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The Recipe started out as a hip hop collective in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to record a compilation album and help promote the culture. In the past 8 years, the group has gone on to release multiple mixtapes and support international artists ranging from  Snoop Dogg, Fat Boy Slim to Foreign Beggars and Pendulum.

The Recipe is currently 3 MC’s, Swerte, Kaz Money and Perfect Storm and their first studio album Funerals & Purgatory releases today. Check out the first single, Uma Thurman. 


Here is a throwback to an interview I did with Swerte and Jabbar when they first started out in 2009.


What is “The Recipe”?Who is cooking it?

Swerte: The recipe is a collection of hip hop artists in the UAE, who are trying to push the scene here by doing gigs and putting out a mixtape  which is currently being produced. The Two people behind it are Jabbar and myself (swerte)

Why the name “The Recipe”?

Swerte: Cus the people involved are the main “ingredients” in the hip hop culture here. Hehe. plus we wrestled with a name for so long and we always referred to the studio as the kitchen. it’s cliché in a way to say that we ‘cook up’ tracks in the studio but, we were just having fun and joking around. Hip hop has this serious, gangsta bling bling appearance.. we wanted it to be fun and more about the music and talent.

Where did the idea/inspiration for “The Recipe” come from?

Swerte: It came about from just watching people try things and fail. I think artists here were just going about things the wrong way. They had this idea that in order to be a star you had to act like one already. So they were reaching for goals they couldn’t reach. We wanted to bring it back down to pure talent and entertainment. Focus more on us and what we were doing instead of trying to impress record labels.

What differentiates “The Recipe” from Hip-hop/Rap that is normally heard on radio or seen on TV?

Swerte: Its local talent for one. And the artists are talking about issues that people herein the uae face and deal with.

What is “Dead-Ears Productions”?

Swerte: Hahahahaha.. a joke. Jabbar has this production house called “deaf ears” and  mine is called “dead end”… so it was either  gonna be “deaf end” or “dead ears” when we worked together.. again.. we just having fun

Since both of you have lived in other countries, do you notice any difference in the Hip-hop/Rap artists and fans in the UAE?

Swerte: All in all I think the culture here is still very young.. its just getting past the mimicking stage.. all hip hop cultures start off by mimicking what they see on tv. it takes awhile before they start developing their own styles and incorporate their own native culture to build a hip hop scene they can call their own.

Jabbar: also at the same time, very few people in the media actually support the local talent which has been discouraging for a lot of artists. you have to look at the UAE population, a lot of people see the country as a pit stop, so they don’t take time to listen to the local talent and would rather listen to international artists they are familiar with. this dictates radio and club playlists…in most of the other major cities, they support their local talent…but we have a feeling things are about to change.

Tell me a bit about your musical background.

Swerte: Check out my myspace.

Jabbar: I don’t have a musical background really..never had training in music…just love making it tho

What have you been listening to lately?

Swerte: A lot of british hip hop.. it goes well with the rain that’s been happening.

Jabbar: Most of the stuff being put out is crap, so I’ve been listening a lot Lupe, The Roots, and some JayZ here and there.

27th of March was the first live gig for “The Recipe”, how was it performing live for the first time? What was the response from the audience?

Swerte: It was amazing. I don’t think anyone, especially us, expected it to be so successful and enjoyable. The crowd was absolutely amazing.

Jabbar: What was encouraging was the crowd’s feedback considering they haven’t heard most of the music.  Not only did the crowd enjoyed but everyone on stage was so psyched up about it that we wanted to keep performing.

Do you any more live gigs planned in the coming months?

Swerte: We’re looking at doing as many as we can. Maybe even going on tour around the region. But we’ll see.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2009?

Swerte: Make music and travel.

Jabbar: Continue making music…and try to make it my primary source of income!


