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Department of Correction Interview

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Last month I moved back to the United Arab Emirates. The metal scene here has been stagnant for some time especially in the live gigs front. As a fan of grindcore, I was really glad to hear that Department of Correction from France would be performing later this month. I spoke to guitarist Flo via email about the upcoming mini tour and their plans for the rest of the year.

“It feels very good! Flight tickets are booked, we are very excited to come and play to the Emirates!” said Flo about their mini tour of United Arab Emirates which is a couple weeks away. “It’s our first time here. We’ll travel 20 hours in and 20 hours out to play the festivals that we’ll headline in Dubaï and Abu Dhabi. We can’t wait for that.”

“We got a connection with Dondon and Erickson from the Dubaï band Maticrust. We agreed together to make DOC come play some shows in the Emirates.” said Flo about how the ‘Croissant-Grindcore-Baguette’ tour come about. “All of it came through internet. Erickson makes me discover some UAE bands, that’s very great! Almost nobody here in France hear about the UAE scene, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to make us discover our musical cultures!”

“We started in 2010 as a studio and tour band, after spending 2 years in studios to find our musical orientation and compose our first Ep.” Said Flo about how the band started. “From then we toured in Russia, USA, and Europe, played some awesome festivals as Obscene Extreme. We did more than 200 shows and travelled more than 120.000km. We are very happy of it. It gives some more excitements to our personal lives.”

The band have released a few splits with bands like Noisear, Strong intention, Proletar and others. “They are all better one from another.” said Flo about thee releases.”I mean, they are all coming from a different period of the band, it evolved all the time, split to split. So this is the best of every period of the band. The best is to listen and download for free all our discography at”

France has well known metal scene. “You can check Inhumate, that are Grindcore legend here, Blockheads also that is very straight to the sickest grindcore, Unsu that is a new comer in the vein of Rotten Sound, Trepan Dead that has an old school taste, Pulmonary Fibrosis that is GoreGrind legend here” said Flo recommending bands from his country. “There is a lot ! I made a compilation with 37 Grindcore, Goregrind, PowerViolence bands from France. It’s called IN GRINDO VERITAS. You can find it on internet through Kaotoxin records, and also on CD for cheap. Of course there is way lot more good bands but it would be too long to mention all of them.”

“Yeah, at this time we work on our very first full length. We will record it in 2016.” said Flo about their plans. The bands is also working on number of releases. “Coming soon, we are waiting for the release of our split with Proletar on CD and vinyl, and our split with Mincecore legends Agathocles, from Belgium, on vinyl (already out on CD). Also in february, a short Ep with 2 covers and an original unreleased track, to be released by Kaotoxin records, a very serious label for Grindcore and DeathMetal, Funeral doom etc.”

DOc Tour Poster (2)

“The UAE will be our last plan for 2015. We’ll also record the demo of our album. “said Flo about their plans for the rest of the year. “Next things will come in 2016. We’ll do a Europe tour with Die Choking from USA. I’m booking the tour right now.”

“I hope we’ll bring them a lot of fun and energy. Music is friendship, Grindcore is love.” said Flo about what to expect from their shows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. “Bring some croissants and baguettes and throw it on us during the show hahaha”

Here is a glimpse of what to expect from the Correction of Department next week


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French heavy metal band Hacride were in Mumbai last week as part of the Deccan Rock tour organised by Orka Entertainment. I met their vocalist Luis Roux and drummer Florent Marcadet before they performed at Club Escape. Read my interview with them below

With Hacride

Hi, it’s your 3rd stop on India tour today. How’s the tour going so far?

Luis: Our first show in Hyderabad was great. The crowd was very excited, going crazy in the moshpit and headbanging a lot. I think it was one of the best concerts and it was great to meet our fans later. Unfortunately, our concert last night in Nashik was cancelled due to technical problems.

How did you become a part of the band?

Florent: I am a friend of Ben and Adrien for a long time. So naturally they thought of me to take the place of Oliver. I was not sure it would fit in my schedule as I also play for Klone. I don’t regret it as its been great so far. Adrien made me listen to a few demo tracks and I thought of Luis for the vocals and I called him.

Luis: I don’t live in the same city as the other guys, but we have many common friends like Trepalium who I have been hanging out for a really long time, you can say we are like a big family. I know Flo as he was friends with my previous guitarist and we got along pretty well. From the time we met I got to know that we have a lot in common especially a passion for music. They send me the demo for ‘Overcome’ and I added my vocals to it and sent it back via email. A couple of days later Adrien called me and said that I was in the band. We got together in a bar, had a few beers and realised we were on the same page.

Did you start working on the album after you joined?

Luis: Adrien had been working on the album for the past two years. He worked on some of the arrangements with Flo.

Florent: He had all these ideas in his head and also on the computer. After that we had a few rehearsals to feel the reactions to the tracks. We rehearsed for about 3 or 4 months to come to what you can be heard on the album.

Luis: I joined the band in September and by December I was done recording my vocals. A short time for me but overall it took less than two years, a lot less than Metallica took to record “The Black Album”. Adrien records at home so we don’t have to rent a studio.

What were your expectations from the album since their last album was quite popular?

Luis: I know Hacride only from the album ‘Lazrus’ and so I was a bit surprised to hear the new album as it was more simpler and effective. I started writing the lyrics and it was a very natural process. My vocal style is more ‘in your face’. I wanted to hear some good riffs and solos and nice melodies as its more important for me. I wanted it to be a bit nostalgic and sad, I hate happy music. I think with this album we have managed to explore some of the darkest things in life and it has inspired me a lot.


