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Spill Your Guts interview

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This episode is long overdue. 

Blackened Hardcore act Spill Your Guts formed in Shanghai, China and comprised of expatriates. Earlier this year they released their 2nd album, The Wrath It Takes via PermCityPunk Records (Russia), Trepanation Recordings (UK), and Graboid Of The Ground Records (China).

I spoke to vocalist Dima and drummer Tyler before the album was released about The Wrath It Takes, recording with Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats), the music scene in China, and more. 

Tracks played on the episode

Spill Your Guts – Wrath it Take

Spill Your Guts – Prey on Death

Loudspeaker –  无脸人

Check out The Wrath It Takes

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September 24, 2022 at 1:26 pm

Bandcamp Recommendations – 1st October 2021 #BandcampFriday

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It’s #BandcampFriday again! Here are my picks for this month

6th album from one of India’s oldest metal acts. Put on that denim and leather, pour a drink and hit play!

Stoner rock from Norway with the right amount of fuzz.

New music from the Scottish maniacs that seamlessly blends hardcore and electronica.

2 tracks of drone performed by Mel and Topon from Fuck the facts. Trippy stuff!

Reissue of 2008 release from India technical death metal act. Sounds massive thanks to the remix and remaster.

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October 1, 2021 at 10:00 pm

Bandcamp Recommendations – 7th May 2021 #BandcampFriday

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Hope everyone is doing safe and healthy. Things are pretty bad here in India. A few Indian bands have stepped out and are contributing to Covid-19 relief efforts. Do pick up their music and merch. This is not to last #BandcampFriday for this year so let’s get straight to it.

My good friend Abhi Meer has his entire discography for sale on Bandcamp. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Hemkunt Foundation and Feeding From Far.

New band from Hong Kong based hardcore lifer Riz Farooqi. Straight up no bull shit hardcore punk. Love the dual vocals.

Bangalore Doom act is back with new music in 5 years and it sounds good. Stay tuned for the album.

Death metal act Godless will contribute 20% of all their merch sales from this month to NGOs fighting the pandemic in India –

Moar hardcore punk! D beat driven side project of Allfather members made wish live gigs were back. Hey ho!

Shape shifting act Peter Cat Recording Co. have put up their back catalogue on sale for a week with 100% of the proceeds to Hemkunt Foundation –

Canadian grindcore stalwarts have released a previously unreleased track from Desire will Rot. Get the track or album if you haven’t already.

New dark metal act from members of American death metal act Vex featuring members of Obsequiae, Panopticon, and Horrendous.

Happy shopping everyone!

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May 7, 2021 at 11:30 pm


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This past year has been a great year for metal especially death metal. A quick glance at the reviews on The Metal Wanderlust in recent months will demonstrate it. At the start of this month, one more release got added to the list, Deserted by American death metal act Gatecreeper. The band play a potent blend of 80’s Florida and 90’s Swedish death metal.

I spoke to frontman Chase Manson about their sound, Deserted and more while he was touring Europe with Spirit Adrift.

Read the interview on The Metal Wanderlust

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October 19, 2019 at 3:48 pm

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 27

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Grey Britain the second album by English hardcore punk band Gallows is not an album I was familiar with earlier. For a new edition of the All A’s album on the Horn Up Podcast we decided to discuss it with music journalist and friend Anurag Tagat .

How relevant is the Grey Britain ten years later, and does it still hold the listener? Is it an All A’s Album? Hit Play below to find out the answers to it and more.

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August 27, 2019 at 11:29 am

Fistful of Metal # 6

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One hour of metal/punk from India. All recent releases.

