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Tom (Allfather) interview

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Allfather are no strangers here, I first featured the band in 2016. That was post the release of their 2nd EP, Bless the Earth with Fire.

I spoke to Allfather vocalist Tom ahead of the release of their upcoming album, A Violent Truth. We discussed the challenging writing and recording process behind the album, his side projects, and more.

Tracks played on this episode

Allfather – Take their eyes

Check out A Violent Truth

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March 30, 2023 at 9:54 am

Hassan Amin (Zanjeer) interview

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In 2014, I had interviewed Pakistani grindcore act Multinational Corporations and has since been in touch with vocalist Hassan Amin.

Hassan’s latest band is based in Germany and a punk act composed of musicians from  Colombia, England and Germany. A couple weeks ago they released their debut release, ‘Parcham Buland Ast’.

I caught up with him to find out more about Zanjeer, the topics on ‘Parcham Buland Ast’, his hip hop projects and much more.

Full Audio interview

Songs played on this episode 

Zanjeer – Nakhair 

Daranti Group – Represent 

Zanjeer – Taliban Murdabad

Buy Parcham Buland Ast on Vinyl here –

Multinational Corporations interview from 2014 –

Article on Karachi Biryani on Fifty Two –

A good interview about Hassan’s background and more on Unite Asia –

Hassan photo courtesy – Ramis Abbas

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September 17, 2022 at 8:50 am

Horns Up Podcast: Episode 27

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Grey Britain the second album by English hardcore punk band Gallows is not an album I was familiar with earlier. For a new edition of the All A’s album on the Horn Up Podcast we decided to discuss it with music journalist and friend Anurag Tagat .

How relevant is the Grey Britain ten years later, and does it still hold the listener? Is it an All A’s Album? Hit Play below to find out the answers to it and more.

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August 27, 2019 at 11:29 am

Fistful of Metal # 6

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One hour of metal/punk from India. All recent releases.

Track list

Primitiv – Taurus
Escher’s Knot – Covolution
Hostilian – Regressive Instincts
Heathen Beast – Bloody Sabrimala
Kapala – Moral Attrition
Plague Throat – The Epoch Of Catastrophe II
Haiku-Like Imagination – Ozzifer
SkyPunch – From Above
Bhayanak Maut – Pinkadass
Pacifist – Pedigreed
FALSE FLAG – Counterfeit
SHEPHERD – Weed Dealer
Rainburn – Merchant of Dreams


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One of the best things about the internet for me is the ability to discover bands from around the world. The Asian music scene is a trove of metal and hardcore bands. I was recently listening to a split between Hong Kong hardcore act Dagger and Singapore sludge act HRVST. Dagger is a relatively new band, members have previously been a part of bands like King Ly Chee, Yau Dong and FightxClub. I spoke to the band about the split, the music scene in Hong Kong and Asia and also their upcoming shows.

Read the interview on The Metal Wanderlust

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September 21, 2018 at 9:30 am

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Fredag Den 13:e Interview

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Fredag Den 13:e is a crust punk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have been around for nearly a decade now however I heard about them through my friend Andy (Everydayhate) who released their latest album ‘Domedagar‘. The album sounds awesome and reminded me a bit of Kvelertak.

I spoke to the band about ‘Domedagar’ and their plans for the rest of the year.

Fredag den 13e

Jacob (Guitars & Vocals), Peter (Bass & Vocals), Anders (Vocals), Stoffe (Guitars) and Niclas (Drums) (From Left to Right)

Could you please introduce the band briefly for those who have not heard of you before.

We started Fredag den 13:e back in 2006, so we are celebrating ten years as a band next spring. During this period we have released 3 seven inches and 3 albums, with “Domedagar” being the most recent. This album is also the first one with our new bass player Peppe. The album has this far received very good reviews and we are very happy with all the kind words from all around the world.

Tell us a bit about your latest album “Domedagar”, what is it about?

