De Profundis Interview

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De Profundis are a death metal band from UK. I first heard about them when there were supporting band at the Iron Maiden in India in 2007 however I never had the chance to hear their music. Last month, they released their 4th album “Kingdom of the Blind” and it sounds really good. I spoke to their guitarist Shoi Sen about their album, their experience in India and more.

De Profundis

The band released their 4th album “Kingdom of the Blind” last month. “It follows from last year’s EP ‘Frequencies’. Its 9 tracks of uncompromising progressive Death Metal.” said Shoi about the allbum. “We decided on this album to go for the jugular ie shorten the songs and go faster.”

“Actually the songs from EP and the album were written and recorded at the same time. For the EP we choose the more direct songs and kept the slightly more prog songs for the album.” said Shoi about how the album compares to their previous release, “Frequencies” EP.

“The major difference is that we down tuned to D which automatically made us sound heavier and nastier.” said Shoi on the changes they made in songwriting and recording. “We had a line up change during the writing of the album, our old guitarist Roman was asked to leave. When Paul (Nazarkardeh second guitar) joined we were in a position for the first where both guitars were on the same page with regards to technique and musical ideas.”

Kingdom of the Blind

Kingdom of the Blind” has been released by Wickerman Records. “Our management looked for a deal, for once I had nothing to do with hunting for a label which was a good thing. I think it works better from a negotiation point to let someone else than yourself deal with the business side of a band. ” said Shoi about how they got signed to the label. ”Wickerman gave us the best deal financially and it still early days but let’s see what they do with the album. We knew our relationship with our previous label Kolony Records was over for some time.”

“Well ‘Frequencies’ was voted best self release by readers of Zero Tolerance magazine which is a huge deal and our bass player Arran entered the TOP 10 bass players poll on the back of the EP, so I would say the EP did us a lot of good.” said Shoi about the response they got for their EP ‘Frequencies’. “We toured a fair bit with that album including a UK tour with our awesome brothers of Demonic Resurrection.”

The band has toured across 24 countries in the past decade. “Without a doubt our 2 shows back in 2010 in the North East of India. Guwahati and Shillong were just plain awesome, the fans were fucking rabid metal nutcases. I am so hoping we can get our asses back there with this album, it would be a killer show.” said Shoi describing the shows that have stood out in his memory.

UK is considered by many to be the birth place of metal however not much is known about the underground metal scene there. “So many good bands in the UK dude, unfortunately all the media coverage seems to be devoted to the Scandinavian hordes, it pretty much looks like they are the only one who can do metal these days which is so bullshit. Anyway check out bands like Formicarius, Beyond Grace, Spires, Reign of Perdition, Scythian.” Shoi recommends bands from the country.

De Profundis are no strangers to India. In 2007, they opened for Iron Maiden and since then have performed multiple times. “They are very enthusiastic that’s for sure but very young. When you go to metal festivals in the UK you will see different generation which isn’t the case in India.” Shoi shares his thoughts on the metal scene in India. “The other issue with the crowd being so young is there is a lack of merch sales, which is pretty much the main income for bands these days so it’s a little difficult to tour India due financial exposure but you know what it doesn’t matter the crowd’s enthusiasm makes up for the loss of sales.”

“Well we were supposed to be touring for a month with 2 huge US death metal bands but that has been postponed for now which is a bit disappointing. But not much we can do so we focusing on writing the next album which is well under way.” said Shoi about their plans for the rest of the year. “We will be on the road a lot next year and really expect to play India. We are planning on doing a video soon as well.”

“Well people of India keep supporting De Profundis like you have from the early days.” said Shoi with a special message for their Indian fans. “Buy, download Kingdom of the Blind if you want proper metal with no cheesy gimmicks and hopefully see you all soon to create the pit from hell at one of our shows!”

Listen to “Kult of the Orthodox” from the “Kingdom of the Blind” below

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November 11, 2015 at 2:43 am

Introducing:Vantablack Warship

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Vantablack Warship

Who: Vantablack Warship The band consists of  Yannick “Pil” Pilon (Vocals), Pat Gordon (Guitars) Thierry Hivon (Guitars), Kurt Clifford (Bass) and Pierre Pitre (Drums)

Where: Montreal, Canada

What: Vantablack Warship released their self titled EP last month. “The EP is simply put a homage to the music we have always listened to and enjoyed as individuals and as a collective but morphed into a collection of riffs‎ and tunes which with a touch of 2015.” said bassist Kurtis Clifford “This is not so much a thematic EP, but more so a collection of ideas and thoughts on current day events or subjects of interest.”

