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Facada are one of the best grindcore bands currently. One listen of the album Nadir is all that is required to confirm it. 4 years after the release of the album the band are back with a new album titled Nenhum puto de atitude. We are thrilled to present a full stream of the album here. Described as “17 pissed as fuck tributes to underground legends”, the album features covers of bands like UnleashedThe Misfits And Bad Brains among others. The album is an intense listen under 20 minutes.

Read my interview with vocalist/bassist Carlos James on Transcending Obscurity

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Fredag Den 13:e Interview

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Fredag Den 13:e is a crust punk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have been around for nearly a decade now however I heard about them through my friend Andy (Everydayhate) who released their latest album ‘Domedagar‘. The album sounds awesome and reminded me a bit of Kvelertak.

I spoke to the band about ‘Domedagar’ and their plans for the rest of the year.

Fredag den 13e

Jacob (Guitars & Vocals), Peter (Bass & Vocals), Anders (Vocals), Stoffe (Guitars) and Niclas (Drums) (From Left to Right)

Could you please introduce the band briefly for those who have not heard of you before.

We started Fredag den 13:e back in 2006, so we are celebrating ten years as a band next spring. During this period we have released 3 seven inches and 3 albums, with “Domedagar” being the most recent. This album is also the first one with our new bass player Peppe. The album has this far received very good reviews and we are very happy with all the kind words from all around the world.

Tell us a bit about your latest album “Domedagar”, what is it about?

This album is written during a time of chaos. We witness how fascist parties throughout Europe are growing in size, we destroy the world around us and we fuck shit up in a way that can’t be stopped. “Domedagar” means “Judgement Days” and is a paraphrase to these facts.

What was the songwriting process for the album? How long did it take?

This album is the first one with our new bass player Peppe, and his involvement in the creative process has been a big change for us. I have played together with Peppe in other constellations for more than half my life and we work very well together. He is a multi-instrumentalist and used to play drums and guitar in the other bands we’ve had. Check out our hardcore band The Process if you want to hear some of that.

How does “Domedagar” compare to your previous album “Tjugohundratretton”?

It’s a faster and darker album, compared to our previous albums. I’d say that it our most divided album this far as well. We try to combine all the music that we like, from black metal to rock n roll, and I think you can hear this on our latest album.

“Domedagar” was recorded in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan by Fred (Gust, Anchor) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Studios. How was the recording process? How long did it take?

We recorded the music for this album during two weekends in Trollhättan with Fred. He’s a great guy with superb ears, so the music sounded really good right away. We started with Niclas laying the drums the first weekend. Then we followed with guitars and bass the second. The vocals was put down on tape at the end. When we were happy with the mix, we sent it all to Brad in the US and got it mastered. We are so happy with the result and Tobias from Grieved did a great job with the artwork as well.

The album was released on cd by Everyday Hate Records. How did you get signed to the label?

We started working with EDH on our album “Tjugohundratretton” and they have released the “Domedagar” CD as well. They are great at what they do and we have got in contact with numerous of cool people through EDH.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any gigs/tours coming up?

We are heading out in Sweden this autumn, visiting Stockholm and Västerås with our friends in From Soil. And in late November we will support Totalt Jävla Mörker when the visit Gothenburg. That is gonna be a blast! We are heading out in Europe again later in the spring, when the weather is better again.

Any final words?

Keep on rocking in a free world!

Listen to ‘Domedagar‘ below and buy the Cd here

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Andy (Everydayhate) Interview

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Everydayhate is a extreme metal label from Krakow, Poland. I first met Everydayhate boss Andy at Gore Galore, a grindcore festival in Wroclaw in 2009.  After that we kept meeting at concerts in other parts of Poland. We lost contact after I moved to India in 2011 however we reconnected a few months ago.

Andy has been running the label for over a decade now and is still going strong. This year he has put out some awesome releases from bands like Fredag den 13:e and Mindflair. I spoke to Andy about running a metal label, the changes he has noticed in the past decade and also upcoming releases from his label.

Andy, Lugubrious (Haemorrhage) and me (Left to Right)

Andy, Lugubrious (Haemorrhage) and me (Left to Right)


Hi Andy, you have been running Everydayhate for over decade. How does it feel looking back?

Andy: Hey Peter, it’s fuckin’ awesome, especially when people that I’ve met 6 years ago or more are coming back to me with some nice questions. I remember we had a great time at Gore Galore festival in Wroclaw, are you going to visit Poland anytime soon? I feel like I’ve done a lot of good things for bands, I had some fuck ups too, but the most important thing is that I have many more things to do in next decade, I have so many ideas.

How did you decide to start a label? Why did you decide to start a label that releases only extreme metal music?

