Introducing: Irreversible Mechanism

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Irreversible Mechanism

Who: Irreversible Mechanism The band consists of Yarolsav Korotkin (Vocals, Bass), Vladislav Nekrash (Guitars). Lyle Cooper (Ex – The Faceless) played drums on the album.

Where: Minsk, Belarus

What: “Infinite Fields is an album of post-apocalypse, of perception of a destroyed world by the few survivors.” said the band about their debut album. “It is about cataclysms and human mistakes that may lead to destruction of the planet and its biosphere. It describes the concept of devastation versus creation. It tells of nature’s forced decadence, ignorance in history, physics and karma. Each of the tracks is a chapter in a book you must finish.”

How: “We started writing November 2012 and finished May 2013.” said the band about the songwriting process for the album. “Designing a concept album is a rigorous and demanding process. But first and foremost we wrote the music we’d liked”.

“We were very scrupulous when it had come to recording: from guitar tuning, to each of the instrument sounds. We were recording at studios in Minsk and Kiev.” said the band about their recording process. “The only troubles we’ve had were related either to the time we’ve had to spend or the distance we’ve had to travel.”

Listen/Download ‘Infinite Fields‘ below

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May 12, 2015 at 10:00 am

The Dead Goats Interview

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Poland holds a special place in my heart. I got to see a lot of my favourite bands during the 2 years that I stayed in Wroclaw, Poland. During that time I also got a chance to discover other Polish bands than Vader and Behemoth. The Dead Goats are a band that I have recently discovered. They have 2 new releases out now, “Don’t go in the tomb” MCD and a split with Icon of Evil. I spoke to their vocalist/guitarist Pavlo about the origins of the bands, their new releases and also their plans for 2015.

The dead goats

“It was on the Neuropathia’s last european tour in 2010 when the idea of The Dead Goats first surfaced.” said Pavlo about the origins of the band. Jaworski and Pierściński are part of Neuropathia “I was there with them as a substitute guitarist, Marcin and Radek approached me with the idea and so it went. As simple as that.”

Poland is a country known for its black and death metal bands. The Dead Goats play old-school death metal similar to Swedish bands like Dismember and Grave. “As you surely know, years before The Dead Goats was conceived it was Neuropathia that first delved into the old school swedish sound, so it was there really from the beginning.” said Pavlo explains how they decided the sound their new band. “We just shifted from the more grindcore approach to more of a punkish death metal style and then took it from there to see what happens.

The band has covered Napalm Death, Repulsion, Autopsy on their releases. “Well, obviously the bands you mentioned played a huge role in our musical upbringing as well as of course all of the 90’s stockholm bands like Entombed and Dismember.” said Pavlo describing the bands that have influenced them. “Personally, I also listen to a lot of punk rock/hardcore punk like Minor Threat, Black Flag, The Clash and so on, because it helps me keep my songwriting within  the frames of a mindset that I cherish the most, which is all about rawness and pure emotion rather than technical masturbations.”


The Dead Goats have released a MCd “Don’t go in the tomb” on Arachnophobia Records “This mCD came about I’d say pretty accidentally. Songs that it’s composed of were meant to serve different purpose and be released in a different way, but our plans changed and we decided to indulge our CD-loving fans and put them out this way.” said Pavlo describing

“This time we decided for a different approach to songwriting, more akin to what we did with the first album, which is having only one, two riffs written beforehand and then just improvising the rest of the song at the rehearsal, trying to determine the feeling and dynamics of the piece.” said Pavlo describing their songwriting process for the release. “It was really fun and really quick. I think we wrote these songs over the course of three rehearsals.”

“Apart from what I mentioned earlier, I think “Don’t Go In the Tomb” shows a natural next step for us, as we progressively try to experiment with different things, different methods of, let’s say, assembling our songs.” said Pavlo about how “Don’t go in the tomb” compares to their previous releases. “It’s still as old school as it gets, but less “primitive”. I’m not saying our previous releases were primitive, but I think the progress is noticeable.

“The tracks has been laid in our good friend’s place, Sphieratz Studio and then we’ve sent the whole thing to be mixed and mastered at Satanic Studio by Haldor Grunberg.” said Pavlo about the recording process for the MCD. “The recordings took place over the span of two days, as we tend not to fuck around in the studio, lest we go insane.”