How: “The song writing process was pretty straight forward. A member would come to the jam space with a riff or general skeleton for a song, the band jammed it out. If the song seemed solid, we would Pil (vocals) and Kurt ‎(Bass) hash some lyrics and have Pil throw something on the tunes once they were pretty much final mode.  We worked on this off and on for a year. But it all came together in about 12 to 15 jam sessions. Very spontaneous and easy process.” said Kurtis about how the wrote the album.

“The recording was also relatively painless. Once everything was set up in the studio, it took us basically 8 hours to pull it all together, i.e. lay down the tracks. ( Very S.O.D.ish…).” said Kurtis about the recording process.  “We spent more time though fine tuning lyrics in the studio and getting those just write. The band is made up of experienced players and the songs aren’t that complex to play, it was therefore relatively simple to record.”

Listen to “Vantablack Warship“below

(Band Pic by Wayne William Archibald)

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November 6, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Fredag Den 13:e Interview

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Fredag Den 13:e is a crust punk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They have been around for nearly a decade now however I heard about them through my friend Andy (Everydayhate) who released their latest album ‘Domedagar‘. The album sounds awesome and reminded me a bit of Kvelertak.

I spoke to the band about ‘Domedagar’ and their plans for the rest of the year.

Fredag den 13e

Jacob (Guitars & Vocals), Peter (Bass & Vocals), Anders (Vocals), Stoffe (Guitars) and Niclas (Drums) (From Left to Right)

Could you please introduce the band briefly for those who have not heard of you before.

We started Fredag den 13:e back in 2006, so we are celebrating ten years as a band next spring. During this period we have released 3 seven inches and 3 albums, with “Domedagar” being the most recent. This album is also the first one with our new bass player Peppe. The album has this far received very good reviews and we are very happy with all the kind words from all around the world.

Tell us a bit about your latest album “Domedagar”, what is it about?

This album is written during a time of chaos. We witness how fascist parties throughout Europe are growing in size, we destroy the world around us and we fuck shit up in a way that can’t be stopped. “Domedagar” means “Judgement Days” and is a paraphrase to these facts.

What was the songwriting process for the album? How long did it take?

This album is the first one with our new bass player Peppe, and his involvement in the creative process has been a big change for us. I have played together with Peppe in other constellations for more than half my life and we work very well together. He is a multi-instrumentalist and used to play drums and guitar in the other bands we’ve had. Check out our hardcore band The Process if you want to hear some of that.

How does “Domedagar” compare to your previous album “Tjugohundratretton”?

It’s a faster and darker album, compared to our previous albums. I’d say that it our most divided album this far as well. We try to combine all the music that we like, from black metal to rock n roll, and I think you can hear this on our latest album.

“Domedagar” was recorded in Fvck Life Studios in Trollhättan by Fred (Gust, Anchor) and mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege Studios. How was the recording process? How long did it take?

We recorded the music for this album during two weekends in Trollhättan with Fred. He’s a great guy with superb ears, so the music sounded really good right away. We started with Niclas laying the drums the first weekend. Then we followed with guitars and bass the second. The vocals was put down on tape at the end. When we were happy with the mix, we sent it all to Brad in the US and got it mastered. We are so happy with the result and Tobias from Grieved did a great job with the artwork as well.

The album was released on cd by Everyday Hate Records. How did you get signed to the label?

We started working with EDH on our album “Tjugohundratretton” and they have released the “Domedagar” CD as well. They are great at what they do and we have got in contact with numerous of cool people through EDH.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any gigs/tours coming up?

We are heading out in Sweden this autumn, visiting Stockholm and Västerås with our friends in From Soil. And in late November we will support Totalt Jävla Mörker when the visit Gothenburg. That is gonna be a blast! We are heading out in Europe again later in the spring, when the weather is better again.

Any final words?

Keep on rocking in a free world!

Listen to ‘Domedagar‘ below and buy the Cd here

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October 31, 2015 at 6:15 pm

Smouldering in Forgotten Interview

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Smouldering in Forgotten are an extreme metal band from Bahrain. They have been around for a decade now and have released 2 full length albums. To mark their 10th year as a band, they released a single “Siren of Truth” earlier this month. I spoke to their vocalist Mardus and drummer Busac about their new single, being a metal band in Bahrain and also their upcoming album.


Voidhanger (guitars), Tael (guitars), Mardus (vocals), Busac (drums) and Husam (bass) (Left to Right)


It has been 10 years since you started the band. How does it feel looking back?