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Zoheb Mahmud (Maximum Noise)

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The previous 2 gig organizers featured here were from India, this time around I decide to look to the East, Bangladesh. The metal scene in the country has been growing for some time now, the first band I heard was Severe Dementia; they were a part of on the Rise of the Eastern Blood split released by Demonstealer Records

I have gotten to know Zoheb Mahmud through his PR company Qabar PR over the past year. He also has been organizing gigs in Bangladesh, the most recent being the first edition Dhaka Metal Fest. Find out more about metal scene in the country, the Dhaka Metal Fest and the upcoming events from Maximum Noise in my interview with Zoheb below. 


Hi Zoheb, you recently wrapped up the first edition of the Dhaka Metal Fest. How did the show go?

Hi Peter. Dhaka Metal Fest – 2017 was fabulous, considering the first edition of this fest, I am contented with the turnout and massive support from the crowds. Each and everyone associated with Maximum Noise and The Rock Project Dhaka put their best efforts to make this fest successful. The performing bands enchanted the crowd with jaw-dropping performance. We had promised to donate the amount of profit from the ticket and merch sales to the victims of the landslide of Rangamati district, and we have been able to donate an amount. Maybe it was a small amount, but we are definitely pleased.

Yes, there were some disturbing memories, actually because of some jealous, perfidious persons, we had to handle some critical situations. Some people tried to stop our show by influencing the higher authority and police. Things were crucial, we had very hard time, but we were the ones who got the police permission before organizing this show, and in the end, their shameful intention to sabotage the show failed miserably. We got to know from the Special Branch of Police that person(s) who recently failed to organize show with two foreign extreme metal bands was/were responsible for influencing them to stop our show, having political or administrative power, they tried their level best to stop Desecravity — the headliner — to perform at the venue, and that was their main intention. In the end, it was a slap to their face when Desecravity brought total vehemence at the stage, and made the crowd insane with their technically crafted death metal numbers. I can’t remember if any other extreme metal organizers from our country had to face such kind of trouble to host a show.

We are not accusing any person as we do not have any written evidence, hence, our source of information can’t be neglected.

For those not familiar with the metal scene in Bangladesh, could you tell us a bit about it.

It’s a pity Bangladeshi metal scene has failed to reach to the international scene in a larger scale, even though the scene started back in the early 80s when heavy metal/hard rock band Waves initiated the journey. Later, in the mid-80s, bands like Rockstrata, Warfaze, In Dhaka and Aces started to develop the phase of Bangladeshi louder sounding music scene. Bands like Artcell and Warfaze are very popular all over the country, they belong to the list of the most renowned bands of the music scene. Aurthohin is another popular band, yet they focus on different genres, but have some metal numbers as well. Cryptic Fate and Powersurge are not as popular as Artcell, Warfaze or Aurthohin, but they have a strong number of fans and have gained mainstream success as well.

Not all of the fans of Artcell, Warfaze or Aurthohin are into metal music, let alone underground or extreme forms of metal music, Maybe, Artcell has close to half million or even more fans all over the country, but it doesn’t mean that all of those fans are serving anything significant for the metal scene of our country.

The main metal fans of the country belong to the underground, be it extreme metal or non-extreme metal scene. Whereas the above mentioned giant bands of the Bangladeshi metal scene have hardly tried to reach to the international scene, many of the underground metal bands, mainly the extreme metal bands are trying their best to reach outside the border. After 2009/10, the scene has changed a lot, our bands are touring outside the countries (not in a larger scale though), and a few bands from other countries have come here to perform.

The country is still not having a proper record label, a proper metal or music related zine/blog, and we still lack promoters who are capable of hosting foreign bands. So far Primitive Invocation has been organizing gigs with foreign bands successfully since 2009/10, maybe they are not bringing the popular metal bands, but still they have paved the path. Maximum Noise/The Rock Project Dhaka together brought Desecravity this year at Dhaka Metal Fest, apart from that Get Amped Series and Archaic Reincarnation, successfully hosted shows with foreign UG metal bands.

I think we also lack expert sound engineer with a good understanding of metal sound. In my perception, we have many amazing sounding bands, but in most of the cases their music can’t blaze properly because of poor recording, mixing and mastering.