The Dead Goats also have another release out, a split with Icon of Evil. “The guys from Icon of Evil and us have known each other for a while, we’ve even shared stage. So when the idea of a joint release came from them, we had literally no reason not to do it. I remember we had some delays, but when we finally got to it, the songs came about pretty fast.” said Pavlo about the release. “I’m pretty happy with how this split turned out, I love its’ animal-like rawness and morbid themes behind the songs.”

The band go on tour with Icon of Evil this week. “We plan to hit Germany, Holland, Belgium, as well as our home country. We’re also supporting At The Gates at their gig in Warsaw later in the month, which is awesome. ” said Pavlo about their plans for the rest of the year. ”All in all, the time has come to put out a new full-length album (at last) so we’re gonna have to try and focus on that. Keep your fingers crossed, because I’m pretty excited for that. Thanks for the interview!”

Listen to “Featherless” from “Don’t Go In the Tomb” below

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May 4, 2015 at 10:00 am

Introducing: Crypt Sermon

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Crypt Sermon

Who: Doom metal band Crypt Sermon The band consists of Steve Jansson (Guitar), James Lipczynski (Guitar) Will Mellor (Bass) Brooks Wilson (Vocals) and Enrique Sagarnaga (Drums)

Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What: Crypt Sermon released their debut album ‘Out of the Garden’ in February through Dark Descent Records. “Well, it’s not a concept album but there is definitely a theme revolving around Christian history/mythology.” said guitarist Steve Jansson about the album. “Brooks is the one who writes all of the lyrics for the band. He takes Christian and historical themes and offers alternate starting points or inversions of the common, faith-based epistemology.”

“The songwriting process was pretty varied. The bulk of the demo was written by James and I from just jamming together on our own and coming up with the riffs and general structure. That’s how we did it in the beginning but for Out of the Garden it was much more collaborative since we were working in an actual band environment.” said Steve about how they wrote the album. “Brooks, James or I would often show up to practice with some riffs or ideas and we all would work together to carve out a song. There were also times where one of us would write a song on our own, record it at home and then send it to everyone in the band to hear and work on.”

How: “The recording process started off a bit rocky since there was some complications with some of the click tracks as well as scheduling but after we got through that, it was pretty smooth sailing. The album was recorded in a few different places; the drums in an actual studio, the rhythm guitars at our practice space, bass along with guitar solos in a bedroom and vocals in yet another studio.” said Steve describing the recording of the album. “The guy who recorded the album’s name is Arthur Rizk and he did a really killer job. As far as how long it took, I think a month or so. We recorded on weekends, mostly”.

Listen to ‘Out of the Garden’ below

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April 19, 2015 at 12:31 pm

Dionysus/Dormant Inferno Interview

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Transcending Obscurity is one of the few underground metal labels in India. In my interview with Kunal Choksi  in October 2013, he shared his plans for a sub label for India bands. After a quiet year (2014) next week will see the second release from the label, ‘Beyond forgotten shores’. The split release featuring 2 upcoming bands from the Indian subcontinent, Dionysus (Pakistan) and Dormant Inferno (India).

I’ve been listening to the review copy of ‘Beyond forgotten shores’ for the past couple of weeks and it sounds great. Both bands have recorded their best material yet. Read my interview with Sheraz from Dionysus and Sunny from Dormant Inferno below.


Dionysus (Left) and Dormant Inferno (Right)

You have been working on the “Beyond forgotten shores” split for some time now. How does it feel now that it is a week away from release?

Sheraz (Dionysus): It feels amazing since this split has been long overdue. We’ve been working on it since 2013 and I am glad both the bands are finally done with it and I am really looking forward to the release.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Yes things have been good. We worked on these tracks through 2014. It feels fantastic to be back and making some music after the 4 year void!

How did the idea for the split come about?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Idea for the split came about when I first heard Dormant Inferno on the internet and got in touch with Sunny. We connected well through music and in other aspects of life and became really good friends and when I mentioned doing a split with Dormant Inferno, it was like he was already thinking about it. So the decision to do a split was totally spontaneous. Kunal Choksi from Transcending Obscurity helped us turn it into reality.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Well it was like a natural thing to happen as both bands share common ground on a lot of aspects. Apart from when we had formed, there wasn’t another band in India that played the kind of dark doom metal that we were into; that’s how we kind of developed a kinship with Dionysus. It was just a question of who would ask first and then Sheraz mentioned it, and it was on from there!