This album is written during a time of chaos. We witness how fascist parties throughout Europe are growing in size, we destroy the world around us and we fuck shit up in a way that can’t be stopped. “Domedagar” means “Judgement Days” and is a paraphrase to these facts.

What was the songwriting process for the album? How long did it take?

This album is the first one with our new bass player Peppe, and his involvement in the creative process has been a big change for us. I have played together with Peppe in other constellations for more than half my life and we work very well together. He is a multi-instrumentalist and used to play drums and guitar in the other bands we’ve had. Check out our hardcore band The Process if you want to hear some of that.

How does “Domedagar” compare to your previous album “Tjugohundratretton”?

It’s a faster and darker album, compared to our previous albums. I’d say that it our most divided album this far as well. We try to combine all the music that we like, from black metal to rock n roll, and I think you can hear this on our latest album.

“Domedagar” was recorded in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan by Fred (Gust, Anchor) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Studios. How was the recording process? How long did it take?

We recorded the music for this album during two weekends in Trollhättan with Fred. He’s a great guy with superb ears, so the music sounded really good right away. We started with Niclas laying the drums the first weekend. Then we followed with guitars and bass the second. The vocals was put down on tape at the end. When we were happy with the mix, we sent it all to Brad in the US and got it mastered. We are so happy with the result and Tobias from Grieved did a great job with the artwork as well.

The album was released on cd by Everyday Hate Records. How did you get signed to the label?

We started working with EDH on our album “Tjugohundratretton” and they have released the “Domedagar” CD as well. They are great at what they do and we have got in contact with numerous of cool people through EDH.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any gigs/tours coming up?

We are heading out in Sweden this autumn, visiting Stockholm and Västerås with our friends in From Soil. And in late November we will support Totalt Jävla Mörker when the visit Gothenburg. That is gonna be a blast! We are heading out in Europe again later in the spring, when the weather is better again.

Any final words?

Keep on rocking in a free world!

Listen to ‘Domedagar‘ below and buy the Cd here

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October 31, 2015 at 6:15 pm

Rishu Singh (ennui.BOMB)

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I’ve was going through my old emails and found this interview I did with Rishu Singh from for Indianrockmp3 4 years ago before the release of the 4th edition of Stupid Ditties, India’s premier unmetal indie compilation. Manage bands, organise gigs, release compilations, he has done it all. Read on to find out more about Stupid Ditties, ennui.BOMB and his thoughts on the indie scene in India.

Hey Rishu, Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule, what’s new in the ennui.BOMB camp?

Well there is something happening in the ennui camp after a while. So that’s what’s new!
We’re busy with the launch of the 4th installment of Stupid Ditties, launch concerts for the same in Mumbai and Delhi, managing a new hardcore punk band, The Riot Peddlers, and kicking off a new gig series called ‘Kill The Weekday’. Most of this possible due to an ankle fracture, lotsa time at home and my considerate employers, Rolling Stone India.

Congrats on SD4 release, what can you tell us about it? How different it is from previous editions of the compilation?

Thanks! Frankly, there’s nothing new about SD4. It still is exactly what we started out as, “an unmetal compilation of original Indian music”. I doubt that will ever change! In terms of music, its got some genres we’ve never touched like hip-hop and ska. Overall, it’s heartening to see various artists all over India try their shit. Just the fact that we have musicians who are making music they believe in is good enough to put them on a compilation and/or listen to them. It’s the song that counts. Fuck recording quality! The Stupid Ditties series is a leg up. I hope someone somewhere (do A&R people still exist?) loves that badly recorded song a band has made and signs them on for a multi-trillion dollar contract!

Free CD giveaway?? What’s the Catch? Doesn’t it hurt the pocket?

Hahaha! There’s no catch bro. Both my wife Aditi and me have jobs, are rockers and have grown up in this scene. We’d rather spend some money on something like this. And frankly it’s best doing it without a sponsor to retain the creative control of what we want to do in terms of art and promotion. Though a sponsor with the same sensibilities wouldn’t hurt! But I guess I’m too lazy to go around asking!

