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Horns Up Podcast: Episode 27

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Grey Britain the second album by English hardcore punk band Gallows is not an album I was familiar with earlier. For a new edition of the All A’s album on the Horn Up Podcast we decided to discuss it with music journalist and friend Anurag Tagat .

How relevant is the Grey Britain ten years later, and does it still hold the listener? Is it an All A’s Album? Hit Play below to find out the answers to it and more.

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August 27, 2019 at 11:29 am

Steve Dickson (Mammothfest)

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A first on the blog, an interview with a festival organizer. Mammothfest is an annual metal festival in Brighton, UK. The 6th edition is less than a month away and features a few big acts. I spoke to the man behind Mammothfest, Steve Dickson about the origins of the festival, memorable moments and what attendees this year can expect.

Hi Steve, how are preparations going for the 6th edition of the Mammothfest?

Overall very well thank you. This year we decided to reign things in a little as 2017 was arguably the biggest extreme metal event Brighton has or will ever see and it took its toll both financially and emotionally on us all; so we wanted to scale back a touch to make things more manageable. This we have achieved so its been far easier to put together.

How and when did you decide to start Mammothfest?

Mammothfest came about as a result of my promoting metal events in Brighton under the name “tactical whore” promotions over 10 years ago. Having a considerable taste for promoting metal events, doing well at it and wanting to upscale I decided to create a Brighton metal festival. This was created with my business partner Rik Mosquera who very sadly passed away of a brain tumour a few years ago. He and I wanted to do our bit for metal locally and I have simply carried the flame forward partly in his honour.

The festival features heavyweights like Decapitated and more. How do you select the bands that will perform at the festival?

Decapitated are one of the bands I have been into since they started so to book them is quite frankly a true honour and dream come true. Their music continues to inspire millions around the world and with such a strong back catalogue it was only a matter of time before they were to headline our festival. It is our aim to bring all the biggest bands in the world to Brighton one day so as we grow as a brand and financially we look to step things up a notch and after their awful USA experience it felt right to reach out and be the first metal festival in the world to book them (as we were) and show our love and support for them, and here they are!

What has been the most memorable show you have organized so far?

Tough one as there have been so many incredible moments so rather than pin it on one I would like to mention a few.

When we interviewed Venom Inc back stage at Concorde 2 and the legend that is Abaddon sat on my leg for the whole interview and almost gave me “abaddonitis” nearly breaking my leg sitting on my leg for 20 minutes throughout the interview as you can see here 

but of course most importantly the fact we have Venom perform at Mammothfest, this was one of the biggest moments of my career!
Welcoming to the stage Fleshgod apocalypse who to me are one of the best and pioneering bands in the world
Amenra were simply stunning live last year too
Onslaught were an honour to work with, in 2015 as the first large band we booked after our return
Rotting Christ were an honour to welcome to our stage also last year
But also its not just about the big bands, it’s about giving the emerging bands the opportunity to support these inspirational legends and create magic memories and moments that none of us will ever forget. This to me is where it is at because we can’t take money with us but we can sit back and smile at all these moments and be the wealthiest people in the world.

Do recommend 5 bands that the readers should check out.

Asides from the headliners of course…
1 Ascaris – 3 piece extreme metal band that are so intense you forget to breath. They have a new album coming out soon THE RAISED HAND which is utterly brutal and beautiful
2 Kill all the gentlemen have an incredible melodic death metal edge with a new album THE LOSS AND THE RAPTURE which is simply stunning
3) Rectal smegma are an absolute must… I wont even say why, just be there…Sat 6th.
4) King leviathan will perform for the last time ever in Brighton as headliners on Sun 7th Oct and this will be quite simply a very moving end to their career….
5) i’m going to be selfish and suggest people come and see my band MAGNA CARTA on the main stage Friday 5th… electro metal, slightly different, think prodigy but metal and you are there…

What should people expect at this year’s edition of Mammothfest?

More of the same in many respects, why change something that isn’t broken? Heavy metal all weekend with a diverse range of bands from emerging artists that are incredible live to some of the heaviest world renowned bands like INGESTED and more and most of the weekend it’s at the ARCH venue actually on Brighton beach. Metal on the beach… yes!