It’s been one hell of a ride for us, going through phases, learning curves, and achievements. All this definitely added up to an unforgettable experience. We are just die hard metal fans that also aim to be the most evil sounding band in the country. The journey has been fulfilling so far, but is far from over.

How did the band get together? Was it easy to find like-minded musicians in Bahrain?

It wasn’t as hard as you might imagine as the Bahrain metal scene is fairly small, especially considering this was back in 2005. Everyone knew everyone else and it wasn’t hard to come across people with the same interests. The lineup started with Mardus, Busac, and Void, and the band grew from there. We were joined by Tael and Husam, who really were the final missing pieces to completing the SIF sound.

Tell us about the scene in Bahrain, how much has it changed in the past decade?

The scene is small but also very strong. It has been steadily growing and improving over the last decade and there is so much potential that the world has yet to see. The only downfall about the scene is the lack of frequent events. As it stands, proper metal gigs happen about once a year on average, which sometimes discourages a lot of the musicians here. Although in hindsight this could also be a useful filter to bring out the ones who are truly passionate about their art.

What are the bands from Bahrain that we should check out?

Rain in Hell, Lunacyst, Motor Militia, Bloodshel, M.U.S.T, Through Sunken Eyes, Majaz, InsideOut, Narjahanam. Just to name a few.

To celebrate 10 years as a band, you have released a new single “Siren of Truth”. Tell us a bit about it.

We went with a more straightforward approach to the song writing. We tried to keep it catchy, groovy, but still true to the extreme sound. Just something that gets the audience moving. For lyrics, we talk about a fictional creature that causes chaos everywhere it goes, so much chaos that it has eventually dug its own grave and is cursed to remain there forever, feeding on itself.

Siren of Truth is also significant to us because this was the first track we were actually able to record live drums. Since the band started, we struggles with locations and equipment, which made live drum recording almost impossible, so we resorted to using a drum machine to be able to continue with the music.

The single will be on your third album. Tell us about it. At what stage is the album at the moment –writing or recording?

The album is still in its writing phase. A lot has already been written and we definitely have a clear direction on where we want to take our sound next. “Siren of Truth” is already foreshadowing how we approached the music writing for the album. Lyrically, we decided to tackle some taboo subjects that happen in the real world.

How different will it be compared to your second album “I, Devourer”?

I, Devourer was a completely separate journey because it was more of story-telling. The album tells an entire story, with each track representing a specific chapter in that story. We talked about topics such as revenge, insanity, wars, and death.

Do you have a tentative release date for your third album? When can we expect it?

We’re definitely aiming to push our standards even higher with this album, so we can’t promise a specific release date until we’re sure we have something that is worthy. Realistically though, we’re aiming to have something ready by mid 2016.

Listen to “Siren of Truth” below

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Introducing: Grammy Winning Effort

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Grammy winning effort

Who: Grammy Winning Effort The band consists of Dayus Madhan (Vocals), Shashvat Pandit (Guitars), R N Jaidev (Guitars), Akshay Dwivedi (Bass) and Suyash Gabriel (Drums)

Where: Delhi, India

What: The band released their self titled album last week. “This album is about standing up for what you believe in and not letting societal pressures hold you back from doing what you ought to do.” said Dayus about their debut album. “It’s about giving people the courage to be who they want to be and stay true to that.”

How: “The songs were written over the span of a couple of years.” said Dayus about writing the album. “We started writing the material in 2010 roughly and as we were recording in 2011 we kept adding parts to the songs. We wanted to see what they would sound like as they were being put down before finalizing any parts.”
“This album has been a very long process.” Dayus described the recording process for the album. “We initially started recording in 2012 and were almost done with the whole project, but soon after the band ran into some trouble and we all got busy with our respective jobs at the time. So it kept getting postponed and we finally finished it up this year (2015). We had to re-track a few things and added live drums. But it sounds much better because of that.”

Grammy Winning Effort” sounds awesome, it is my new work out album. Listen to it below

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Department of Correction Interview

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Last month I moved back to the United Arab Emirates. The metal scene here has been stagnant for some time especially in the live gigs front. As a fan of grindcore, I was really glad to hear that Department of Correction from France would be performing later this month. I spoke to guitarist Flo via email about the upcoming mini tour and their plans for the rest of the year.