One question I have been dying to ask you, what’s the story behind the name ennui.BOMB?

I think when you get too fucking bored, there’s bound to be some sort of a huge energy release. It could be constructive or destructive depending on your frame of mind. ennui.BOMB is that energy release. To bomb some of our fucked up boredom away! Hahaha!

Going back in time, you have had a bad experience with releasing ‘We Are The Scene 2’. Yet! You have successfully released SD series both physically and Digitally, What kept you going?

There’s never been a “bad experience” as such. WATS2 was supported financially by Throatlatch Records. I think they gave us Rs.5000 which was a big deal at that time. It’s just that WATS2 made me realize what exactly I wanted to push/promote, which was all the other music apart from metal that was not being looked at.

Stupiditties 1 was sponsored by Bhargava’s Musik and we took a small load to make the CD look and feel like a great unmetal CD. Eventually, we got super support from (now to release the next 2 compilations. So there has always been encouragement and support. And obviously the more time you spend in the music business, the more you know where costs can come down. That helped too.

A few years ago ennui.BOMB was managing bands like Medusa, Tripwire, Split among others, then you quit managing bands and now you are managing Riot Peddlers. What is the reason behind the move? Change of heart?

See, when I joined Rolling Stone India managing events, there were times when RS was looking at say a Medusa to play a gig. From RS’s perspective I could only pay the band X. At the same time, as the band’s manager, I knew that my band charges Y. So effectively I was negotiating with myself! Which didn’t make sense to me.

And the intention was always promoting these bands wherever I could because I know they are great. For example, Medusa has toured the UK and recorded with John Leckie. Split is doing fabulously for themselves now.

So I decided to quit as band manager but promote them wherever possible.

With Riot Peddlers, it’s a different story. The band is not as mainstream as most of these were. It requires a niche audience and I don’t see handling business for them clashing with my responsibilities at RS. Not to forget that they blew me away from the first scratch version I heard of their demo. So yea..

From organising gigs on terraces to now organizing gigs in bars/clubs for Rolling Stone, how did you make the transition?

I guess I can say I’m lucky to have found the job I am passionate about.

SD1 had a kickass launch gig at razz and finally there are more launch gigs happening for you with this release. How did you manage to crack that?

Most of the ennui gigs you will see are good offers for everyone involved. The bands get paid, people get free gigs with/without freebies like CDs, and the venues get a crowd. As long as everyone’s happy with the business/exposure they are getting, that’s what ennui.BOMB is about. I don’t want to make money from it. At least not right now with a job and all.

So the task is approaching people and sounding off ideas. If a venue sees potential for business or exposure, they will pick it up. Try it.

Do you think Punk is dead? And metal is taking over?

Metal has always been the biggest rock subculture in India. That and classic rock. Punk in India is a very haphazard tiny tiny vibe right now. Bands need to get their music out to people, connect with other bands in other parts of the country, go down and play different cities to get the whole punk vibe booming. It will happen. It’s inevitable.

What you think about current Indie India? What (Indie India) bands have you been listening to recently?

I think this is the best time to be involved with the music culture/business in India (where most artists are independent). There has never been a more fruitful era for rock music here. I really enjoy music by Medusa, The Supersonics, Pentagram, Split, Sridhar/Thayil, Bhayanak Maut, Hipnotribe and Scribe. Among recent discoveries are The Pulp Society, Lazy River, Underground Authority and Zygnema. It’s great to hear their music. Even better catching them live.

This is your space, anything you want to say ..(Shout out/ Thank You note/ Abuse)

Just some advice for anyone with a dream/a vision/an idea: JUST DO IT.

And don’t wait for people to help you out.

Do it yourself.

Last Famous Words are..

Music should be free.

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June 20, 2014 at 1:13 am


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Blek are a punk band from Mumbai. In the past year or so they have been gigging all over India including the north east and have released their EP “Hexes + Drama, & Other Reasons for Evacuation” for free through ennui.BOMB. This month, they are the Artist of the month on Indianrockmp3. Check out my interview with them below.


