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Tribute to Nitin Rajan

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Friend and fellow metalhead Nitin Rajan passed away on 17th November.

A short tribute I wrote for him for Horns Up podcast

Vocalist, festival promoter, digital head, he played many roles in the Indian music scene.

A Metal lifer, Nitin started the earliest know death metal band, Morticide and then was one of the founders of Domination the Deathfest. I remember reading about the festival in the Metal India zine and being amazed that there was an extreme metal festival in India.

I met Nitin a decade ago at the first edition of the Rolling Stone Metal Awards where he was a judge and we became friends then. I still remember how excited he was to bring back the Domination the Deathfest in 2013.

“I prefer performing live” Nitin used to tell me. Anyone who had watched him at a gig with Primitiv or even Killibrium in recent years would agree that he was a powerhouse on stage and commanded the audience.

Everyone who met him even if it was once I am sure has a great story to tell about Nitin.

Thank you for the music and also your friendship. The Bombay Death Metal Legion forever.

Here is a video of an unreleased Primtiv track that I took a couple years ago.

Nitin Rajan Photo by Tushar Dhanawade

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November 21, 2020 at 4:15 pm

Planet Radio City gets Metal

leave a comment » is the music portal of Radio City 91.1FM, India’s first and leading FM radio brand. A few years ago, they started Radio City Freedom, a web radio station playing independent music from across the country. At the end of last moth, Radio City launched a dedicated metal web radio station featuring over 100 artists from across the country. I spoke to Nitin Rajan, Product Head – Digital Media & New Business at Radio City about their latest web radio station.


“We had launched Radio City Freedom in 2012 which plays independent music from the Indian diaspora across genres. The station has been doing exceedingly well and the logical progression was to branch out into two main sub-genres which demanded stations of its own, Electronic Music & Metal.” said Nitin about how they decided to have a dedicated web radio station for metal. “Metal with its various sub-genres at this stage has the critical mass to merit its own radio station. A few years ago, without the quantum of music needed to run a radio station would have led to fatigue. So yeah 2015 sounded perfect for Radio City Metal.”

“We have been running a weekly show called Domination@8 on Radio City Freedom and thus were in touch with bands and were collecting music for over a year now. So a dedicated team which sources the music, programs it using the most appropriate music programming techniques and of course customizing it has been a challenge.” said Nitin describing the work that went in to launching the web radio station. “The back end infrastructure was in place as we have been streaming more than 15 web radio stations as a network. So yeah, a lot of planning and hard work has gone behind the scenes to get a quality station out.”

The web radio station currently features 250 songs by bands from across the country, veteran bands like of Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection and even upcoming bands like Mortar and Against Evil. It is quite simple for bands to get featured on the station. “We proactively reach out and source music from upcoming and established talent in the country and add them to our playlist.The bands can send us their music on and our programming team will select the songs based on certain minimum essential requirements mainly – production.” said Nitin about the process.

“Stage One is to stabilize the station with a good library of music from around the country. To reach out to all quality bands spread across the country with the intention of showcasing all the diverse sub-genres being produced.” said Nitin about their future plans. “Later we will call bands and musicians to our studios and have a chat with them, interview them, premiere songs, have online listening parties where bands can launch albums and much more but in due course of time.”

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