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Anuryzm Interview

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Progressive metal band Anuryzm should not be strangers to readers of this blog. I had interviewed them in January 2012. Since then they have been featured in publications like Metal Hammer and even opened for bands like Black Sabbath last year. Last week they released their second album ‘All Is Not For All’. I spoke to vocalist Nadeem Bibby via email about their new album and their plans for the rest of the year.



Tell us about your new album ‘All Is Not For All’. What is it about?

Hi Peter and thanks for getting in touch, the new record “All Is Not For All” is set as a prequel to 2011’s “Worms Eye View.” Conceptually, the themes of the “worm man/corruptor” are taken back in time to confront the prevailing good in the world, almost like the seeds of a lot of today’s major issues were sown or debated in the past. This is quite an over-simplification of the concepts and themes; it’s kind of like a “use the force” moment where you can be corrupted towards the “dark side” and vice versa. I don’t want to give too much away, but that’s the gist of it.
Lyrically and thematically some themes we cover in “AINFA” include minimalism, re-birth, illness, extraterrestrial encounters, Japanese Bushido code and third culture upbringing to name a few.

What was the writing process for the album?

For AINFA, John (Bakhos, Guitarist and main composer) and I wanted to create something that reflected the current ANURYZM sound and take our time to make something that we were very happy with. John worked his magic as usual while I took the time to digest, conceptualize and deliver my parts. We then spent some time letting it all sink in while the guests were doing their work and we then crafted themes and compositions that excited us. The process took about two years including purposefully taking lengthy periods of time to let things sink in as well as the usual logistics involved with working with guests overseas.
Unlike the making of “Worms Eye View,” which was a challenging but fairly linear and enjoyable process; the writing process for AINFA took us through a lot of struggles and difficulties because as always, life gets in the way of everything. It was a tough couple years for me and maybe some of the other guys in the band. I think this is reflected in the passion and energy on the record which is quite literally crafted of everyone’s blood, sweat and tears.

What was the recording process for the album? Did you try anything different this time around?

Not particularly, of course everything is a learning process but I think everyone kind of did what they are used to, the only major differences being that I recorded my vocals in Abu Dhabi instead of Dubai under the hawkish eyes of Miltiadis Kyvernitis who always pushes me to deliver well. The mastering was done by Bob Katz, which was a new and valuable experience for us
The album was mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain studios. How was it working with him?
It was very educational, firstly because he is a two time Grammy-award winning mastering engineer, so his methods and more specifically, methodology was fascinating to watch and learn. However, because we wanted the album to sound very organic and not artificially loud (like a lot of modern metal is nowadays); we found the collaboration to be perfect! So much so that when the final masters came in, we didn’t even feel the need to ask him to change the sound as we had learned the virtues of this type of mastering along the way. I think it was a rewarding and very interesting process for all involved in the album.

‘All Is Not for All’ features guest performances by Michael LePond (Symphony X), Charlie Zeleny, Uri Dijk, and Christopher Chaplin. How did that happen?

Uri Dijk, we’ve known for a while now as he also featured on “Breaking The Ballot” from our first record. It was such a pleasure working with him and he is very talented that we really wanted to work with him again on AINFA. Charlie Zeleny is a very solid and versatile drummer from NYC who is also a good buddy of ours and was able to work with our hectic schedule.

Mike LePond is an incredible bassist, I think we all know that so it was a pleasant surprise when we reached out to him through some friends and he was interested in performing on the record. Christopher James Chaplin is a very nice person with a very eclectic taste in classical music and I loved his work with Hans-Joachim Roedelius so I really wanted him to play stringed instruments on the track “Oceans Apart.” I think all of the guests did a stunning job and we are very humbled and proud to collaborate with each of them.

All Is Not For All

How does ‘All is Not for All’ compare to ‘Worm’s Eye View’?

Well, it’s definitely more indicative of the stylistic evolution of our sound and thus by default more mature I suppose. For me the most major difference is that the songs will appeal to a lot more music aficionados that just rock and metal enthusiasts due to the sheer nature of the compositions. I don’t like to be pigeon-holed, if it’s heavy music, its heavy music. I think good bands should always surprise and captivate their audiences while maintaining signature sounds. A complete contradiction, I know, but when you are able to do that, it’s very inspirational and rewarding for both the listener and the artists and that’s when the magic happens.

The album is being released by Melodic Revolution Records. How did the deal with them come about?