Hi Guys, Hows it going?

Rishi: Ace.
Jared: Awesome

For those not familiar with the band, can you tell us how the band formed?

Rishi: Well we all sort of met each other in college. We were very serious about writing music and things hit off from there.
Jared: We all kind of got along at the first jam. We started working on new songs from our second jam because we did not want to play any covers at the time & now we write off each other. It becomes really difficult to write new stuff when one of us are absent at jams.

Earlier this year you released your debut EP “Hexes + Drama, & Other Reasons for Evacuation”. Tell us a bit about it.

Rishi: Well the moment we had some songs down we figured lets see what we can do with them. Hexes was a way of figuring our way around the finer details of making a record. EPs give you a freedom to experiment. That’s what hexed was all about.
Jared: Yup, we also wanted to put stuff out there because no one really knew our songs. So this was great way to do it. It was a good learning experience as a band. There were so many things we hadn’t thought of before we started recording. Our producer, Ayan De helped us through the specifics of that EP a lot.

Hexes + Drama

The EP was released by ennui.BOMB. How did it come about?

Rishi: We were playing a lot of “underground” gigs last year, gigs like CTRL ALT DEL and the stupid ditties launch. Rishu heard us at gigs like that and wanted to get involved. We’d heard a lot about him and were eager to work with him.
Jared: Stupiditties (the compilations) is like a bible to fresh Indian indie. Being able to work with Rishu, the guy who puts it together is superb. He makes us work & makes things happen.

Last year you were one of the 5 all-India winners of the Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds talent hunt. How did that help the band?

Rishi: Um. Free glasses are good, and in India there aren’t enough venues for young acts to develop. So every gig you get goes a long way in helping you grow if you make the most of it. Ray ban was one of those series of gigs.
Jared: It helped a lot. We could upgrade our gear. We met awesome bands like Digital Suicide & Fire Exit there. Free Ray- Ban’s, Yay!

In March, you did a tour of the north east to promote your EP along with The Lightyears Explode. How was the response?

Rishi: The lightyears joined us for the opener of that tour at kolkata. It was ace, the lightyears are always great to play with and are close friends of ours in Mumbai. The whole tour in itself was a riot. Great experience we made some good friends, and got back some good stories.
Jared: The North-East is a really neat place. The people are nice & the weather is good. They accepted our music & I love the vibe they bring to gigs. Those folks know how to party for sure.

Do you plan on releasing any new material in the coming months ? When can we expect a new EP/Album?

Rishi: A new single is almost ready, a lot of people who’ve heard us live wanted us to record it. So we figured we’d get it out there. Also looking at a new EP and loads of massive gigs before the year runs out.
Jared: What he said!

Later this month, you will be performing at the Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh; do you have any other gigs planned?

Rishi: Yes but they’d kill me if I told you. But we are planning something at what could be a new venue in south Bombay very soon. Keep your ears sharp its a b’day party.
Jared: Wow! Even I don’t know what Rishi is talking about. But yes, we are looking forward to ZIRO Festival especially after the ball we had in North East. I’ve seen the line-up & there’s so many new artists I want to see. Can’t wait.

Any final words?

Rishi: Hexed and drama for free on If you haven’t heard of us yet I just made it easier.

Band photo by monisha ajgaonkar

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Interview with Grand Hotel Paradox

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Grand Paradox Hotel is a punk band from Dubai. After releasing an EP and single last year, they have released their first album, “Rust“.Later this month they will be touring South East Asia.
Find out more about their album and also their upcoming tour in my interview with their vocalist/guitarist Chris Ryan.

(L to R) Mike Priest – Bass/Vocals, Michael Sydenham – Drums, Chris Ryan – Guitar/Vocals with Mohd ‘Freewheelin Man’ Rizman

Hey Chris, Hows it going? You’ve recently released your first Album “Rust”. What’s the album about?

