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Sandwash – Master Blaster Hole

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Anyone who has been involved with the music scene in UAE in the past decade has heard the “groovecore” band Sandwash. I first saw them live at a small café in Abu Dhabi in 2002. After working on their album for close to 3 years, they finally released “Master Blaster Hole” in November last year.

The songs on the album are about different experiences one goes through as an adolescent. “Hey Hey Hey” which first appeared on the Ampulance compilation Vol. 2 (Anyone remember it?) in 2008, sounds a lot better. Fan favourites “If you open it up” and “Maria” which were on their earlier demos also benefit due to better production. “Black Gold” is a song about Dubai/UAE I suspect. There is also a song about growing up, “Meaning of Life”. My favorite song off the album is “October”, which is about moving and leaving a significant other behind. Micheal Fillon is a good song writer and also a story teller. Read the stories behind some of the songs here

Sandwash have matured from the “punk” band that I saw in 2002. The album sounds great thanks to Kiran Sequira and Milton Kyvernities, who mixed and mastered the album respectively. After hearing this songs live for some time now and now finally on Cd, I’m really looking forward to a new album by Sandwash. Hope they don’t keep us waiting for too long.

Here is the video to their track “Alabaster”

You can listen to snippets from the album below

If you like what you hear head out to Virgin Megastore and pick up a copy of the album.

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March 28, 2011 at 2:04 am

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