Dhaka is undoubtedly the most important places for Bangladeshi metal music, but for the last couple of years, metal scene inside Chittagong, Khulna and Sylhet have prospered a lot. Most recently, we have seen the rising of Rajshahi, Habiganj and Rangamati metal scene.

How did you get involved in organizing shows?

Back in the mid-2012, I joined in Primitive Invocation. Thanks to the main guy Iftekhar Faiaz (Nafiz) for letting me in. Primitive Invocation organized Death Skull Ritual II, which featured bands like Orator, Enmachined, Warhound, Nuclear Winter and Purgation from India, in early 2013, and that was my first ever show as an organizer/crew member. After that, I have worked with Primitive Invocation for some other gigs and all the editions of the infamous yet prestigious Banish the Posers Fest.

Dhaka Metal Fest has been undertaken from different platforms. Maximum Noise and The Rock Project Dhaka had jointly initiated and organized it. I am the founder of Maximum Noise.

How do you select the bands that will perform at shows?

At Dhaka Metal Fest, we select the bands who are having decent music and stage performance within their style of music, so we usually do not ignore a band because of its genre. I am personally strict with the lyrical aspects of a band, I will never take a band on the bill that spread racism, fascism, misogyny or support toward rape through their music. Before choosing a band for the gig, we seek the opinions of each and every major person involved in both Maximum Noise and The Rock Project. It is true that we, the folks of Maximum Noise. mostly like the heavier and extreme sounding bands in the realm of metal music, so we give our priority to our own taste.

Primitive Invocation mostly invites the bands having old school extreme metal sound; of course, mediocre or worthless bands are ignored.

What has been the most memorable show you have organized so far?

Having a successful gig after fighting against the conspirator and influenced authority is always an outstanding venture, for this reason I am definitely going to pick Dhaka Metal Fest – 2017.

But, I want to mention the last edition of Banish The Posers Fest (2016) as well, everything went close to perfect if I evaluate the show from the perspective of an organizer.

What are 5 independent bands from Bangladesh that the readers should check out?

Picking 05 independent bands is definitely a tough choice. Still trying my best to put the name of 05 most deserving bands who are currently active, have at least a release and play the type of music I do enjoy.

Orator (Death/Thrash)
Enmachined (Old School Thrash)
Nafarmaan (Black/Death)
Nekrohowl (Old School Death)
I am having hard time to pick the 5th band (laugh); Check both Warhound (Old School Death Metal) and Eternal Armageddon (Black/Thrash)


Do you have any more shows planned for this year?

Maximum Noise is in talk with some metal bands from abroad, still nothing’s been confirmed yet. But, The Rock Project Dhaka is organizing the first edition of “Dhaka Rock Fest – 2017” featuring Bumblefoot (Sons of Apollo, Ex – Guns N’ Roses) on this September 15. I am working with The Rock Project for this show.

Thanks for answering all my questions. Do you have anything else to add?

Can’t thank you enough for this interview. I expect Bangladeshi metal scene to have more extraordinary bands and the music of all the decent Bangladeshi bands to reach to every corner of the world within a few years.

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Joerg (Folter Records)

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I have been featuring mainly grindcore and death metal on the blog recently, it’s time now for some black metal. I was introduced to Folter Records a German metal label by Ulf (Metal Masala). The label have put out some killer black metal releases in the past 26 years. Do check out their recent releases at the end of my interview with label owner Joerg.

It’s has been 26 years since you started the label. How does it feel looking back?

I´m proud that my label is still alive. There are many labels coming and going through the years, but to survive for more than 25 years, that makes me proud.
So it´s a good feeling.

Your first release was As Divine Grace – Romantic Beatitude of Faded Dawn. How did it come about?

This was my first CD release, before I had released two 7“ EPs. I don´t know from where the band got my address because I was not well known as label and just at the beginning. Anyway, I got a promo tape and I had to travel to my grandfather by train and I had enough time to listen to the tape.I was more into extreme Black and Death Metal, but somehow I was touched by their music and I would release it.

What have been the most memorable release/s on your label so far?

