by an Indian band. The album went on to sell out their initial print of 1000 copies within the first year, an impressive feat for a metal album that was self-released, and one that most bands can only dream of in today’s ‘industrialised’ scene. In the days before blogs, NH7 (the website or the festival), Rolling Stone, Pepsi MTV Indies or any of the music-related media and infrastructure we take for granted these days, it was Sahil’s incredible drive to succeed and his unabashed commitment to promoting his band and his music that led to such numbers

“I sat at home every weekend writing to labels across the world and do trade with them. A lot of CDs went out there. I think we sold around 500 CDs in India,” says Sahil about his distribution strategy for the album. ‘’Ï made sure all the Futardo’s had the album, also another other music stores. There was even, if anyone remembers that website”.

Sahil also deployed Facebook, e-mail campaigns and even a short-lived forums in his efforts to get his music out to as wide an audience as possible. At a time when few bands were interested in putting in time and effort towards self-promotion, Sahil not only made it an important part of his regular routine, he also experimented with a lot of the ideas that are now de rigeur for artists trying to get noticed. Of course, at the time he faced a lot of flak from scenesters annoyed at his ‘spamming’, and not all of those experiments worked out well, but the album did go on to sell another 1000 copies in the next 3 years.

Since the release of this album Demonic Resurrection went on to release an EP “Beyond the Darkness” (2007) and a album “Return to Darkness” (2010) to complete the “Darkness” trilogy. The band also played at some of the biggest metal festivals in the world like Inferno (Norway), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic) and Bloodstock (UK). Next month, the band will be releasing their most ambitious album yet, “The Demon King” which is being distributed in India by Universal Music and in Europe by Candlelight Records. The band will be also be playing a 6 day tour of UK and will also be performing at the Mecca for metalheads, Wacken Open Air. All of which would not have been possible without the success of this album, and the promotional strategies he came up with in trying to sell the record.

In conclusion, when asked if there anything he would like to change about the album, Sahil remarks “As a musician and producer, I wish I could re-record everything to match a different production, not necessarily a modern one. Maybe one day down the line, I will do a classic re-recording of the album.”

Cheers and stay demonic.

(Thanks to Bhanuj Kappal for his inputs and also editing the article)

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Interview with Workshop

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Workshop are a humor metal band from Mumbai. In 2009, they released their debut album ‘Khooni Murga’. After a short break and line-up changes, they are back with their second album ‘Made love to the Dragon‘. Find out more about the album, their new line-up and their plans for this year in my interview with Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija and Hamza ‘The Hamzoid’ Kazi below.


Hi guys, how do you feel now that your latest album ‘Made love to the Dragon’ will be released soon?

DS (Demonstealer): I am unbelievably relieved and thankful that the album is finally out. It feels like a great weight has been lifted off my chest. I’ve been stuck in a space time continuum of albums as since 2008 I was writing the new Reptilian Death album, since 2010 the new DR album and since 2009 the new Workshop album and all three have just seemed to have been in limbo. It’s kind of like copying files on the PC when you copy them one at a time it seems to go faster but when you copy 3-4 folders together it seems to take forever. So I was stuck in something like that and finally the first album to be completed and released is the new Workshop.

HK (Hamza Kazi): We actually consider it to be quite an achievement since it’s the first DSR release featuring live drums. We’ve gone through the 7 layers of hell to get this one out. Wait does hell have 7 layers or was that the human skin? Anyway, you get the point.

The album has been 3 years in the making, when did you start working on the songs for the album?

DS: To our own knowledge we wrote 1/3 of this album while recording the last album actually. If you go back to the Workshop blogs from the first album you will be able to retrace the origins of Gajanand Dhige, Made Love To The Dragon and Bunty Aur Malika Arabic version. So it’s been in the works since that time but officially in 2009 we started writing the album and it took us about a year to write after that.

HK: There are rumours of there being a few Govinda and Mithun movies which have been 13.5 and 16 years in the making. We’re definitely better off in that aspect for sure.

How long did the recording for the album take?

DS: Way too long! If you follow up our blogs we started in March 2011 and completed in December 2012. That is how long it took us. I’m so glad I own my own studio because can you imagine if I had to hire a studio for almost 2 years!! I’d be bankrupt!