Sometimes things just happen for a reason I suppose! We feel very blessed in this regard.

How important is the support of a label at present when bands prefer to release their music on their own?

I don’t think anyone has truly found the answer to this question yet! For me it really comes down to how hardworking the band is and what type of label we are talking about. The two go hand in hand.
With Nick Katona and his team over at MRR, they are a different kind of label that focus on progressive music from an over-arching viewpoint. With a lot of different types of prog bands from experimental to rock to folk to metal, it’s a more realistic and natural type of grassroots label that aims to inspire the artists and fans and have more people discover new music. I think this mentality coupled with a lot of hard work from our end, (remember , we are in the Middle East and thus have limited resources available to us as artists,) make for an interesting combination that tends to garner very informed and educated critics and fans.
At the end of the day music is a very personal thing and if we can be part of someone’s personal consciousness for a little while then it’s a beautiful thing. That is some of the credibility afforded to us by being on a label, but by no means is it a substitute for hard work.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Tune in to to find out! We are still working on some things and are usually pretty good about updating our websites and social media.

Any Final words.

Thanks for the interview, shout out to all the Indian fans!! We hope we can play your beautiful country one day soon and I dream of kicking back and hanging out in Bangalore Rock City and other awesome destinations with you all! Love and Respect

Listen/Download ‘All Is Not For All’ below

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July 7, 2015 at 10:01 am

Introducing: Verse Vica

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Verse Vica

Who: Progressive metal band, Verse Vica. The bands consists of Paul Meisner (Guitar), Spencer Brunkhorst (Vocals), Tyler Shehan (Bass) and Greg Marcon (Guitar)

Where: North Carolina, USA

What: The band released their debut album ‘Endeavor’ last month. “We mostly wrote the songs in the order that they appear on the album.” said Paul Meisner about the songwriting process for the album. “We usually start with a guitar riff and then build other ideas off of that. Sometimes we’ll try to carry a theme of a repeating rhythmic pattern throughout a song, presenting it in different ways, or we’ll use polymeters to change how a section feels. Even though our song structure can be complex, we wrote the songs with the intention of having occasional sections that  we’ll repeat and come back to later in order to tie the song together. It took a long time to write and record the whole album, the project took over 1 year. We’re glad to finally have it out for others to enjoy it.”

How: The album was recorded at Paul’s studio. “This made it a very laid back and enjoyable experience, because we were able to take our time and not rush things.” said Paul about the recording process. “We’re very happy with the final product, and we learned a lot in the process”

Renowned producer Jaime King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit) mixed the vocals and also mastered the album. “Even though we didn’t record any of the music with him, having him mix the vocals and master the entire record was a great experience.” said Paul about working with Jaime. “He did a great job with making it sound how we wanted, and he had some great advice and input on things that helped us improve the whole package. Hopefully next time around we can record an entire record with him from the ground up!”

Endeavor’ sounds awesome and is a must listen of all fans of progressive rock/metal. Listen/Download to the album for free below

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November 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Benevolent Interview

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Benevolent are a Dubai based progressive metal band. Started by brothers Hadi and Fadi Sarieddine in Kuwait, they moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2011 after the release of their EP “Divided”. The brothers are joined by Mohammad Gad on rhythm guitar. The vacant drum throne has been filled by Andols Herrick (Ex-Chimaira) on their new release. It has been a great year for the band so far, their album “The Covenant” released last month and then they were added to the lineup for the Euroblast festival. I spoke to Gad and Hadi about the album, Euroblast and a lot more.


Hi guys, it’s been a great month for you, first the release of your album “The Covenant” and now you’ve been added to the line for the Euroblast festival. How does it feel?

Gad: I cannot find words to describe how hearing this news made us feel. It has been surprise after surprise with Benevolent so far and we must say that we are very grateful for the things that have been occurring with us prior to and post releasing The Convenant. We are very happy with the pace that we are moving at and are very overjoyed to see our name on the Euroblast roster. Not to mention that we really look forward to sharing the venue and stage with bands whom we have been listening to for several years now. It is a dream come true.

Hadi: It’s been absolutely amazing, we feel really grateful. When you create art you’re really opening yourself up and committing chapters of yourself into the pieces that you work on and when you find that this work resonates with people and listeners who experience the record pick up on the vibes it’s truly humbling and very gratifying. With the album’s release, the reviews we’ve been receiving, being confirmed to play at Euroblast, and continuing to work on more exciting things we are really happy and inspired right now!