There are a few, SKYFORGER-Thunderforge, URGEHAL-Death is Complete 7“EP, MAYHEMIC TRUTH – Cythraw 7“EP.

What is the biggest problem that you faced so far in running the label?

That I never got a distro service for my releases. But this have changed now. Since about 2 years I have a german distro and since last month also an american distro .

What kind of marketing do you do?

We still press promo CDs we send out to mags, in german mags we book advertisements and of course we send out digital promos. Bands play live and this is the best promo you can have. Of course when the band play well, hehe

What changes have you noticed in bands/customers in the past few years?

Bands accept more worse deals. In the past, the label had to pay studio costs, to pay royalties and now the bands are ok to get some % from the pressed CDs. Since customers don´t buy CDs in the right amount, the labels can´t pay for everything anymore. For bands it´s better to accept such deals than to have no deals.

What do you look for in a band before you sign them to your label?

I need a good feeling that the band will fit on my label. The band should play live, this is very important.

Have you been in a band? What instrument do you play?

No never and I don’t play an instrument. There are enough talented and untalented musicians hehe

Do you have any advice for those planning to start a metal music record label?

Better not to start a label when you have no money, no distro and not the right bands. Many labels have closed over the last years, hard times.

What are the upcoming releases from your label?

The next 2 releases are NARBELETH-„Indomitvs“, a BM band from Cuba, ah not just a BM, it´s the best BM band from Cuba and the new album of ARCKANUM-„Den Förstfödd“. Both will be released end of September.

Thanks for answering all my questions. Do you have any final words?

I have to thank you for the interview once again and keep the flame of Metal alive.


Here are a few of the recent releases from Folter Records.




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Mesrine are a legendary Candian grindcore band. They have released 4 full length albums and innumerable splits in their career that spans  over two decades. A couple months ago, the band released their 5th full length album, Source of Hatred; after multiple listens, I can say it is one of the best grindcore releases I have heard recently. 23 tracks in just over 30 minutes, the album is another fine slab of grindcore.

Read my interview with Fred and Seb on Transcending Obscurity

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Facada are one of the best grindcore bands currently. One listen of the album Nadir is all that is required to confirm it. 4 years after the release of the album the band are back with a new album titled Nenhum puto de atitude. We are thrilled to present a full stream of the album here. Described as “17 pissed as fuck tributes to underground legends”, the album features covers of bands like UnleashedThe Misfits And Bad Brains among others. The album is an intense listen under 20 minutes.

Read my interview with vocalist/bassist Carlos James on Transcending Obscurity

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Bodhi interview

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Bodhi is a the solo project of The Room Colored Charlatan guitarist Justin Seymour. I got his first release, Ineffable from Hold Tight PR last month and was really impressed with it being unfamiliar with his band. The 6 track EP is out today and brings to mind acts like Plini and Intervals.

I spoke to Justin about how Bodhi came about, music videos in 2017 and going live with the project.

Hi Justin, earlier this year you started your solo project, Bodhi. How did you come to the decision?

The idea to start Bodhi really came from a feeling, 2016 was a pretty tough year for me emotionally, I had lost a relationship and family and it felt like my life had kind of started over. Because of that I had feelings I couldn’t really express well, and as an artist the best way to do that was through writing music. However, I couldn’t really express my feelings into words so I didn’t think it would fit to write this for my band The Room Colored Charlatan. That is also where the title of the album comes from “Ineffable” meaning “too great or extreme to be expressed in words” which is how I felt. So after writing a piece I decided I would continue and put together 6 songs for an ep.

When did you start working on Ineffable?

I really started working on Ineffable in February 2017 and finished the writing and recording in May. So it was written very quickly. This tends to happen when the music comes from a place of inspiration.

Listening to the EP, I was reminded of Plini and also Intervals. What was the inspiration behind the album?

As you may have guessed, artists such as Plini, Intervals and David Maxim Micic were all an inspiration to the music. I really just wanted to make prog that you could get your girlfriend to listen to in the car with you without complaining…

What was the recording process for the EP?