“Blues Motion” features solos by Mattias AI Eklund and Christophe Godin. How did you get them to contribute to the album?

DS: Furtados Music got both of them to India for a Laney Clinic Tour and I was the tour manager so I spent a lot of time with both of them and we’re good friends now. I just wrote to both of them and said hey I’ve got this really cool song and I’d like you both to play a solo each and they said sure and sent me their solos and it just blew my mind!! It’s like totally amazing! They’ve both played such awesome solos.

HK: The real story goes something like this. They came to India. Sahil invited them on his Headbanger’s Kitchen show. Put some ‘Can’t refuse to play a guitar solo’ powder in the food and voila!

In June 2011, Workshop called it quits. What was the motivation behind starting the band again?

DS: Well we had an album half done, we were going to complete recording it anyway so it just made sense to get new blood into the band and move on because the album deserved it. It would have been a shame to have a great album and no band to play and promote it. So we discarded all Riju’s bass parts when Aditya Kadam joined us. He played on the album and became part of the band. 2011 was a very tough year for us and Workshop was one of those bands where the members were very important and we went through so much shit but now we’re back on our feet and ready to kick some ass.

HK: You know a band like Workshop makes a lot of money. We make 4 times the amount we get from our day jobs. Disbanding would mean reducing our income to 1/5th and who would want that? So it was more of a financial decision than anything else. Musicians will be able to wreak in the sarcasm here.

How did Devesh Dayal and Aditya Kadam become part of the band?

DS: We auditioned both of them. I actually don’t remember how it all happened but I am really glad they are part of Workshop as they both are top notch musicians and bought a whole new level of musicianship to the band both live and in the studio.

HK: Fevicol and an instruction manual.

Made Love To A Dragon

“Made love to the Dragon” will be distributed by EMI India across the country. How did the deal come about?

DS: For 7 years I’ve run Demonstealer Records and honestly it is not possible for me to run a label, play in 5 bands, have a day job and run a studio. So I approached EMI music to take up distribution of all my upcoming releases via DSR which is how the deal came about so while I can handle the PR etc the main time consuming and financial part of producing and distributing the album to stores will now be handled by them which takes a huge work load off me and allows me to focus more on the music.

What are your plans for 2013?

DS: Gig our asses off. We’ll play anything and anywhere so if anyone out there reading wants us for gig contact us and we’ll make it happen.

HK: Actually apart from Devesh, all the members are fat. If we gig our asses off, that’ll reduce our body weight by atleast 20%. That’s the actual plan. Weight loss for the win !

Any final words?

DS: Cheers & Stay Demonic! Mainly because Workshop has no cool catch phrase.

HK: That’s one small tit for man, one giant boob for mankind. There, now we’ve got a cool catchphrase.

Order ‘Made love to the Dragonhere

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Demonic Resurrection + The Supersonics

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Last week I did a couple of interviews for Indianrockmp3 with Demonic Resurrection and The Supersonics.

Mumbai metal band Demonic Resurrection are performing for the first time in UK at the Bloodstock Festival. I spoke to Sahil “Demonstealer” Makhija about their plans for the Bloodstock festival, their live DVD and also their 4th album.

Demonic Resurrection 2012

Hey Sahil, next week you will be performing at the Bloodstock festival in the UK. What are your thoughts about it? Excited? Nervous?

Sahil: We’re definitely excited about this gig, the UK is a place we’ve been wanting to play for a long time and last year we were gutted when our visa’s didn’t get approved and we had to cancel our appearance at Sonisphere and also our subsequent UK tour. We’ve been wanting to play Bloodstock for a while and since Sonisphere got canceled this year we’re very fortunate that we were able to get booked for Bloodstock and so stoked to be making our UK debut at the festival. The bill this year is amazing with big names like Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Testament, Machine Head etc it’s going to be EPIC! We’re really looking forward to kicking some ass and giving the UK metal heads a taste of Indian metal.

Do you have anything special planned for your set at Bloodstock?

Sahil: Not really, we’re just going to get out and and play our best gig. We’ve put together a setlist that we think best represents Demonic Resurrection and we’ll let the UK metal heads see and hear what DR is all about.