Track list

Primitiv – Taurus
Escher’s Knot – Covolution
Hostilian – Regressive Instincts
Heathen Beast – Bloody Sabrimala
Kapala – Moral Attrition
Plague Throat – The Epoch Of Catastrophe II
Haiku-Like Imagination – Ozzifer
SkyPunch – From Above
Bhayanak Maut – Pinkadass
Pacifist – Pedigreed
FALSE FLAG – Counterfeit
SHEPHERD – Weed Dealer
Rainburn – Merchant of Dreams

High Cost

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This is the time of the year that most websites/blogs are sharing their Best of the year lists, I on the other hand am catching up on the music that I have missed out so far. One such release is the self titled one from Brooklyn hardcore/grindcore act High Cost. The 7 track EP is one of the most ferocious releases I have heard this year.  

I spoke to the band about the EP, the revival of cassettes and vinyl and more.

Read the interview on The Metal Wanderlust

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December 10, 2018 at 12:22 am


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One of the best things about the internet for me is the ability to discover bands from around the world. The Asian music scene is a trove of metal and hardcore bands. I was recently listening to a split between Hong Kong hardcore act Dagger and Singapore sludge act HRVST. Dagger is a relatively new band, members have previously been a part of bands like King Ly Chee, Yau Dong and FightxClub. I spoke to the band about the split, the music scene in Hong Kong and Asia and also their upcoming shows.

Read the interview on The Metal Wanderlust

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September 21, 2018 at 9:30 am

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False Flag/Neck Deep in Filth

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False Flag and Neck Deep in Filth are two of the most politically outspoken acts from the Indian subcontinent, hence it would make sense for them to team up and put out a split. I was quite excited when the split was announced and the singles released from it so far sound great.
Find out more about the split, the inspiration behind their tracks in the interview with Shaunak Phadnis (False Flag) and Vishal Rai (Neck Deep in Filth)

Read the interview on Unite Asia


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September 8, 2018 at 2:54 pm

Coilguns interview

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In the 8 years of this blog, I have only featured a couple of bands from Switzerland. Coilguns are a noise/hardcore band. Their latest release Millennials one of the most over the top releases that I have heard recently. The album is equal parts hardcore and noise with a raw sound.

I spoke to the band about Millennials, recording the album and their tour of Ireland.

You recently completed a tour across Europe. How was it?

Jona Nido – This tour was very significant for us. We hadn’t toured in four years nor released an album since five years. Surprisingly, « Commuters » had created a small following amongst the scene and we played to decent amount of people every night. We sold good merch and according to people’s talk and faces after the show, I think we delivered enough for them to notice the performance in a positive way. We’re all pumped up now and can’t wait to do more.

Your second album Millennials is mix of hardcore and noise with a raw sound. Tell us a bit more about the album.

Louis Jucker – it’s loud music loudly recorded I’d say.

Jona Nido – We wrote an album we can barely listent to ourselves in its entierty. It’s harsh and that’s what we like about it. It seems like it is moving something into people, whether it is disgust or happiness. We worked a lot on the sound aestethic. No matter if you like it or if you think it sounds like a dead vacuum cleaner, this is how we wanted the album to sound and we’re EXTREMELY happy with the outcome. Now when it comes to labels…we like to say we’re a hard-rock band playing angry music. Anything else is for people to decide in which category they want to fit us in. Though noise-hardcore with a raw sound feels pretty accurate to me.

The album was written and recorded in january 2016. Why did it take over 2 years to release it?

Louis Jucker – Louis Jucker – All four of us are hyperactive artists and human beings. We fight hard to maintain our ideal dose of projects running. I perform a lot as a solo act, write music for theater and movies, work as a music producer for other swiss artists like Emilie Zoé, The Fawn, Darius… I released five records at the same time last year (L’Altro Mondo : Music with Lovers & Friends), gathering all kinds of intimate collaborations, and toured quite a lot with my new indie band Autisti as well. Jona and I run Hummus Records, and we both invest a fair amount of passion and time into it. Jona and Luc were touring the world relentlessly with Closet Disco Queen, and started a new excellent electro project calledSombre Sabre. Luc is also drumming for many different acts such as Los Orioles, Aphteand is sometimes filling in for bands like Conan, Heads, Vuyvr, etc. We don’t really get bored, you see.