I run Skyline Studios here in West Lafayette Indiana, so I had complete control over every aspect of the recording process. I tend to write and record simultaneously to make for a more efficient process. I think being able to record yourself is what allows you to take your musicianship to the next level because you piece a song together like a puzzle. The recording was done with surprisingly basic gear, I don’t use anything fancy to develop my sound. The process is essentially me sitting in my studio for hours at a time writing and recording. Then finalizing the mixing and mastering process.

Do you prefer writing and recording alone or as part of a band?

I prefer writing alone for things I take seriously. It is sometimes great to have external input but I find too much of that often leads to a worse song in the end.

You released a music video for the track Enamor. How relevant do you think music videos are in the age of Youtube and Vimeo?

I think these days video content is critical for any artist, as the old saying goes “50% of what you hear is what you see” it is pretty amazing how I showed people the song enamor prior to the video and people may not be too interested in giving it a listen, but then I send them the video and they almost always watch it. Video content is critical which is why I intend to make much more of it very soon!

What have you been listening to lately (metal and non-metal)? Are there any acts that have inspired you of late?

David Maxim Micic’s new album is really incredible and I have been listening to the album “The Youth to Become” by Stories as well. I am also very excited for the new album from The Contortionist

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you plan on taking Bodhi live or remain a studio project?

This demands entirely on the demand for the project. I intend to create more video content so people can get to know me more as an independent artist and if the demand grows large enough I will absolutely consider taking it on the road this summer. However, my primary goal is to create content that people can relate to and enjoy

Thanks for answering all my questions. Do you have any final words?

No problem! Sure, uhhh If you are having a hard time finding prog that your girlfriend will agree to listen to in the car, try jamming Ineffable see what she says…

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Kunal Batra (Neon Black Prodcutions) interview

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The response to the interview with Bantering Ram was great so I’ve decided to feature more gig organizers here. The next one to be featured is Kunal Batra of Neon Black Productions. I first got to know Kunal when I met him a few years ago at the Bangalore Open Air. In the past couple of years he has organised metal shows in Delhi like Domination the Deathfest and also Jeff Loomis’s tour across India.

I spoke to Kunal about the recent Domination the Deathfest show, what’s he currently listening to and also their upcoming shows.

Hi Kunal, organised the 9th edition of Domination – The Deathfest in Delhi earlier this month. How did the show go?

Hey Peter! The show went really good. This was the second DDF in Delhi and the response was as phenomenal as the first one. We had a killer lineup and people loved it. Hoping to continue this tradition yearly now.

How did you start organizing shows and Neon Black Productions ?

Neon Black Productions is a collaborative effort by me and Mayur Jalan from Hyderabad. We both were independently organizing shows from past few years and we thought of joining forces as the bands and artists we were thinking of bringing down were quite similar. So I quit my day job of being an engineer and got into this full time. And we successfully launched this effort in shape of Jeff Loomis India tour that we did last year in December.

How do you select the bands that will perform at shows?

A lot of it depends on a number of factors, really. Starting from the financial aspect and which bands would people like to see performing here to what bands are free to come down here and if we are not coinciding with any other shows that’ll be happening in the same time frame in the country. A lot of planning and effort goes behind each and every show/gig we do.

What has been the most memorable show you have organized so far?

Although each and every show I’ve done till now has given me some good memories to cherish, I’d say it was the Jeff Loomis tour in Dec ’16 that we did. It was a dream come true for us as both Mayur and I are legit fanboys of Jeff and Nevermore in particular. So seeing him play day after day on tour was just surreal.

What are 5 bands that the readers should check out?

Oh it’s a tough one haha. Well for me, currently I’m listening to a lot of Gojira, Sulphur Aeon, Converge, Immolation, Savatage etc. So yeah, definitely those.

Do you have any more shows planned for this year?

Yes! We are planning to bring down a few more international acts this year and something big is in plans for early next year. So keep an eye out!

Thanks for answering all my questions. Do you have anything else to add?

Thank you for the interview man. Really appreciate it. Just want to add for the readers that keep supporting your local shows and local promoters. That’s how we all grow.

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