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Tides from Nebula Interview

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In 2009; I lived in Wroclaw, Poland. During the first month living there, I attended a music festival called Asymmetry. Some of the bands playing on that day were This Will Destroy You, Minsk, Blindead and also a new Polish band called Tides from Nebula. The band won a competition to play the gig and put on an impressive set. I really enjoyed their set and bought a copy of their album “Aura” which released a couple months earlier. The next year, 2010 I watched them live at the Knock Out Festival in Krakow. Since moving back to India, I have kept up with Tides from Nebula through their Facebook page and noticed that they have been touring a lot across Europe. Earlier this month, they announced a tour of India. I spoke to their guitarist Maciej Karbowski about the tour, their latest release “Live sessions” and more.

by Irn Bru

Band Photo by Irn Bru


“Feels awesome man! We never toured Asia before, it feels so unrealistic.” said an excited Maciej about their tour put together by promoter Karan Mehta (Outrage Festival).“I am waiting for the moment of leaving the plane, probably then I’m gonna realize that it’s really happening.”

“Everyone of us been looking for other guys who would be keen to play more atmospheric rock music, more space and ambience in it.” said Maciej about how the band started. “We asked some friends for help and in January 2008 we formed Tides From Nebula. Of course we had some bands before, years of experience, without it we would still suck probably.” The other members in the band are Adam Waleszyński (guitar), Przemek Węgłowski (bass) and Tomasz Stołowski (drums).

Poland is a country known for its death metal and black metal bands. However in the past 5 years, Tides from Nebula have reached the apex of the post rock scene in Europe. “It was not a conscious decision, it just happened.” Maciej explains how they decided to play post rock. “We met, started playing and it sounded like our first album, just like that. Our roots are rather heavy rock/metal, so thats why we focus on heavy rhythm section, essential for us.”

Last month, Tides from Nebula independently released a live album “Live Sessions”. “Before our spring tour we thought that maybe it’s a good idea to record something live in the studio.” said Maciej about the reason behind recording a live album. “We love that kind of recordings, they show bands real live sound. We do own our own recording studio, so it was quite easy to do, we were rehearsing for a tour anyway, just setup a couple of mics, asked our friends to film it, and it’s here.”

Last year, the band released their third album “Eternal Movement“. “It is basically our most positive sounding record I think. There are actually SONGS on it.” Maciej describes the album. “I kinda love it even more one year after releasing, love to play these tunes live.”

After their India shows, the band will heading back to Europe for a tour with After The Burial, Monuments and Dead Letter Circus in October. Post that they will be headlining 12 shows across Poland in November and then 5 to 8 shows in Europe before the end of the year. A hectic few months for the band. Tides from Nebula are also currently booking a tour with sleepmakeswaves and Skyharbor for March next year, which I am sure is going to be awesome.

When asked what to expect from their live performances, Maciej said “We don’t know what to expect showise, hopefully some people will attend. From our side, we will rocks your socks off, at least we will try to.”

Catch the Tides from Nebula at the following dates:

Tides From Nebula India Tour Poster

Here is my favourite song by Tides from Nebula “Tragedy of Joseph Merrick

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