But one thing for sure is that Coilguns is our oldest and deepest project together, one strong and old link between us all, and we cherish it for what it is. So we were waiting for all stars to be correctly aligned before starting this new cycle of tours.

Millennials was recorded live in the studio. Why do you prefer this method of recording?

Louis Jucker – We didn’t record it live. luc and jona played the basic tracks together, then we added more guitars, keys and so on. we worked on a low.budget 16-tracks tape recorder, so we didn’t do edits or any complex trickery. we mixed it 100% analog.

Jona Nido – We have recorded the first album and other ep’s completely live. For « Millennials » we did record one guitar and the drums together. No click, no edits and always one shot takes. We’re lazy. We don’t like to do edits and since we did not use a computer during the whole process it would have been a pain in the ass to do so anyway. We like to record the way we play live. We won’t do more than 5-6 takes per song, then we’ll choose the one that smells the most like balls rather then the one that is well played.

The track Anchorite has a unique lyric video. What the concept and approach towards it?

Louis Jucker – Noé Cauderay’s work is a very hands on process. He takes pictures, a lot of them, put them next to each other and turns the whole thing into video with a strange rythm. it favours dark, blurry, weird looking pictures and places. Anchorite was shot in northern norway.

What are your thoughts on the current state of metal?

Jona Nido – I’m not sure I can answer that. What is considered metal or not? it feels like the more « classic »metal isn’t really appealing so much to kids nowadays and feels like an aging scene…not a problem at all, just my feeling of it. I’m not really following what’s going on to be honest. I see new bands popping up here and there, I see the same old bands releasing the same old records over and over…From what I am aware of, I have the feeling the latest kick in the nuts was Gojira 10 years ago, maybe Zeal & Ardor now for trying to bring something new to the table… When I say this, you have to understand that I don’t consider ourselves as a metal band, nor the likes of Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan,Cursed, Terra Tenebrosa, Breach etc… I see them as angry/pissed off punk bands. This is where my interest lies in terms of « heavy » music.

I really do not dig this whole wanna be « meshuggah with clean vocals and guitar boredome » scene, though I understand this appeals to a pretty large crowd. This makes me think how much I love Meshuggah. Now that’s one proper metal band that has been pushing boundaries of everything for decades.

You also run Hummus Records. How do you manage between the band and the label?

Jona Nido – Both together aren’t far from a full time job. Since they are also my passion, I don’t really see them as « work » which makes it easier to accept the amount of time invested in them. The band brings a bit of money in, the label is a complete volounteer’s job. Having full control over both really gives us the freedom to do things how we want, whenever we want. We all keep it in the family and if Coilguns reach out to a bigger crowd, this will push the label and its roaster and vice-versa. Win-win.

What have you been listening to lately (metal and non-metal)? Are there any acts that have inspired you of late?

Jona Nido – Mainly to the next releases from the label. I’m the first fan of the bands I release so I really enjoy listening to their records and they all inspire me very much. Otherwise and in no particular order my latest obsessions include :

– Aurora – All My Demons Greeting me As a Friend
– Kaelan Mikla
– Heads. – Collider
– Agnes Obel – All her discography
– Converge – The Dusk in Us

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you have any more shows/tour planned?

Jona Nido – We have about fifteen shows left until the summer. We will tour Ireland in May. We’re stoked to be returning there as it will be Coilguns third time over and I’m excited to see how’s the following after « Millennials » was released. We sure do have great friends like the guys in Bailer whom we will tour with. We’re playing a few festivals and off shows in Switzerland. The next big tour will happen in November and boy what a fuckin’ line-up! No more infos for now but we’re lookign forward to announce it.

Thanks for answering all our questions. Do you have any final words?

Jona Nido – discombobulated, what a FUCKED UP word. It creeps me out just reading it.

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