Tell us a bit about the songs on your side of the release. How long have you been working on them?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Dionysus songs on this release are a bit more evolved from our last output. They’re more black metal, more on the atmospheric side. More memorable song structures. Basically people who are into black/doom metal are going to find it very interesting. We’ve been working on these songs for over 2 years now. It took this long since Waleed Ahmed , our frontman moved to Karachi in 2012. So recording process takes a lot of time now.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Well there are 2 new originals and a cover. ‘Veil of Lunacy’ is the latest track that we have written and I started composing it around Feb 2014 after we returned from our gig in Bangalore jamming along with our then live members Vineet Nair and Paresh Garude. The track developed into a mammoth slowly and steadily over the months. While ‘Deliverance’ is track that Gautam and I used to jam on in around 2010, the early days of Dormant Inferno; it was supposed to go on the ‘In Sanity’ release but we did not feel that the track was complete and so the track was buried for a few years. But we brought it back to life for this split release! I guess letting things take their natural time has worked well.

Tell us about the recording process for the songs.

Sheraz (Dionysus): It’s really weird and different from the other bands. Waleed and I do most of the song writing. Umair and I record the guitars/drums in my home studio. Then we send the files to Waleed in Karachi, he records his own parts on them and edits some parts etc then he mixes them and sends them back to us. It’s really hard to record like this but since Waleed doesn’t live in Lahore anymore, that’s the only way we can record now. It’s fun though.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Initially our plan was that we will record the instruments here in Mumbai and Gautam will send us his recorded tracks from the US. But as things unfolded, Gautam was scheduled to visit India for a few days, so he ended up recording his vocals here as well. I ended up doing guitars as well as bass, and Lenin rose up to the challenge really well as he had just joined us a few weeks before recording. All recording, mixing, mastering has been done by Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap productions.


The cover art for the split is done by your label owner Kunal Choksi and it looks awesome. Did you have any input in it?

Sheraz (Dionysus): It was Kunal’s idea and he captured the image of the music perfectly. We did gave him some suggestions but it was in fact totally his work and I am totally happy with it. It has that old school nocturnal feel to it that is found throughout our music.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Yes, it looks really mysterious and very different than most artworks. We pretty much gave him full freedom to try and capture the mood of the music into the art and must say he did a great job!

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Looking forward to the release. No plans as of yet. Let’s see.

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Well, we are contributing a single towards another split called ‘Pentacle of Doom’ which is conspired by the Djinn & Miskatonic guys. It is scheduled to release somewhere middle of 2015. Rest is yet to be seen and we are content in promoting ‘Beyond Forgotten Shores’ for now.

Any final words?

Sheraz (Dionysus): Thanks for taking interest in our music. Cheers!

Sunny (Dormant Inferno): Thanks a lot to the Indian metalheads for the encouragement through the 4 year period of inactivity. These new tracks are for anyone and everyone who has helped us return!

Listen to “Beyond forgotten shores” below

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Planet Radio City gets Metal

leave a comment » is the music portal of Radio City 91.1FM, India’s first and leading FM radio brand. A few years ago, they started Radio City Freedom, a web radio station playing independent music from across the country. At the end of last moth, Radio City launched a dedicated metal web radio station featuring over 100 artists from across the country. I spoke to Nitin Rajan, Product Head – Digital Media & New Business at Radio City about their latest web radio station.


“We had launched Radio City Freedom in 2012 which plays independent music from the Indian diaspora across genres. The station has been doing exceedingly well and the logical progression was to branch out into two main sub-genres which demanded stations of its own, Electronic Music & Metal.” said Nitin about how they decided to have a dedicated web radio station for metal. “Metal with its various sub-genres at this stage has the critical mass to merit its own radio station. A few years ago, without the quantum of music needed to run a radio station would have led to fatigue. So yeah 2015 sounded perfect for Radio City Metal.”

“We have been running a weekly show called Domination@8 on Radio City Freedom and thus were in touch with bands and were collecting music for over a year now. So a dedicated team which sources the music, programs it using the most appropriate music programming techniques and of course customizing it has been a challenge.” said Nitin describing the work that went in to launching the web radio station. “The back end infrastructure was in place as we have been streaming more than 15 web radio stations as a network. So yeah, a lot of planning and hard work has gone behind the scenes to get a quality station out.”