Do you have any more shows planned for this year?

Actually yes, we are proud to be working with Rob Holiday, The Prodigy / Marilyn Manson guitarist’s band SULPHER for a show at the HAUNT on Fri 21st Sept 2018 with my band MAGNA CARTA as main support. We are doing less shows but the ones we do come with a real spirit so we of course invite everyone to be there for that as it’s going to be a really special event.

Thanks for answering all my questions. Do you have anything else to add?

By the time of everyone reading this we will have sold out of weekend tickets but day tickets are still available for the Friday and Saturday so come down and support the bands, they are the ones keeping music alive and we merely offer a platform for them to continue their incredible work, after all imagine a world without music? … Fuck that
Thank you for your interest in Mammothfest, see you there we hope!

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September 14, 2018 at 2:29 pm


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NWOBHM band Mythra have been cited by Lars Ulrich of Metallica as one of his his early musical influences. The band reunited last year after 30 years and released a compilation album Warriors of Time: The Anthology via Skol Records. Mythra are now signed to High Roller Records and are heading to the studio to record a new album album titled Still Burning.


I spoke to the band about their The Death and Destiny’LP, their deal with High Roller Records and also what to expect from their upcoming album.

Read my interview with Mythra on Transcending Obscurity 

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October 5, 2016 at 12:47 am

Napalm Death

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Napalm Death are one of my favourite bands. Seeing them live at Brutal Assault 2012 in Jaromer, Czech Republic was one of the highlights of the festival for me. Last week they released another excellent album, “Utalitarian” and I had the chance to interview Shane Embury.

Napalm Death

You’ve just released your 14th album “Utilitarian”; did you think when you started out 30 years ago that you would release 14 albums?

Shane: No We didnt expect to get to this point really,it’s weird when you look back over the years as they have gone by really quick but it’s very cool to be here at this point as collectively we have more idea’s than ever which is good for the future.

What was the song writing process for the album like? Have you tried anything new on it?

Shane:Mmmm I dont know we pretty much aproacched this album in a simmilar way to the last record as me and mitch write music seperatley from each other and jam with danny at different times then once we have a collection of strong idea’s we come together to present them to Barney.I think we are very confident in each other and we know we will deliver whats required for a well rounded album

Utilitarianism is an ethical theory holding that the proper course of action is the one that maximizes the overall “happiness”. Do you think it’s a solution to the problems we face around the world today?

Shane: It would be a start I think but theres more complexity involved i think

You have started “Occupy Napalm” on your facebook page, can you tell us a bit about it.

Shane: The Utilitarian artwork coincidentally had a lot in common with the occupy wall st. etc movement. A few people picked up on this, and being that we are a band with a message that encourages equality, free speeech and that sometimes non violent actions speak louder than words. There is a message in our lyrics and idealogy that has a lot in common with the views shared of thoses currently or not currently occupying any targeted areas. What it will take to keep the movement running is for the governments to continue to operate as they are, and people will continue to show their loyalty to the concept, (weather permitting) until the point where change is achieved. Look at all those countries that have overthrown their governments in the last 5 years, and continue to force change, for better or worse, but still it’s an achievement, wether they will eventualy benefit from their successes is yet to be seen.

You are pioneers of the Grindcore genre, how did it all come about?

Shane: Thats a long story,it came from hardcore punk and metal molding together with people whow had a taste in playing as fast as they could

What album would you recommend to someone who has never heard your music before?

Shane: The new one

The band has been together despite many line-up changes, what’s the secret ?

Shane: We stuck in there and dealt with each others ego’s and believed in what we did and generally have been thru a lot of stuff together andwe are friends at the end of the day still.

Do you have any advice for bands that are just starting out?

Shane: Try to do your own thing and dont let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong and keep your feet on the ground

What are your plans for 2012? Are you touring any new countries this year?

Shane:lots of shows i just dont have the schedule

Any Final words

Shane:Thanks for the support

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March 7, 2012 at 1:19 am