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Interview with Preludium

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Poland is a hotbed for metal bands, there are currently over 2,714 bands in the country according to metal archives. Death Metal band Vader were the first band to step into the limelight when they signed to Earache records in 1993. In recent years, the most well known bands from the country have been Behemoth and Decapitated.

Preludium are a Death/Black metal band from Poland. A couple years ago, I heard their war-themed third album ‘Impending Hostility’ and really enjoyed. I reviewed it for Earlier this week, they released their fourth album ‘Redemption’ and I spoke to their vocalist/guitarist Lukasz Dziamarski. The band also features Jan Skowron on guitars, Marcin Deszcz on bass and Piotr Ungeheuer on drums.


“The Songs are more varied than on our other albums.” says Lukasz Dziamarski about their latest album. “There are a lot of black metal influences.” The album is a departure from the war theme of ‘Impending Hostility’, it is based on the teachings of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. While the music was written by Lukasz and Jan, the lyrics for the album have been written by Kunal Choksi, owner of their record label Transcending Obscurity. “The idea for the theme of the lyrics was Kunal‘s. He persuaded us that it will be interesting and unique.” explains Lukasz. “There are no black metal/death metal bands that have used this kind of lyrics. So this is good for the band. I think this is very interesting for the European people because this is a completely different culture and their point of view of spiritualism, death, life, suffering is very intriguing.”

Preludium - Redemption ‘Redemption’ was recorded at Roslyn studio near the band’s hometown of Mielec in South east Poland. “This is new recording studio but we worked with its owner Krzysiek Godycki before. As a matter of fact this is old Chinook Studio in a new localization.” says Lukasz about the recording process for the album. “We had recording session in April/May. We recorded all instruments and vocals in 8/9 days. The rest of the 3 weeks session we took in mixing and mastering.”

“The Songs are more varied and the sound is more natural, the drums sound more acoustic than on ‘Impending Hostility’.” says Lukasz describing the music on their latest album compared to their previous one ‘Impending Hostility’. “We used many elements and arranged solutions we haven’t use before. It is still black/death metal in Preludium style but our style is more polished.”

Kunal Choksi had been in contact with the bands since 2009 when he reviewed their second album ‘Raping Mankind Disorder’ on his webzine Diabolical Conquest. “He had written to me with the link to the review and we started to correspond. He wrote that he likes our music and if I need any support he will help us with our band’s promotion.” say Lukasz on how Kunal Choksi signed them to his label. “One day I wrote him that we are searching for a label to release our new album ‘Impending Hostility’. We knew that with his several years of experience with the Diabolical Conquest webzine, he had plenty of contacts and reach. After a few weeks he wrote to me an email saying that he had found a label for us – his own label.”

‘Redemption’ is the band’s second release through Transcending Obscurity. “Transcending Obscurity is a little underground label and it has limited financial possibilities but Kunal believes in the success of Preludium and he does his best to promote the band.” says Lukasz about their label owner “At the moment cooperation goes smoothly, he trusts us and we trust him.”

The band do not have any shows coming up this year. “We want to play some live shows to promote our new album and sell some merch. We will try to organize something when we will have new album in our hands.” says Lukasz about their plans for the next few months.

Listen/Download ‘Redemption’ below

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November 4, 2013 at 11:59 am

Updates for February…

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So here are the reviews as promised in my previous post. The past couple of months have been productive due to more free time thanks to unemployment.

As I mentioned earlier I got quite a few cds from Indian bands, I will be reviewing them for the next month or so. The first few reviews I did are, Amogh Symphony – The Quantam Hack Code – second album from this genius from India. It was a bit hard to review this album as there is so much going on in it. Shades of Retribution – Xongram – Pretty cool debut album from this Assamese Death Metal band. Skrypt – Discord – Debut release by a prog/thrash metal band from my dad’s home town of Hyderabad.

I have also started writing for I will trying to review and interbiew mainly international bands for the site. The first review I wrote was of, Preludium – Impending Hostility, a death metal band from Poland. It is the second release of Diabolical Conquest Records,a new label from India. Heres an Interview with Kunal, the owner of the label on that I contributed to. The interview turned out pretty good and I really enjoyed reading some of Kunals replies.

In the past month, I also worked on questions for interviews with a few bands, one of them is a favourite of mine so I am really looking forwards to how that interview turns out. Will post link to the interview hopefully in the next update.

Finally the Trendcrusher Podcast is back again, this time the focus will be on bands from all over the world not only UAE. More details about it here. I am really happy with the way it has turned out. Cannot wait to start working on the next few episodes.

More updates as it happens…

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March 1, 2011 at 2:29 am