The web radio station currently features 250 songs by bands from across the country, veteran bands like of Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection and even upcoming bands like Mortar and Against Evil. It is quite simple for bands to get featured on the station. “We proactively reach out and source music from upcoming and established talent in the country and add them to our playlist.The bands can send us their music on and our programming team will select the songs based on certain minimum essential requirements mainly – production.” said Nitin about the process.

“Stage One is to stabilize the station with a good library of music from around the country. To reach out to all quality bands spread across the country with the intention of showcasing all the diverse sub-genres being produced.” said Nitin about their future plans. “Later we will call bands and musicians to our studios and have a chat with them, interview them, premiere songs, have online listening parties where bands can launch albums and much more but in due course of time.”

Tune in here to get your daily dose of metal –

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Amogh Symphony Interview

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2014 was a good year for the independent music scene in India. One of my favorite release from an Indian band was “Vectorscan” by Amogh Symphony. The release saw the band moving away from technical metal and into “Avant garde” territory. I spoke to the band about the album, how Andrey became part of the and also what the future hold for the band

Amogh Symphony

How does it feel now that ‘Vectorscan’ has been released?

Jim – Like a load was lifted off my back. Now, i can practice my doublebass for fun, not to achieve BPM for a track. It is no fun to have tempos that i cannot play at the time to record. It makes practicing like work, which is detrimental to the creative process.

Andrey – A huge relief. Like it or not, the music finally shaped itself. Creating the album was no easy task for all of us.

The storyboard for the album is quite extensive. How long have you been working on the story for?

Andrey – The story has just begun.

Vishal – The story was written in 2 months but later I had to do a lot more research on it. Especially with tantric mantra style rhymes as song titles/chapter titles. This time, I had to treat it like a proper storyboard with images and visuals. Overall, 3 years of work.

With Jim in USA, Andrey in Russia and you in India. What was the songwriting process like?

Jim – Slow for final arrangements. Vishal is the kind of guy who can create a 5 minute song based on a 7 second drum loop i send him. With all parts in an hour or two. It’s hard to get Vishal to stop changing things. Vishal sent me new song demos, i did listen to them more than once and they went to my trash folder. I learned from TQHC when i would spend two weeks on 4 measures, and i was finally ready to record the next day, that night Vishal would send a new version with that section deleted.
This album did not have re-composing and fitting the drums to the music like TQHC, by chopping them up, changing, adding bass drum parts, starting the groove on th & of 3 etc…
All the songs were set in stone before i hit record. Vishal did change things and recompose, but that was done on top of the drum tracks.

Andrey – Lots of communication, countless phone calls, emails, messages, thousands of shared ideas to be refined later. And thousands of hours, obviously. No random noise. Focused work.

Vishal – lol. I know you guys hate me so much for doing that. You heard them, Peter.

How did Andrey become part of the band?

Jim – Andrey was wandering around the My Little Pony section of Toys R Us crying. We followed him around. Then he found a plastic xylophone and played an incredible etude. Vishal and i looked at each other and immediately bought the giant My Little Pony Stable Playset and a couple of ponies for Andrey. We never saw such an excited guy. He then ran and grabbed a Barbie guitar and played Eruption note for note. We knew that we had found the third member.

Andrey – Started as a new member of RPL, wrote some unusual extra parts, which Vishal liked.

Vishal – I discovered Andrey through Mark during Robots Pulling Levers guest sessions. Andrey amazed all of us with his playing and ideas and I knew that I found the third puzzle of Amogh Symphony lol and Jim made up the story because he is a genius.

Amogh Symphony - Vectorscan cover

How long did the recording process for the album take?

Jim – About a year.

Vishal – About a year? Aye, more than a year.

Andrey – More than a year. Too many ideas we’ve gone through. We could write an entire discography based on leftovers.

How difficult was the recording process for the album? I believe an entire recording of the album was scrapped.

Jim – That is correct. But the amount of songs were more than one album. It was like two albums. And each one had a different style. We knew something was wrong when Vishal had some Irish-like folk song violin parts.

Actually there is a bass line that survived the cut and made it to the album. Except it is not shifting time signatures like a broken record.

Andrey – ‘Finding the right sound’ for a certain idea was the hardest part for everyone. More thinking, more playing, more unique, unusual sounds.