Tell us about your new album “The Covenant”.

Fadi: Our debut full-length album “The Covenant” is an emotional ride and a journey of sound as moments of anger and aggression are followed with a groovy melody and an awe-inspiring atmosphere.

The album constitutes of 11 tracks with ambience being the main component onto which everything else is structured upon. ‘The Covenant’ is very diverse in its sound as it combines elements of Djent and Melodic Death metal with moments of groovy beats and very catchy clean choruses.

Lyrically, we actually wrote the lyrics separately and although the album is not and was not intended to be a conceptual album after the lyrical creative process was concluded, we realized that the tracks sort of complimented each other. Overall, the album discusses the warfare taking place individually within each and every one of us but with a positive twist.

You released your EP “Divided” in 2010. How long did the writing process for “The Covenant” take?

Hadi: We started working on ‘The Covenant’ straight up after Divided EP was released, but that was a really early stage in the writing process and we didn’t end up using any of the songs that we demoed back then per se. However, the first two songs that shaped the sound of the new album were ‘The Seeker’ and ‘Metamorphosis’, those two songs were the first two solid tracks that were completed as far as the writing goes and they set the tone forward for the rest of the tracks.

The album was recorded and produced at Haven Studio in UAE and mastered by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds in the UK. How was the recording process? How long did it take?

Hadi: The record was recorded and produced at Haven Studio which is the studio that I run in the UAE, this was one of the best decisions we’ve taken because it allowed us to truly get intimate with these songs and add a lot of depth to them as we went along.

The way we work is that we actually record as we go along in writing, the way it works is that we write songs on our DAWs straight up and most times we record the final takes from the get go, unless a riff requires us to do some work to nail it down at a 100%. Precisely what happened was the riffs would be written / recorded and then MIDI bass and drums would be written along and those would serve as ‘tabs’ for us to refer back to in case we wanted to make sure about the right notes or whatnot. Both bass and drums were obviously re-recorded at a later stage.

The very last elements that went into the recording were the guitar solos and all the production clean / layer guitars. A lot of those elements were actually recorded from the get go as well but a few layers were added later.

Gad: The recording process was a bit unorthodox on this album yet very enjoyable to say the least. There were times when we as individuals would record our parts/takes individually and send them across to one another (given that we reside in different countries) and times when we would all do so in the same room. A substantial portion of the bass parts on this album were written during the bass recording sessions, meaning the creative process and the recording sessions were pretty much the same thing with respect to bass as well.

Recording and producing ‘The Covenant’ at Haven Studios and later Mastering at 4D sounds was the most we could ask for for this album. We have looked at a few other options beforehand and in turn decided that those 2 studios could gave us the most desirable output sonically.

How does the album compare to your previous release ‘Divided’?

Fadi: We believe that the music that comes out is always a representation of the artists behind the writing process and ‘The Covenant’ certainly is exactly that as it represents how much we have changed over the past few years since the release of our EP Divided.

The band featured several line-up changes since 2010 and we are certainly more tightly knit as unit due to these changes. Furthermore, we have greater believe in ourselves as musicians and with what we can bring to the table when compared to the writing process of Divided. Our personal musical influences have also changed over the past few years.

For me ‘The Covenant’ represents the band’s natural growth as the album is very atmospheric and that is what we intended to achieve when the writing process started.

Hadi: Just to add on to that, we are really honest in the way that we create music and we work toward serving the true essence of the song and the message that is passing through it whether it is on the instrumental or lyrical level.

Each and every song on this album is an audible translation of experiences, thoughts, feelings, or stuff that we simply come across as we live our day to day lives. Every person perceives things differently and explains them different and ‘The Covenant’ is our way of telling the stories of things related to internal anxieties, fears, discovering ones truths, and other internal warfare topics as Fadi put it.

“The Covenant” features Andols Herrick on drums. How did he become part of the album?

Gad: We have comically discussed the idea of bringing in a drum icon to record one of the songs on this album (only a thought to be entertained back when we first brought it up). Then we decided why not actually give it a shot?

The band then approached drum icon Andols Herrick and sent him the songs off of ‘Divided EP’.
To our surprise, he enjoyed the music and expressed his interest to work with us as well on this record, and seeing that reaction was mind-blowing for us.