Andy: Everything started when I was 11 and as a typical metal kid I got a special gift from my father. He gave me a goat head taken from our neighbour. He brought it secretly because he didn’t want my mom to see that ahahhahaha, so with this kind of support you had only one way ahahhahah At the beginning I started fanzine, then I started releasing tapes, booking shows… so label was the next step for me. Supporting the bands, meeting friends and getting new ones is fun. Why is it only extreme music?, because I dont give a fuck about other kinds of music, I want to focus on most important genre to me, and it’s grindcore and it’s extreme. I just enjoy it.

Your first release was Carnal Diafragma / Pulmonary Fibrosis split in 2003. How did that happen?

Andy: I start travelling to Czech Republic in the beginning of 2000 very often. At one of the OEF’s edition I met Obstik/ 6MAS and I already knew Michal from Cerebral Turbulency/ Khaaranus production. They all were good friends of Carnal Diafragma fellas, I met Kamien, its old drummer and we became good friends too. We were hanging out together in Ostrava every summer for few years and he got along with Gulliaume from Pulmonay Fibrosis, who I knew already through tape trading. In the past I made a split tape and T-Shirts limited to 20 copies for Pulmonary Fibrosis, so we knew each other very well and idea for the split just came naturally. It was supercool split that time, if I could change one thing now, I would make better promotion.

What have been the most memorable releases on your label so far?

Andy: There are few meaningful releases. I had good time with Mesrine on their first European tour and we made a split with Polish Epitome afterwards. I’ve booked many shows for Neuropathia in the past and we hung out together very often so I released Satan owns your stereo album. I met Gerardo from Denak at OEF, we became good friends and I’m supporting Disturbance Project until now… Some of my releases have the background stories and they will stay forever in my mind. I would rather say I have memorable memories of my label and all stuff around than specific releases. Since the beginning of EveryDayHate I’ve met so many great and friendly people, this is just fuckin’ sick!

What is the biggest problem that you faced so far in running the label?

Andy: I’m one man label, so the main problem is lack of time. Doing promotion, preparing orders and trades, mailing and other stuff takes a lot of time. I’m very busy nowadays.

Do you do any marketing? If yes, what kind?

Andy: Yeah, some time ago I realized that one of the most important thing for bands is their label’s support and promotion and I started sending promos to many magazines, webzines, radio stations etc Also few weeks ago I started my own blog to interview my friends and to introduce them to the people who visit my web/ blog. I’m doing flayers, stickers, buying advertisment, I started my website and new online store… so as you can see I do the same things like other labels, nothing extraordinary.

What changes have you noticed in bands/customers in the past decade?

Andy: Beginning with the bands, I noticed one important thing, it’s much easier to start a band, but it is much harder to be noticed at the underground scene. For that reason you can notice more musicians with better skills, bands are becoming more professional. And when you become more pro, you expect to be treated seriously and you want to be released by professional label and so on. I see many people learning year-on-year, I can serve as an example ahahhahahahahha Customers are more trustful to EDH, I am very glad that interest in my releases is growing and people are supporting my label bands. Moreover, I noticed that people are more receptive to music, they’re are more open-minded nowdays.

What do you look for in a band before you sign them to your label?

Andy: This is a very difficult question. Usually I’ve worked with bands that I already knew, so this is not a typical way to sign the band for big music labels. If the situation ever changes, there are two important things to me. Firstly, I need to like the tunes, it’s hard to do any good job for the band if you just do not feel it. Secondly, the attitude, I’am of course anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-religion label, and I work with bands who think the same.

Have you been in a band? What instrument do you play?

Andy: Yep, I was in a band for some time, it was loud and fast grindcore group from Lublin. I had a good time those days and I have a lot of funny memories ahahahha I didn’t play any instrument.

Any advice that you have for anyone planning to start a metal music record label?

Andy: Yeah, I have one advice, dont fuckin’ do it!

What are the upcoming releases from your label?

Andy: I just got packed with new split picture 7 inch of British Desecration with Portugalese Holocausto Canibal, this is a brand new record. I’m also waiting for another 7 inch split of 2 Canadian grindcore bands: Mersine with G.O.D., I should get it quite soon. Other upcomming stuff is THE KILL- KILL THEM…ALL on 12″LP, MAGNICIDE/ PUNISHED EARTH on split 7″EP and 3″MCD, OVERVIOLENCE/ EXPURGO split 5″EP and full length of Swedish Livet Som Insats- Check Your Grind album on 12 inch LP, CD and probably tape. I want to finish all those projects before I start doing anything new, so as you can see I have a lot work to do.
Thank you very much for this interview and for supporting EDH!

Here are a few of the recent releases from Everyday Hate that you should check out

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