You just played a few gigs in Europe this year and now also in India, how does Indian metal audience compared to those in Europe?

Florent: It all depends on the city, the local scene and also the day we play. In general in Europe, we have so many things and there are so many American bands performing that maybe people tend to get a bit lazy and bored. Here in India, I can see that no one is bored, it’s a warm atmosphere. In France, we are sometimes criticized because we are not that well known in America and some kind of bullshit.

Luis: In France, people have a special taste, if a majority of people don’t like a band then no one will like it. Here in India, if people appreciate the music then they like the band, they don’t ask too many questions. In France, bands need to have an approval. To be honest I am not too comfortable with the French metal audience right now. There are a lot of extremists because its all about death metal, black metal and grindcore. Nu-metal is not cool any more but I think its very stupid because its its not cool then I am going to listen to it again. Metal is all about being different and that’s why I have to take the other side.

Messhugah are a band that you are often compared to. How influential are they on you as musicians? What are the bands that you grew up listening to?

Luis: I started out listening to a lot of Grunge band like Soundgarden, Stone temple Pilots, and then moved on to Thrash metal band like Antharax and Sepultura. I then went on to more extreme music like death metal and grindcore.

Florent: I listen to a lot of Hip hop, R &B and funk. Also a lot of New York hard core.

Luis: In the 90’s there was a wave of metal with rap bands like Rage against the machine, Body count, Faith no more, even the first limp bizkit album. I was overwhelmed by it. These are all our influences, but bands that have influenced Hacride are definitely messhugah, Strapping Young, Lad, Tool even deftones.

You are performing at the Prog Power Festival and Euro Blast festival later this year in October. Do you have another other tour planned this year?

We are playing in Barcelona in July and also French festival in August. We are also working on a European tour but its too early to say anything as yet.

Do have any message for your Indian fans?

Luis: I would like to thank the India people for their interest in Hacride, everyone has been really warm towards us since we arrived here. The food has been great; we’ve been eating a lot. We can’t wait to come back and play more shows here. Hopefully we will be able to play in Nashik again, we were disappointed for the guys who came there and waited for nothing.

Florent: This was my first time in India and also Asia. The trip has really changed our view just like every journey

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Interview with The Algorithm

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The Algorithm is the project of French producer Rémi Gallego. His style of music has been described as “infuses modern metal breakdowns with a menagerie of electronic subgenres such as IDM, chiptune and breakcore to concoct his own potent style of fiercely heavy music.
In November last year, Basick records released their debut album ‘Polymorphic Code‘. Find out more about the album, how Remi started the project and his plans for 2013.


Hi Remi, you just finished a short tour of the UK with Collision. How did it go?

Remi : A short but nonetheless exciting tour. It has been really fun to travel through a bit on England and I’m looking forward to do more of this. It has been a really nice experience to share the stage with Collisions, these guys did an awesome job.

Your debut album ‘Polymorphic Code’ released a few months ago. Tell us a bit about it.

Remi : Polymorphic Code tells the story of a group of human hackers trying to get into a distant network using various viruses and hacking techniques. I loved working on this album, I think it has this storytelling side of music I’ve always wanted to explore even more.

What was the recording process like? How long did it take?

Remi : I didn’t want to finish a specific track before the other ones, that’s why all has been written pretty much in parallel. It wasn’t really practical to constantly switch from a track to another, but it gave more consistency to the whole album in the end. It took about a year, with periods of nothing, to get it done.

The video for ‘Trojans’ has close to 100,000 views on youtube. Tell us a bit about the video.

Remi : It’s not an easy thing to put instrumental music in video form, especially when so much instruments and moods are involved. We decided to take the road of an abstract feel, but giving at the same time an idea of what the live setup looks like. It was my first time on a green screen, an amazing experience!

How/When did you start ‘The Algorithm’?

Remi : I started The Algorithm as a bedroom project with a cheap laptop and cheap speakers. I used to think I wanted to do Mathcore influenced by The Dillinger Escape Plan. I progressively started messing around with synths and glitches, and found myself thinking that it’d fit well, it was luck and trial and error. I put my first demos on websites like lastfm, and I didn’t expect such a good feedback from the listeners, so I released another demo 1 year later and then it all took off exponentially.

Do you enjoy being the only songwriter or find it frustrating at times?

Remi : I like brainstorming ideas on my own, I’m the kind of guy who’s better as an independant than working on a team. I’m really looking forward to broaden my horizons and collaborate with more musicians though, I’m not that selfish.

France is not known for its metal bands, which metal bands did you grow up listening to?

Remi : Iron Maiden was my first love in metal music, and I used to be a huge fanboy of their stuffs. For some reason, I used to listen to a lot of 70’s/80’s metal before even trying to discover some modern bands. I progressively got into The Dillinger Escape Plan, Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, some years later.

You’ve performed at the past 2 editions of the Euroblast festival. How has the experience been?

Remi : A huge, exciting, amazing experience! Being part of the Euroblast festival is always an honour and a thrill, I don’t have anything to reproach at what have been done with the 2012 edition.

It was also really interesting to play as a DJ during the aftershow, we all know that making metalheads dance is not an easy thing, but everybody seemed to enjoy it. So did i!

What are your plans for 2013? More Tours planned?

Remi : More collaborations with artists. I’m currently working with a singeron a progressive dubstep project, and I’m also already planning to let more musicians express their talent on some of my newer tracks. I’m also looking forward to play at summer festivals and blast some electronic science in an outdoor venue context, hopefully with lots of beers, girls and nerd humour. 🙂

Listen/DownloadPolymorphic Codehere

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