Initially, we had agreed to have him record one song with us (that being Metamorphosis). But we collectively decided that all the other tracks on the album should be recorded by him.

Outside the realm of music, we took great notice on how great and humble he is as a character. He was also very supportive and went out of his way to truly share and spread the album to his fan base both before and after the release. To have developed this rapport with him during the course of the recording process is a thing that we are truly honored and proud of.

I would like to think that the release of this album is not the last chapter of Andol’s and Benevolent’s association, so let us see what the days bring.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any live shows planned other than Euro blast?

Hadi: We’ve got a bunch of different things that we’re working on right now. Those most revolve around playing shows and getting our music out to the world. More and more details on what we’ve got cooking will be surfacing in the time coming.

Any Final words

Hadi: We would like to thank everyone who is supporting us and inspiring us in multitudes of ways, we look forward to seeing you all out on the road!

Listen to “The Covenant” below

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Midhaven are an upcoming metal band from Mumbai,India. They released a promising EP “Tales from the Tide” last year and their debut album “Spellbound” will be out later this month via Universal Music India. I spoke to their vocalist/guitarist Karan Seven Kaul to find out more about the album.

Could 2014 turn out to be another big year for the Indian metal scene? With forthcoming releases from heavyweights like Demonic Resurrection, Bhayanak Maut, Undying Inc and Scribe (long overdue) amongst others, I personally wouldn’t bet against it.

Last month, I got an email from Sahil ‘The Demonstealer’ Makhija about a new, full-length release from Midhaven, an upcoming band from Mumbai. I’d never heard much apart from an EP called Tales From The Tide from 2013 that suggested a band with some promise, so I was curious as to what they sounded like now. After a couple of spins through their debut album Spellbound (buy here), I realized their combination of clean and growling vocals plus a lot of melodic riffage sets them apart from their peers in the country. I was hooked and just had to find out more.

Midhaven started out in 2011 and now comprises Karan Seven Kaul (guitars, vocals), Shreyas Rane (guitars), Abhishek Sawant (bass, vocals) and Viraaj Saxena on drums. “It feels really amazing!” said an excited Karan Kaul about the release. “We’ve wanted to launch this album from the day we wrapped up at the studio, the day is finally coming! After months of hard work, it feels good to see that it’s paying off.” Describing the album Karan said, “the album consists of nine tracks, each placed in order to tell the listeners a story of rage, rebellion, loss and the death of the Sun God. It also focuses on the Indian God of Destruction – Shiva. This is a concept album which might be a bit hard to understand at first, but I guess if you give it some time, the songs will speak the story out to you.”

While their concept might be similar to Rudra from Singapore, their sound is unlike the vedic metal band. The writing for the album commenced after the release of 2013′a Tales From The Tide. “As the year went by, we wrote a close to 14 tracks (including ones written at the studio),” said Karan describing their writing process, “Four were scratched while a song of ours called ‘Altair’ was merged with another new one which in turn gave birth to ‘Fall of Olympus’. The song ‘Death Row’ has our producer, Jordan Veigas, on guest vocals.”


Spellbound sees the band move in a direction heavier than that of their last cut. “It wasn’t really decided that we’d go to the heavier side.” explains Karan. “The riffs came out sludgy and we got Abhishek to handle half of the album’s vocals along with Karan as well as breakdowns and guitar solos. So in a way, we basically started making music that we wanted to, that we enjoyed, and that just happens to be metal.”

The album was recorded at Jordan Veigas Music Productions between June and September last year. “Honestly, it was loads of hard work plus Jordan’s amazing connection with us that made the album.” said Karan about recording with the Reverrse Polarity bassist. “He’s a brilliant producer and an amazing friend who guided us, stole my cigarettes, loved to have a drink with us, believed in our music and wanted to make the best metal album out there.”

Midhaven are the third Indian band to have their album released by Universal Music after Reptilian Death and Coshish, no mean feat for a band that have been around for just over two years. “We’re still bare chest and celebrating all day because of the signing *beats chest in excitement*” exclaims Karan, “Universal Music dug our EP and the minute we got a call from them, we knew we had to speed things up. So, after four months of being in the studio and another two months of waiting for it to be mixed and mastered, we finally went up to their office with the album. They loved it and the next thing you know, we struck a deal! We’re honoured that a major label is backing us, it really does feel amazing.”

