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Introducing: Crypt Sermon

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Crypt Sermon

Who: Doom metal band Crypt Sermon The band consists of Steve Jansson (Guitar), James Lipczynski (Guitar) Will Mellor (Bass) Brooks Wilson (Vocals) and Enrique Sagarnaga (Drums)

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What: Crypt Sermon released their debut album ‘Out of the Garden’ in February through Dark Descent Records. “Well, it’s not a concept album but there is definitely a theme revolving around Christian history/mythology.” said guitarist Steve Jansson about the album. “Brooks is the one who writes all of the lyrics for the band. He takes Christian and historical themes and offers alternate starting points or inversions of the common, faith-based epistemology.”

“The songwriting process was pretty varied. The bulk of the demo was written by James and I from just jamming together on our own and coming up with the riffs and general structure. That’s how we did it in the beginning but for Out of the Garden it was much more collaborative since we were working in an actual band environment.” said Steve about how they wrote the album. “Brooks, James or I would often show up to practice with some riffs or ideas and we all would work together to carve out a song. There were also times where one of us would write a song on our own, record it at home and then send it to everyone in the band to hear and work on.”

How: “The recording process started off a bit rocky since there was some complications with some of the click tracks as well as scheduling but after we got through that, it was pretty smooth sailing. The album was recorded in a few different places; the drums in an actual studio, the rhythm guitars at our practice space, bass along with guitar solos in a bedroom and vocals in yet another studio.” said Steve describing the recording of the album. “The guy who recorded the album’s name is Arthur Rizk and he did a really killer job. As far as how long it took, I think a month or so. We recorded on weekends, mostly”.

Listen to ‘Out of the Garden’ below

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April 19, 2015 at 12:31 pm