Vishal – I took help from few recording engineers. I wasn’t happy with same old “hi-end” and “crystal clear digitally” styles of production. Same synth, same presets….never. Hence, it was a non stop search for the right sound which means even the scratch recordings were tweaked to get the basic skeleton structure.

What is next for the band? I believe you have been working on instructional videos and a DVD.

Jim – This is top secret info. Since we pissed of many fans of the metal Amogh sound, the next album is designed to piss off everyone else. As far as video, i want to do some lessons on YouTube.

Vishal – You know, that’s been going on since quite a long time but I want to make sure that I do not end up making a regular DVD video where I sit and show off same sets of guitar and production/music composition lessons. All I want is to share something that others do not and/or never shared. For example, how to make top notch music with minimal gear and cheap equipments when you are broke and cannot afford to buy those expensive gear on Youtube demo videos.

Any Final words?

Jim – Don’t blow dry your hair while taking a bath.

Andrey – Thanks for listening our music and thanks for support.

Vishal – You never know where the direction goes. No matter what, a lot of fans supported and accepted our directions that we chose. I really want to thank them all for being with us and believing in us.

Listen to ‘Vectorscan’ below

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Shepherd interview

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Shepherd are one of the bands I have been listening to this month. Winner of the ‘Best Emerging Act’ award at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards last year, they released their debut album ‘Stereolithic Riffalocalypse’ 2 weeks ago. I spoke to the Namit and Deepak from the band about the album, being a sludge band in India and a lot more.

Namit, Abhishek and Deepak (Left to Right)

Namit, Abhishek and Deepak (Left to Right)

“Feels great that all our work is finally set in stone so to speak! Relieved as well, because at one point it seemed that there was always something ‘round the corner that would get in the way of us releasing the album.”said Namit, guitarist and vocalist for Shepherd about the album finally being released. “Yeah it’s been a blast so far. Time to write some new shit.” said Deepak, drummer and vocalist for the band. The sludge/doom metal band is rounded up by bassist Abhishek who is also a member of Death/Thrash metal band Inner Sanctum.

The band started in 2011 and they put put 2 demos, one in November that year and the second in April 2011. “We’ve known each other since college, but it was only when Deepak moved to Bangalore that things really started to fall in place.” said Namit about how they got together.

“We started out as a band that loved to jam it up and bring in the improv element to the mix. But gradually as we started playing more shows, we also started writing more songs. It came to a point where we had enough songs to head to the studio and record – which in itself took as long as it did to write the album, due to lineup changes and whatnot.” said Namit about writing the album. “We took it pretty much one song at a time. We used to jam a lot onstage to compensate for not having enough songs. And as we wrote more songs our sets became more song oriented. It’s just been about trying to be concise and to the point.” said Deepak.

Stereolithic Riffalocalypse

Stereolithic Riffalocalypse’ was recorded at Area 51 studios in Bangalore. “Recording was good fun. A little tedious at times with the retakes. Halfway through we had to write lyrics, and sing on the songs we had written – which was a first for most of us.” said Namit about the recording process. “ Heading to the studio, and singing / listening to the vocal lines before they had been tested on a live stage was insane.

The album was masted by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege “He’s a master at what he does. Our mixing engineer Rahul Ranaganth (ex-The Bicycle Days) is also responsible for the massive sound you hear on the album.” said Deepak about working with Brad.

Stereolithic Riffalocalypse’ is probably the first ‘Sludge’ release in India. Shepherd started out as improvised band with hints of doom metal on your initial demos. “As a jam band we’re definitely more chilled out and along the lines of Earthless, Yawning Man, Truckfighters – simple groovy stuff on which you can build the jam. But we have always wanted to write songs that would fucking destroy places. Low, plodding and intense – influenced by our love for all things loud and heavy.” said Namit about their shift towards a sludge sound.

“It started with Sabbath for me. Then through Pantera I discovered Exhorder then Crowbar, Corrosion, Eyehate etc.” said Deepak about how he got into sludge and the band that have influenced them.“It’s just like how when you find something you like, it makes you want to dig deeper and find more of it.”

“Putting out ‘Stereolithic Riffalocalypse’ on vinyl. New EP release for late 2015/early 2016.” said Deepak about their plans for rest of the year. “Starting writing/recording this summer for that. Besides that, play some gigs anywhere we can. That’s about it.”

Listen to ‘Stereolithic Riffalocalypse’ below


Here is a video of Shepherd performing ‘Blog Slime’ live

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