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Interview with Glass Cloud

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Glass Cloud are metalcore/post-hardcore band from Hampton, USA. They have recently released their debut album “The Royal Thousand” through Equal Vision Records. I spoke to Jerry Roush while they were on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour.
Find out more about how the band got together, the album and also their plans for rest of the year below.

Hi guys, you are currently on the Scream It Like You Mean It Tour. Hows it going so far ?

Jerry: It was really awesome. Such a good tour for us to do, as our debut album just dropped. I think it’s severely beneficial to play at big shows, especially being so new. It’s cool opportunity to showcase what we have to offer being such a brand new band.

You’ve recently released your debut album “The Royal Thousand”. What has the response to the album been so far ?

Jerry: The response has been really well. We are all just really stoked to have our record out finally. We have been working and developing this record for a year. I also feel that people are reacting well to it because it’s a fresh sound in the scene. We really wanted to stand out from the crowd that is the music scene.

Tell us a bit about the album. How long did it take to write the album ?

Jerry: It only took a few months, we would bust a song out a night and expand it from there. But the development of the entity ‘Glass Cloud’ itself, also took several months. I didn’t want to haphazardly throw a band together. I really took time with my guys and management about the approach we would take on the music scene. I had to look at it as my passion and my business. We all brought our own help to the table and worked as a team.

The album was produced by Josh. What was the recording process like ?

Jerry: It was smooth. We had full say and made our own schedule. Personally for me, working with Josh whilst tracking the vocals, whether it be singing or screaming, him and I just meshed really well and had a good process. That really helped me out mentally with recording. I’m more of a performer and really feed off the energy live. So being in a tiny vocal booth with headphones on standing still and not really singing and screaming in the same passionate manner that I can easily channel on stage can be kind of nerve racking haha.

“The Royal Thousand” is being released by Basick Records in Europe and Equal Visions in US. How did you get signed to both labels ?

Jerry: We are signed with Basick for the UK / European distribution. We are also on We Are Unified for Australia / New Zealand distro, but Equal Vision will always serve as initial and main label.

Prior to the album release you got off the Road To Metal Fest Tour with Iwrestledabearonce, Moltov Solution and The Greenery. How did the tour go ?

Jerry: It was really beneficial for us in the fact that we had never toured together before. So we were able to lock our stage game in. Travis and Chad had never been on tour before (ever) so I didn’t know how they would hold up playing shows every single day. Half the part of tour is performing well. And that first run gave us the opportunity to figure out how to deliver the songs live that we recorded. It was great for us.

You were in Sky Eats Airplane, Of Mice & Men and Joshua is in the Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza. How did you meet Travis and Chad and get the band together ?

Jerry: I grew up going to shows and skateboarding with Chad and Trav. We’ve been friends since we were like 14 or 15. We had all recognized our passion for music back then but had no way to express it. Chad and I actually started a band like 10 years ago. We only had a couple of practices but we wrote two actually pretty dope songs haha.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012 ? More touring ?

Jerry: We have the next 3 weeks off then we head out to Canada for a short run with our labelmates, Texas in July. And then come back to do the AP Tour in fall featuring Miss May I, The Ghost Inside, Like Moths to Flames, and The Amity Affliction.

Any final words ?

Jerry: Please go check out our debut album, The Royal Thousand. Like us on facebook ( follow us on twitter (@glasscloud) – and don’t forget to brush your teeth and wear your seatbelt. Be easy!

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August 29, 2012 at 1:45 am