The band will be spending the rest of the year playing shows, starting with their album launch tour which is currently being put together. Catch them on tour when they hit your city, till then check out the lyric video for ‘Seeking The Divine’ below. Also, check out a recent review of Spellbound by fellow scribe Ritwik Deshpande, who called it “the most consistent and satisfying Indian metal release of 2014 so far.”

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Skyharbor – “Blinding White Noise:Illusion & Chaos” Review

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The long awaited album by progressive band  Skyharbor has finally been released. Keshav Dhar has surpassed all expectations with his debut. The last album from India that make an impression on me was “Abolishing the Obsolete System” by Amogh Symphony. Read my review of “Blinding White Noise:Illusion & Chaos below (Originally posted on Indianrockmp3) 2012 is slowly shaping up to be a great year for Indiean bands. Many of the releases that were on our lists of bands to watch out for in 2012 have released their long awaited album like Split, Kryptos, SkyRabbit, another band to add to the list is Skyaharbor. Keshav Dhar is no stranger to IRMP3 regulars. He has been featured here a few times, as “Band of the day” in 2009 and in January 2010 he was the “Chosen 1”.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few years and are unaware of who Skyharbor is, the band was started by Keshav Dhar in 2009 as Hydrodjent. Recently he added two more members to theband Anup Sastry on Drums and Nikhil Rufus – Bass. They performed live for the first time at the Bacardi NH7 Festival in Pune in November last year.

Skyharbor has released their long-awaited debut album, “Blinding White Noise: Illusion and Chaos” through Basick Records, a progressive Metal label from UK. The album consists of 2 cds, the first cd “Illusion” has Daniel Tompkins (White Moth Black Butterfly, Piano, ex-TesseracT) on vocals and Sunneith Revankar (Bhayanak Maut/Providence) on the 2nd “Chaos”. “Dots” one of the first songs i heard by Keshav kicks off the 1st cd. I was surprised how seamlessly Dan’s vocals fit into the songs as they were initially written as instrumentals. The album hits a peak at “Catharsis”, the track which got Skyharbor a lot of attention and new listeners as it was featured on the Metal Hammer “Global Metal” compilation. Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth) plays a guitar solo on the track. “Night” offers a brief respite in the middle of the album. “Celestial” which feature guest solos by Vishal J. Singh (Amogh Symphony) is another monstrous track. The songs on the 2nd cd “Chaos” are like name suggests the more aggressive. It’s a short listen with 3 tracks clocking in just under 14 minutes. “Aphasia”, a song about anger is the stand out track on this cd especially the bridge section “And I hate…”.

Daniel and Sunnieth have delivered a great vocal performance which reflects the production skills of Keshav. A special mention goes out to Aaquib Wani for designing a great album cover. With the recent trend of bands releasing their music online for free I have noticed that the quality of artwork has been lacking. I am sure this album will end up on the “Best album” lists of many metal writers in India and Internationally at the end of the year. Delete all those Hydrodjent demoes from your hard drive and pick up a copy of “Blinding White Noise: Illusions and Chaos” from Basick Records.

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Interview with Odyssey

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Odyssey are a progressive metal band from Lahore, Pakistan. I heard about them through my friend Shaheryar, who released their debut album, “Ghosts of Yesterday” through his label Gasmask Holocaust. I was really impressed by the production of the album as most of the artists I have heard from Pakistan are either auto tuned or really poorly produced. They have released their second album, “Crossroads to Oblivion” online earlier this month.

Find out more about the album, their influences and also the music scene in Lahore/Pakistan in my interview with their guitarist Hussam Raza.

Congrats on the release of your 2nd album “Crossroads to Oblivion”. Tell us a bit about the album.

Hussam: Thanks! The album clocks in around 46 minutes with 8 songs on it. Some are very heavy while others are more melodic. Most of the album sounds quite dark with songs like The Reckoning, Dreamslayer and Swansong, but then there more uplifting songs like The Eden Prophecy also to balance things out.

The album has been self-produced. What was the recording process like?

Hussam: It was a pretty tiring but fulfilling experience. We recorded this album at our bass player’s home studio. He was getting ready to leave for Berklee at the time to pursue a degree in music, so we only had a small window of about 2 months to write and record this album. We were jamming almost every day from 6pm onwards since some of us had day jobs and others were studying in the day. So yes, it was quite crazy but we managed to do it and we are all especially proud of this album.