“It feels very good! Flight tickets are booked, we are very excited to come and play to the Emirates!” said Flo about their mini tour of United Arab Emirates which is a couple weeks away. “It’s our first time here. We’ll travel 20 hours in and 20 hours out to play the festivals that we’ll headline in Dubaï and Abu Dhabi. We can’t wait for that.”

“We got a connection with Dondon and Erickson from the Dubaï band Maticrust. We agreed together to make DOC come play some shows in the Emirates.” said Flo about how the ‘Croissant-Grindcore-Baguette’ tour come about. “All of it came through internet. Erickson makes me discover some UAE bands, that’s very great! Almost nobody here in France hear about the UAE scene, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to make us discover our musical cultures!”

“We started in 2010 as a studio and tour band, after spending 2 years in studios to find our musical orientation and compose our first Ep.” Said Flo about how the band started. “From then we toured in Russia, USA, and Europe, played some awesome festivals as Obscene Extreme. We did more than 200 shows and travelled more than 120.000km. We are very happy of it. It gives some more excitements to our personal lives.”

The band have released a few splits with bands like Noisear, Strong intention, Proletar and others. “They are all better one from another.” said Flo about thee releases.”I mean, they are all coming from a different period of the band, it evolved all the time, split to split. So this is the best of every period of the band. The best is to listen and download for free all our discography at”

France has well known metal scene. “You can check Inhumate, that are Grindcore legend here, Blockheads also that is very straight to the sickest grindcore, Unsu that is a new comer in the vein of Rotten Sound, Trepan Dead that has an old school taste, Pulmonary Fibrosis that is GoreGrind legend here” said Flo recommending bands from his country. “There is a lot ! I made a compilation with 37 Grindcore, Goregrind, PowerViolence bands from France. It’s called IN GRINDO VERITAS. You can find it on internet through Kaotoxin records, and also on CD for cheap. Of course there is way lot more good bands but it would be too long to mention all of them.”

“Yeah, at this time we work on our very first full length. We will record it in 2016.” said Flo about their plans. The bands is also working on number of releases. “Coming soon, we are waiting for the release of our split with Proletar on CD and vinyl, and our split with Mincecore legends Agathocles, from Belgium, on vinyl (already out on CD). Also in february, a short Ep with 2 covers and an original unreleased track, to be released by Kaotoxin records, a very serious label for Grindcore and DeathMetal, Funeral doom etc.”

DOc Tour Poster (2)

“The UAE will be our last plan for 2015. We’ll also record the demo of our album. “said Flo about their plans for the rest of the year. “Next things will come in 2016. We’ll do a Europe tour with Die Choking from USA. I’m booking the tour right now.”

“I hope we’ll bring them a lot of fun and energy. Music is friendship, Grindcore is love.” said Flo about what to expect from their shows in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. “Bring some croissants and baguettes and throw it on us during the show hahaha”

Here is a glimpse of what to expect from the Correction of Department next week


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Aswekeepsearching Interview

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Post rock has been growing in India over the last few years. In the past 3 years there have been releases from bands like The Eternal Twilight, Kaav, Until we Last and others. Polish post rock act Tides from Nebula and Russian electropost rock band I Am Waiting For You Last Summer toured India. Festival organisers have taken notice of this new movement, this year Scottish post rock band Mogwai and American post rock act Explosions in the Sky will be headlining festivals later this year.

Earlier this week, I came across Aswekeepsearching and was really impressed by their single ‘What if_?’. I spoke to Uddipan Sarmah (Vocals/Guitars) about their album Khwaab, their tour of Russia and other plans for the rest of the year.


Gautam Deb (Drums) , Shawn Gurung(guitars/keyboards), Uddipan Sarmah (Vocals/Guitars) and Bob Alex (Bass) (from left to right)

There are not many bands from Ahmedabad and Gujarat. How did you start out?

Uddipan: Just like how every band starts.  Me and shubham wanted to record some music and while doing it, our friend did the drums and so it shaped up to a studio project. From there, it was all our determination to get out of the city, play to new people and spread our music. That led us here.

How did you’ll get into post rock?

Uddipan: Let me not talk about a genre. I would say, music like post rock was always there from quite sometime in our lives. It’s just that we recorded it late. Also, me and shubham has been working on different projects, but this kind of music got us to connect more. In short, we realized, we love emotional stuff.

I am influenced by lot of post rock bands and to name a few would be God Is An Astronaut, Caspian, This Will Destroy You, Mogwai, Mono, Maybeshewill. I would say, as a genre, post rock to me came from these bands. It’s not a very commercial genre yet, its still underground. And I am happy of the fact that in India, people have started talking about it.

