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Trendcrusher Mixtape # 1

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I’ve been thinking about doing a mixtape for a while now since my work schedule leaves me not much time to work on the podcast. The first mixtape consisting of some of the bands that I have featured here in the past 4 months:

Anuryzm – Sintax of Trinity (Progressive metal from Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Read my interview with them here

Odyssey – The Reckoning (Progressive metal from Lahore, Pakistan)

Read my interview with them here

Woods of Ypres – Silver (Black and doom metal from Canada)

Read my interview with them here

Billy Bobs Blood Drenched Brew – Timepass Membrane (Death metal from Dubai)

Read my interview with them here

Nephelium – Hellborne (Brutal death metal from Toronto, Canada)

Read my interview with them here

Creative Waste – Cradle to Grave (Grindcore from Saudi Arabia)

Read my review and interview with them here

Stay tuned for another mixtape next month.

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April 30, 2012 at 11:42 pm

Updates for February…

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So here are the reviews as promised in my previous post. The past couple of months have been productive due to more free time thanks to unemployment.

As I mentioned earlier I got quite a few cds from Indian bands, I will be reviewing them for the next month or so. The first few reviews I did are, Amogh Symphony – The Quantam Hack Code – second album from this genius from India. It was a bit hard to review this album as there is so much going on in it. Shades of Retribution – Xongram – Pretty cool debut album from this Assamese Death Metal band. Skrypt – Discord – Debut release by a prog/thrash metal band from my dad’s home town of Hyderabad.

I have also started writing for I will trying to review and interbiew mainly international bands for the site. The first review I wrote was of, Preludium – Impending Hostility, a death metal band from Poland. It is the second release of Diabolical Conquest Records,a new label from India. Heres an Interview with Kunal, the owner of the label on that I contributed to. The interview turned out pretty good and I really enjoyed reading some of Kunals replies.

In the past month, I also worked on questions for interviews with a few bands, one of them is a favourite of mine so I am really looking forwards to how that interview turns out. Will post link to the interview hopefully in the next update.

Finally the Trendcrusher Podcast is back again, this time the focus will be on bands from all over the world not only UAE. More details about it here. I am really happy with the way it has turned out. Cannot wait to start working on the next few episodes.

More updates as it happens…

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March 1, 2011 at 2:29 am

From Trendcrusher zine to here…

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Before i get to any reviews….

Some of you who are reading this blog might remember the Trendcrusher zine. The Trendcrusher zine was started by Roy Sierra, I got involved with it during the second issue. I also started the Trendcrusher Radio show when i was at university in Toronto, Canada. However, do to various reasons including work Roy could no longer continue doing the Trendcrusher zine and asked me to continue it.

While I was compiling the 3rd issue of the zine, i started to face many issues in my personal life which left me with no drive to continue the zine. Contents from the 3rd issue are still online here

Thanks to the encouragement from many, I’ve started writing again.
Now you can find all the my reviews, interviews and more on this blog. I will be posting links to my work on, and other websites.

Reviews coming up next…

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February 21, 2011 at 3:52 am

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Taking over WordPress…

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I’ve finally started a blog here after having blogs on Tumblr and also Blogger. Its a bit overdue but i guess there is no better time than now.This blog will mainly be about the music that listen to, see the About page for more.

I picked up a lot of music during my trip to India over Christmas/New Years, mainly Indian bands. Thanks to Ashwin Sharma aka Austin for hooking me with the cds. I also got the new titles from Diabolical Conquest Records .

A couple of my friend’s band here in UAE have also released their albums in stores. Next time you are in a Virgin megastore, check out Behold the Locus and Sandwash.

Reviews for some of the albums coming up next…

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February 13, 2011 at 1:57 pm