“Crossroads to Oblivion” has released for free on soundcloud and youtube, what’s the reason behind it??

Hussam: The reason was basically to get our music out there for people to listen to. Our main aim was to make people aware of our music. Besides, the music industry is changing. People are not buying CD’s anymore and especially here in Pakistan, nobody buys CD’s anyway. Everyone downloads off the Internet. So we decided to use the medium as a promotional tool instead of going against it.

You released your debut album ‘Ghosts of Yesterday’ in 2010. How was the response to the album?

Hussam: The response was brilliant. We sent out CD’s to places like the UK and Dubai as well and everyone really appreciated us. That was our first album so it will always be very special to us.

You’ve released 2 songs in Urdu, “Khabi Nahin” and a cover of “Hawa Hawa”. Why did you decided to release your albums in English and not Urdu??

Hussam: We’ve actually released three songs. ‘Zameen’ is one of our most popular songs here in Pakistan. But the reason we decided to release our albums in English is because Urdu doesn’t suit progressive metal at times. The Urdu songs we have recorded so far were recorded in Urdu because the language suited the music and we felt we could make it work. But I really cannot imagine some of the songs on Crossroads To Oblivion or even Ghosts Of Yesterday in Urdu. It would end up sounding forced and contrived and that is something we wanted to avoid.

Dream Theatre and Symphony X are the obvious influences, which other bands that have influenced your music?

Hussam: Metallica was the reason why most of us even started listening to music and they remain a HUGE influence even today. Megadeth, Savatage, Alice In Chains, Opeth, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are also really big influences.

How did you get into metal? What was the first band you owned? Which first cd you bought?

Hussam: I personally got in to music because my mom one day bought me Metallica’s S&M CD which had just been released. Once I heard that, my world changed forever. So Metallica definitely was the starting point and they remain my personal favourite band today.

Are there any other metal bands from Lahore that we should know about?

Hussam: Takatak is a pretty good band here from Lahore. They’re very influenced by Lamb Of God and have released a couple of songs so far.

Are there any live gigs in Lahore and other cities like Karachi and Islamabad?

Hussam: Yes, Lahore has quite a few gigs. They’ve dried up a bit in the last year or so, but we had an initiative called ‘The Mosh Pit’ which was started by a few kids here. That was a metal gig only with all the best metal bands from the country coming together to perform. We’ve had two of those so far, and looking forward to more of them in the future.

Thanks for your replies. Any Final words?

Hussam: Do check out our music at and our official Facebook page at

Here is “DreamSlayer”, one of my favourite songs from “Crossroads to Oblivion”

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Interview with Anuryzm

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Anuryzm is a progressive metal band based in Dubai, UAE.  Started by John Bakhos in 2003, the band recently release their album Worm’s Eye View after going through different line ups while based in Lebanon, Canada, Turkey. Find out more about the album, the latest line up and their plans for 2012 in my interview with John below.

Hi John, congrats on the release of your album ‘Worm’s Eye View’ (WEV). It has been a while in the making, what are your thoughts on the album finally being released.

Thank you! I’m breathing a sigh of relief. In hindsight, we couldn’t have released it at a better time. It’s as if the pieces of the puzzle fell into place exactly when they should have.

What was the song writing process for the album like?

Back when I started writing the material, I was transitioning from writing extreme metal tunes (with my other band Ordum) to prog rock/metal ones. I wanted whatever I did next to be even more guitar-driven than before. In no time, I had written and layered a handful of material into song formats ready for an album. It was only when Nadeem and I teamed up that we had to revisit many sections of songs to fit vocals and melodies and make sure everything sounded right before we hit the studio. We gave Rami and Martin complete freedom in writing their parts the way they saw fit, they are both professional musicians and they knew exactly what WEV needed.

Worm’s Eye View” sounds great. Tell us a bit about the recording process.

We had somewhat of a relaxed atmosphere doing the album. Drums took a little longer than the rest, considering the logistical issues of having Martin record in Stockholm with us being far away.
All the other instruments were done in the UAE. Guitars and Synths were mostly recorded at my place, bass guitars at Rami’s, and vocals were done at Deff Ears Productions & MNK studios.

Are you satisfied with how the album has turned out?

Definitely! We wanted to make sure that we got a huge and clear sound overall. The music certainly deserves it in my opinion, and I’m really happy with the results.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the album.