Which artists are you looking forward to see perform and meet at Bloodstock?

Sahil: The entire festival lineup is really awesome and I think we want to catch as many bands as possible including many artists we’ve not heard off, but definitely I’m personally looking forward to meeting George Kollias again and I want to definitely catch Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Nile, Testament and Iced Earth among the list and probably even catch some local UK talent like Flayed Disciple, Ancient Ascendant, Aanal Nathrakh etc.

You plan on releasing a Live DVD with video footage from Bloodstock along with footage from you gig at Blue Frog on 22nd July. What else can we expect on the DVD ?

Sahil: When we say DVD we’re at this point only referring to the content because our fan funded music video got a little side tracked due to logistical issues and some financial issues as well but we collected a large part of the funds despite hiccups and we asked the fans if instead of a music video they’d like to get a copy of our performance at Bloodstock UK and they were all excited about it since it costs quite a lot for us to get the footage but it’s going to be 6 camera shot with multi-track audio so we’ll have a nice little package for the fans. We also shot the Blue Frog gig which we’re giving as a nice little add on so fans will get these concerts if they’ve contributed. When and how we release the footage later on a DVD is yet to be planned out but if it’s happening it will be along with our new album, probably in the form of bonus material. We’ll probably have a UK video blog series like we did for our Norway trip but that again will be online most likely.

How are things shaping up for the 4th album ? When can we expect it to be released ?

Sahil: Things are going well we’re more or less done writing the music for the album and we’re going to start the recording process once we return from the UK. We’re doing a much more elaborate production this time in terms of moving out of the more conventional way in which we record. I can only say that fans can expect the album early next year most likely.

Any Final words ?

Sahil: Cheers & Stay Demonic!

Kolkata post-punk quartet The Supersonics toured 4 cities around the country in the first NH7 Roadkill Tour this past week. I spoke to the band about the tour, their set list and also the new album they are currently working on.

Hey guys, what are your thoughts as you start a 4 city tour as part of the “Nh7 Road kill”?

Well we’re pretty excited. It’s the first tour since we got the band together again so everyone is charged up and looking forward to it. Also there have been a lot of guys who have wanted to see us around the country, and with this tour at least well get to hit most of the big cities so a lot of these people will get a chance to catch a gig.

Do you have a special set for the tour?

Well we’re going to use this tour to bring out some of the newer stuff so they get some stage time. Also we’ve reworked some of the older songs and opened them up a bit so there’s more room for us to play in. So you can expect a bit more jam oriented stuff. We’ll also be playing some stuff from Maby Baking so on the whole you can expect some old, new and some unexpected stuff

‘The Evil Fly” is a new song you recorded for the vinyl only compilation to be released by Puma. What is the song about?

Well it’s a commentary on how theres a lot of people who go through their entire life without a basic belief and value system, starting from your crooked businessman to your dirty politician. It’s a pity to see its these people who run our country and are systematically destroying it.

You are currently working on a new album. Tell us a bit about it.

Yeah we’ve been working on it. Like I said earlier, we’re going to be playing a few of these on the tour so they get some stage time. It’s important for us to play the songs out a bit on stage before we record them so that we understand every nuance of the song. Also it’s the only time you can really gauge the dynamics that exist in the song as the audience adds an energy that can really propel the song to the next level.

How does it compare sound wise to Maby Baking?

Well we haven’t started recording anything yet so it’s too early to compare and like I said earlier, we need to play these songs on stage a bit before I can define their sound as such. However, from a songwriting perspective I can say these songs are more straight ahead rock n roll tracks and as a band we’ve tried to treat them in that fashion.

Do you have any tentative release date for the album?

We’re hoping to get everything done by March next year.

Any final words?

Yeah we’ve released an ep in support of the tour. “We Are, We are” from Maby Baking has been totally remixed by our producer Miti Adhikari and all I can say is that a lot of people will be totally shocked when they hear what he’s done with it. It’s pretty amazing, even I was shocked haha. We have also released the second song that we worked out as a band, and even though it’s just a demo and we stopped playing that song six years back, it’s something for people to have till the second album comes out. There is also a song called Mundane Sunday which were putting on the same ep as well as a hidden track of sorts. You can find the ep on NH7.

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