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Interview with Drug Honkey

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Chicago based metal band Drug Honkey are tough act to categorize into any genre. Their music sounds like Godflesh and Yob in a blender. I first heard of them thanks to Diabolical Conquest Records boss Kunal Choksi who distributed their 3rd album “Death Dub” and was blown away as I had not heard a band like them before. Their latest album “Ghost in the Fire” has been released by Diabolical Conquest Records.

Find out more about their album, their songwriting process and how the band started in my interview with Paul aka Head Honkey below

Hi Paul, congrats on the release of your latest album, “Ghost in the Fire”. Can you tell us a bit about the album?

Paul: Thanks Peter. This album is the next logical step in our progression as a band. It has all the trademark Drug Honkey qualities infused with a fuller, more cohesive production. Everything one would expect from a DH album is here, plus a much richer sonic atmosphere. There are 10 tracks totalling in at just over 50 minutes. There are 9 original songs plus a cover of Scorn’s “Twitcher”.
The album title “Ghost in the Fire” translates to:”A ghost of your former self engulfed in the flames of what you’ve become…”

What was the song writing process like for the album? Did you try anything different this time?

Paul: For a majority of the songs we used the standard formula, which is to write as a unit. But this time, we wrote individually on the other tracks and from there, each added our own twist to those songs.. We also focused more energy on perfecting our sound this time around. We were going for a specific sound & I believe we captured that sound. That isn’t always an easy chore, but this time around we nailed it.

“Weight of the World” features Blake Judd (Nachtmystium). How did you manage to get him to appear on the track?

Paul: Blake showed interest in the band after we played a show he was working at a Chicago club called Exit a couple of years ago. From there we became friends & when it was time to start working on this album, we asked him if he’d be interested in appearing on a track. He was interested & added additional vocals & additional guitar to the track “Weight of the World”. He did an excellent job & the song turned out just as I had envisioned it…

“Ghost in the Fire” has been released by Diabolical Conquest Records, how did you get signed to a label which is based in India, which is at the end of the world from you?

Paul: Kunal from Diabolical Conquest contacted us asking if we’d be interested in joining forces with the label. We were indeed interested in the direction of the label & their willingness to explore different territories in the extreme music scene. The rest is history.

For those who are not familiar with the band, tell us a bit about how the band started in 1999.

Paul: Well, it all started back in 1995 when BH Honkey(Adam Smith)(Drums) & myself met through his sister whom I used to date. She actually appears on the 2002 Self Titled debut Drug Honkey album. Adam & I became friends quickly & started working on music very soon thereafter as we both were into metal as well as electronic & several other styles of music. By 1996 we formed the band Chronic Illogic which transformed into Drug Honkey by 1999.
As for the other members, I have been friends with Hobbs(Gabe Grosso)(Guitar) & Brown Honkey(Ian Brown)(Bass) since we were teenagers & both of them being musicians, naturally entered the band as it was developing; Hobbs in 2003, & Brown Honkey in 2005. Since then the linep has remained the same.

What are your main influences?

Paul: Our main influences as a band are all over the place. Some of mine personally are: Winter, Godflesh, Scorn, Napalm Death(Lee Dorian era), Portishead, Geto Boys, Dream Death, Plastikman, Swans, Autechre, Bathory, Bill Laswell, Autopsy, etc.. The list goes on & on…

You are in Morgue Supplier, KLLU, & Asscavern. Do you have any other projects?

Paul: Yes. A new thrash project called Rabid Beast is in the works with members of Morgue Supplier, as well as an experimental band called LadyBug DeathCamp with David Holland of Cardiac Arrest. Also, plans for a 2 man thrash/doom project called Ralphus with close friend/author/drummer Joseph DiCristofano are in the beginning stages as well.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

Paul: First & foremost to promote “Ghost in the Fire” as much as possible & get it to every corner of the world. We also plan to start playing shows again bery soon since the album is finished & we can focus on the live aspect of the band once again.

Final Words.

Paul: Definitely check out “Ghost in the Fire”. It is by far our best work to date. You will not be disappointed!
Thanks for the interview Peter. Hail!

Listen/Buy a copy of “Ghost in the Fire” @ . The album is also available in India from their label, Transcending Obscurity. Email them (transcendingobscurityATgmailDOTcom) for more information.

Heres the trailer for “Ghost in the Fire“.

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