You are one of the few “indie” bands that sing in Hindi. What is the reason behind it?

Uddipan: I am sure there are lot of indie bands who sings in hindi. In fact, we have very minimal vocals on our songs. There is no planned reason behind us doing hindi vocals. We wanted to stay true. And while writing music, we felt more connected with hindi lyrics and alaps. Also, I have been singing in hindi for sometime and that helped me to write some words for aswekeepsearching. Also, now after 2 years with the band, I realize we made the right choice, as singing in Hindi has got us doing something new. Rather it helped us to stand out of many indie bands.

Your debut album Khwaab is out tomorrow. Tell us a bit about your album.

Uddipan: Khwaab, as the name says, is like a dream to us. Starting from a place like Ahmedabad, where you have no scene, no venue, no festivals happening, working hard day & night and finding a way to come out of the city, travel my bus, train, save money to perform at a different city, come back home only with empty pockets, yet keep doing it to reach a place where we are now, all like a dream. I know the world is not over and we have a long way to go, but it feels good to look back and realize from where we started 2 years back. The album is dedicated to everything that has happened in our journey until now.

What was the recording process for the album?

Uddipan: We have been writing the songs from more than a year now. Constantly analysing and re writing parts while performing them live. It took some time for the songs to get matured and give us the confidence to hit the studio to record. But finally on Aug 9th  2015 we started tracking the album. For the 1st time, we had a deadline to complete the album as we were getting signed to a label and they wanted files in time. So yeah, we had to prepare ourselves, plan things well and make sure the we do things when we are supposed to do. Recording started with Drums and Bass recorded together at That Studio, Sion, Mumbai. It was in presence of some experienced guys & actually we were a bit nervous initially, which later vanished on their extended help and support. Rahul Hariharan (Bhayanak Maut) let us use his snares and also got one floor tom on rent for us. Abhishek Kamdar (Devoid) let is record Bass with one extra signal via his pedalboard, which definitely added the required texture in the sound. Anupam roy, to set up everything, Adhiraj Sing to track and patiently bare our mistakes. Lol. It was a great experience.

After that we tracked guitars. As we are not a band with good gear, so we had to ask for favors and we are so lucky to have some amazing friends around. I went to Siddharth Basrur’s house and tracked my guitars, as i wanted to use a fender for the clean tones. Later in Ahmedabad i borrowed a friends Epiphone & Gibson to complete the dirty parts. Vocals were tracked at my studio, Bluetree Studios in ahmedabad. We have added 3 songs from our EP as we think its important for those songs to be in the album considering the change in our sound and the way the band has evolved.

All files were sent to Adhiraj at Refractor Studios, Pune for post production. What followed next was sleepless nights, constant review of mixes and exchanging edit mails. It was a super 60 days. And yes, we completed everything in time,


How does Khwaab compare to your EP, Growing Suspicious?Khwaab

Uddipan: Its completely different from our Ep. Though we have the same emotions like that in Growing Suspicions, but the emotions have gone a little aggressive. We as a band have evolved with our sound and songwriting, I won’t talk much about it and leave it completely to the listeners to figure out and see how they can connect to the new sound.

The album is being released by Russian label Flowers Blossom in the Space. How did the deal come about?

Uddipan: I have been in conversation with the CEO of the label from 2014. Sharing our old music and also scratches from the album.  We have been planning things and waiting for the right moment to release the news. And I guess it is happening at the best time when we are releasing a full length album. Our meetings were on facebook and emails, to figure out things and plan ahead on how the band will grow. Yeah, that’s it, nothing fancy.


You are heading on a five show tour of Russia this week. How did it come about?

Uddipan: So we are releasing the album under the label Flower Blossom In The Space, which is from Russia. They are also a booking agency and have been doing lot of big instrumental, neo classical events worldwide. I have been in conversation with their CEO form quite a long time now, right after release of our EP Growing Suspicions. We have looked on the possibility of expanding aswekeepsearching’s reach and try to push the band as much as possible. The label has booked us for a tour on the album release. We will be going to Russia for 12 days and will be playing 5 shows. We will be supporting I Am Waiting For You Last Summer on their Album launch tour on 4 shows. All details in the poster attached.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? More tours?

Uddipan: We like being on roads. We are working on Indian dates, or it must been out by now. November we tour in India, then shoot our music video. December we might play couple of festivals. And then 2016 is in the planning. New music on the go always.

Listen to ‘What if_?’ below and pick up a copy of Khwaab from here

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