Chris: Yo! There’s no real over-arching concept apart from that it contains songs written from the perspective of living and growing up in this country.

The album was recorded at your home studio. How did you go about recording it?

Chris: We went about it quickly! Got no time for the jibber jabber, as the honourable B.A Baracus would say. We record in the same place we rehearse so we kind of just do our thing.

How different is “Rust” compared to your previous releases, “First World Problems” EP and “Louder Than Lyrics/Wake-Up Call” single?

Chris: Those two releases were written together as a band in the rehearsal room, whereas with this new record I was away from town for a while so I wrote a lot of the stuff on my own. So it is a little different in that respect, I guess. Also recently i’ve not been listening to as much Fugazi and i’ve been listening to more Propagandhi and other more melodic bands like Joyce Manor.

“Rust” is your first physical release. Why did you opt to release the album on cd after your previous releases were only digital?

Chris: People would often ask if we have CDs out, so now if someone is interested they can get the physical copy. Plus, the artwork and packaging is pretty handsome. We wanted to do vinyl but postage was going to be way too much to post a 12” out to people in other countries. Maybe next time.

The album has been released by Abbreviated Records, a label you own. Do you plan on releasing music by other bands?

Chris:Abbreviated Records is just a name for me in my room stuffing & posting envelopes as well as trying to get in contact with reviewers. I also get some help from my friend Nathan when we’re away (shout out!). Currently the only physical stuff on the label is from GHP, but there is a bandcamp digital-downloads page with some ‘archived’ albums from earlier projects/bands I was in – just to make them freely available.

To answer your question, the idea is that this new record is the ‘guinea pig’ for the label so now that we’ve got all the ISRC codes sorted, pressing plant located and mailing prices calculated it should be easy to put out other band’s stuff through the same system. I definitely want to release other people’s music that I think is great, so watch that space for sure.

Last summer you toured Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. How was the experience? What was the response you received?

Chris: Punk is not dead, it just immigrated to Southeast Asia. We played about 8 shows and all those guys made us feel at home; we had great crowds who were in to what we’re trying to do.

You will be doing a tour of Southeast Asia again starting later this month; can you tell us a more about it?

Chris:When we played there last year lots of people recommended extra cities and spots we should have visited; we also had people asking when we were coming back again, so thats why we’re heading over for a longer tour #2: About 15 shows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo and the Philippines.

Any Final Words?

Chris: Do what your heart is telling you to do: buy our CD from us for only $10 and you’ll get some pin-badges and a big fat sticker thrown in free – aw yeah: How’s that for a ‘Dubai Shopping Festival’ sale?


Listen to “Rust” below

Check their Tour dates below

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June 9, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Sandwash – Master Blaster Hole

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Anyone who has been involved with the music scene in UAE in the past decade has heard the “groovecore” band Sandwash. I first saw them live at a small café in Abu Dhabi in 2002. After working on their album for close to 3 years, they finally released “Master Blaster Hole” in November last year.

The songs on the album are about different experiences one goes through as an adolescent. “Hey Hey Hey” which first appeared on the Ampulance compilation Vol. 2 (Anyone remember it?) in 2008, sounds a lot better. Fan favourites “If you open it up” and “Maria” which were on their earlier demos also benefit due to better production. “Black Gold” is a song about Dubai/UAE I suspect. There is also a song about growing up, “Meaning of Life”. My favorite song off the album is “October”, which is about moving and leaving a significant other behind. Micheal Fillon is a good song writer and also a story teller. Read the stories behind some of the songs here

Sandwash have matured from the “punk” band that I saw in 2002. The album sounds great thanks to Kiran Sequira and Milton Kyvernities, who mixed and mastered the album respectively. After hearing this songs live for some time now and now finally on Cd, I’m really looking forward to a new album by Sandwash. Hope they don’t keep us waiting for too long.

Here is the video to their track “Alabaster”

You can listen to snippets from the album below

If you like what you hear head out to Virgin Megastore and pick up a copy of the album.

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