I was inspired by more of an early 90’s metal and classic prog rock vibe than by anything new, however we also worked hard to make the sound modern and relevant to this day and age. I suppose all my travelling and erratic displacement was an inspiration in the album.
Also releasing this album was intended to honour my old friend, and one of the founding members of Anuryzm, Bernard. He passed away some years ago while I was in Turkey, at a time when the band had been put on hold for different reasons.

Martin Lopez plays drums on the album. How did you manage to get him on the album?

Well, I just got in touch with him and showed him some demos. He really liked the material, so I asked him if he’d like to play drums on the record, and surprise surprise… he said yes!

How did Nadeem, Rami, Milton, Jay and Imad become part of the band?

Nadeem and I were friends since high school when we started playing in a thrash band. We kept in touch over the years, and when I came back to the UAE, I met up with him to catch up. Then I heard his vocal capacity and range, and my jaw dropped instantly. He was the man for the job, and I keep telling him to this day that his voice is the next voice of metal and rock!
I saw Rami playing bass at a local show in Dubai. I remembered watching him years earlier at a gig in Lebanon, and I remember thinking “this guy can play!” So, I just walked up to him after the show, we got introduced and talked, and the rest is history.
We worked on the album at Milton’s studio, and after hearing his production and guitar work with Private Government, I was really impressed. He was also very familiar with Anuryzm’s tunes, so it seemed only logical to ask him to play rhythm guitar live with us as well.
As for Imad, we had watched his videos and then got in touch. His playing has an excellent mix of finesse and aggression that coincided exactly with Martin’s playing on the record. It came as no surprise that he’s a big fan of Martin’s work, so the choice was obvious.
Jay is a very creative synth player. I’ve known him since my days back in Lebanon when he used to play with a band called Dilemma. Somehow we bumped into him at a bar in Dubai, and found ourselves jamming with him shortly after.

You’ve continued with Anurzym across 3 countries (Lebanon, Canada and United Arab Emirates), where does the future for the band lie ?

Don’t forget Turkey; actually the majority of WEV was written there. Hopefully Anu will stay in the UAE hahaha! I’m just tired of moving. I’m very grateful to have found all the guys here, it’s been really amazing so far and I’m pretty confident that we’ll be around for the long haul.

What are your thoughts on the music scene in Dubai/UAE?

From my experience in the places I’ve travelled, I see Dubai as being still in the early stages of development for a ‘thriving’ rock/metal scene. There aren’t enough supporters yet to help push the music higher, and foster creativity. There are also very few good promoters, sound engineers, studios, and merchandise stores, mixed in with a lot of red-tape when it comes to metal music. We have a ways to go before we look something like London or Istanbul. But we’ll get there eventually.

What are your plans for 2012?

We’ve been pushing WEV to labels and working hard at getting coverage in many countries. 2012 will be no different; we’ll continue to do the same for this album. Our website should be launching soon as well.
I’m also happy to say that we’ve already begun pre-production work for the next album.

You’ve played a couple gigs so far, any more happening soon? Tours being planned?

We are planning to put out a show in Dubai for the OFFICIAL release of the album. It should happen by end of January or beginning February. As for the rest of the year, I’m sure we’ll have more UAE-based shows lined up.
As for touring, details aren’t set in stone yet, but we are definitely working at a mini-tour arrangement around the Middle-East/Africa/Asia later this year. We’ll have more news about that in the coming months. Definitely some surprises in store!

Thank you for taking time out to answer my questions. Do you have any final words or thoughts?

Thank you Peter! On behalf of the guys, I want to thank everyone that has been supporting us so far. A big shout out to you and the Indian fans! Nadeem loved India when he visited and had great things to say about the rock and metal scene so we hope to get invited to play one day soon!

Anuryzm is

John Bakhos – Guitars
Miltiadis Kyvernitis – Guitars
Nadeem Bibby – Vocals
Imad Dahleh – Drums
Rami Lakkis – Bass
Jay Jahed – Synth
Martin Lopez – Drums (session)

Listen to “Worm’s Eye Viewhere and  buy the album  here


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Interview with Aliases

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Aliases are British technical metal band that took everyone by surprise with the release of their demo track “We Never Should Have Met” last year. Their debut release, “Safer Than Reality” is out on August 15th via Basick Records. Read on to find about more about their debut album, playing at Euroblast festival and their upcoming tour.


