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Fistful of Metal # 10

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Track list
Road rash – Burn out
Screamer – Out of the Dark
Megaton Sword – Born Beneath the Sword
SuidAkrA – Halls of Tales
Coilguns – Manicheans
Formless Master – First Strike
Formless Master – Fatal Impasse
Nile – Long Shadows of Dread
Nox Irae – All is Over
Abigail Williams – Ever so Bold
Chrome Waves – When the sun hits
Jakub Zytecki – Sunflower
November’s Doom – What we Become
Officium Triste – World in Flames

Nervecell Album launch

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As I mentioned earlier, I would be adding write ups about gigs that I attend to this blog. Heres my first one….

Last week I attended 2 gigs by Death metal band Nervecell which were in support of their new album “Psychogenocide” which is now for sale in stores all over United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

The first one was at Sanctuary, a nightclub at the Atlantis Hotel, which was a bit strange venue for a band like Nervecell. It was an “Invite only” event for the Press and promoters. There were journalists from Metal Hammer and other metal magazines present and also a special guest, Karl Sanders from NILE!!!

After the intro, Nervecell started off their set with “Imprint” off their new album.  They played quite a few songs from their new album, the title track “Psychogenocide” sounded crushing.  “Human Chaos” was dedicated to their old school fans. They also played “Existence Ceased” and “Demean” from “Preaching Venom”.  They ended with everyone’s favourite “Demolition”, which got a small moshpit going.

I was looking forward to them performing “Shunq (To the Despaired…King Of Darkness)” with Karl Sanders. They also did not play my favourite track from “Preaching Venom”, “Vicious Circle of Bloodshed”.

Overall it was a good night despite it being Sunday (the first day of work here). I got Karl Sanders to autograph my cds and also took a couple pictures with him.

The Set list was :


Flesh & Memories

All Eyes On Them

Human Chaos


Amok Doctrine

Existence Ceased

Upon An Epidemic Scheme



The second gig was at The Fridge , another strange venue for a band like Nervecell.  This gig was “All ages” and the album was available for sale a week before its release  in stores.

Since it gig was “All ages” there was a very different audience, a younger one. It was also FREE entry. Nervecell’s  set did not change a lot from the previous gig and the response they got was awesome. There were a lot of Moshpits. The response from the crowd also helped the band to a much better performance. The tracks from the new album sounded really good especially “All Eyes on Them” which is the first single off the album.

After their set, Nervecell did a signing session and they got mobbed, everyone wanted to get their cds and posters autographed. One guy even got his chappal autographed haha. The guys were really patient and signed it all.

This was one of the best All Ages events I have been to recently. It was great to see the younger audience at the gig, some of the looked around 8 – 10 years to me. I got to catch up with some people that I have not seen in a while, mainly the old school Metalheads from Dubai. I hope more events like this happen soon.  Check out some of the pics from there gig taken by my friend Merwyn here.

I’m really glad to see how Nervecell have progressed over the past few years. Their signing to Lifeforce Records and also touring in the past year has given them a HUGE boost. They have identified their sound on “Preaching Venom” and taken it even further on “Psychogenocide”.

Stay tuned for my review of “Psychogenocide” next week.

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April 2, 2011 at 3:29 am