Hey guys congrats on the release of your debut album “Safer than Reality”. Tell us a bit about the album

Thanks! We’re very pleased to finally be releasing it on August 15th. “Safer Than Reality” is a product of our crazy imagination and personalities. When we started writing these 8 tracks, we tried to create what we would like to hear and mix everyone ideas into it.

What was the recording process like?

The recording was great fun, we were still bonding as a band and getting to grips with the parts as everything came together, so for us it was a really organic process. We only recorded drums and vocals outside the comforts of our home studios so the majority of time spent recording was massively chilled, we then went back into the studio with Rick Powell to mix and master and the end product has definitely captured the intensity we were looking for.

Are you happy with how the album has turned out?

Yes, we definitely are. It’s the beginning of something great. Hopefully people will like it too. We set out to let the music push our capabilities and yet retain proper songs! That’s what it’s all about, not just crazy technical stuff for the sake of it. More than just the music, we were very lucky to have Seldon Hunt on board to produce some amazing artwork for us.

You recently released the video for “What’s left for us” produced by international film-maker Benjamin Cappelletti. How was experience?

We learnt never to trust an artistic French producer with crazy concepts and ideas! It was loads of fun working with Ben though; he pushed us beyond belief to achieve the best results possible. Although we had the absolutely freezing ‘glowing water’ thrown all over us at 4am in march in a sub zero barn…..we forgave him and can’t wait to work with him in the future!

For Pin: How did Aliases come together after the demise of Sikth ? How did you meet the other members of the band?

After putting together and working on various projects, constantly searching for members and often working with people in other countries I just wanted a functional band that could write next level music and actually spend time writing together to get the best of each person’s abilities.

It seemed the answer was obvious and staring us in the face. I was living with Leah and we were both trying to get bands up & running, it seemed simple to take advantage of the home studio and put together a kick arse band! After a few weeks writing we realised we had hit the nail on the head with the members we had found & went on to find Jay Berast who although living in Paris was definitely the man for the job. The band and the members just work. We write what we want to hear and the personalities just work together perfectly.

How did you get signed to with Basick Records?

Everything went really fast for us. It seemed we were hunting each other down as we contacted them only to find out we were already on their hit list! Things kicked off for us at Euroblast Festival where we caught up over many a Jagermeister! And we plied Barley with a lot of drinks … that may explain why we got signed…

What equipment did you use on your album and also live?

*insert world’s longest list of gear ever here*

Pre-dominantly Blackmachine, Parker, ENGL, Diezel, TC Electronics, Warwick, Ampeg, Pearl & Zildjian

How was it performing at the Euroblast Festival in Germany alongside bands like Monuments Chimp Spanner and Vildhjarta ?

Fantastic, what a night! Not only to play along such talent but they’re good friends of ours and the more time spent touring alongside them, the better! It was our first gig ever and we travelled from the UK to Germany in a VW Polo with all of our gear so it was an experiment. The crowd was excellent and it was maybe one of the best organised gigs we have seen so far. We are playing there again this year and I am sure it is gonna be huge!

There are many new technical metal bands coming out of the UK in the past couple of years, which are your favourite bands?

To be honest we don’t listen to a lot of technical music. I know that sounds weird with the music we’re making! We have an Ace of Base, Lady Gaga, 80’s and 90’s best songs (made by Darren) mix CD in our van. I think it’s not only the UK, all over Europe there are good metal bands whatever genres or names you want to give them. A few of our personal favourites would include Mask Of Judas, Chimp Spanner, Visions, Cyclamen, Chronographs, in Ireland you’ll find Censura or Hero in Error and in France, you’ll have Beyond the Dust or Hord.

Do you have any upcoming gigs/tours??

We will be on tour in the UK in September with our label buddies Visions then we’ll be rearing our ugly heads once more at Euroblast Festival in October and after that we will hit the UK again with Textures and The Ocean in November/December. Hopefully loads more to come….we’ll play wherever you want us! India we’re looking at you 😉

You have already started writing a new album, how will it compare to “Safer than Reality”?

It’s shaping up to be mental….early days as it is but we intend to push everything forward, more melody, more chaos, heavier, softer. It’s exciting as writing this time we have spent time playing together and really know how to push each other and get the best out of a group of extremely talented and creative musicians! Hopefully ‘Safer Than Reality’ will leave you hungry for more!!

Any final words?

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Thanks to Lisa from Hold Tight PR for hooking me up with the interview.

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