Roby (Blastasfuk) interview

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Blastasfuck Records is the only extreme metal label that I know that releases only grindcore music. The label and also distro was started by Roby  (The Kill) over a decade ago in Melbourne, Victoria. I spoke to Roby recently and found out more about Blastasfuk, the metal scene in Australia and the upcoming releases from the label.

Hi Roby, you have been running Blastasfuk Records for nearly a decade. How did you decide to start a label?

Roby: Yeah, it’s been a long bloody time. I was trading & selling records before I decided to call the label BLASTASFUK! It all came about from trading THE KILL demo with labels around the world. From there on I went mad!

What was your first release?

Roby: UNDINISM – Live At The Green Room 01.05.04 DVDR & NOISEAR – Red Tape Agenda MCD

When did you decide to release only grindcore music?

Roby: From day 1 mate… I can’t recall exactly what year!

What do you look for in a band before you sign them to your label?

Roby: Good composers who play fast music… Only bands I love!

What have been the most memorable releases so far?

Roby: That’s a very hard question. I think I’ve probably listened to the first HATRED SURGE collection CD more than any other BAF release.

You also play in The Kill. How do you balance being in a band and running a record label?

Roby: In moderation now. We usually jam once a week, but at the moment we’re taking a little break, whilst I’m trying to get this new KILL album out: “KILL THEM ALL…” whilst in the mist of writing new tunes & spending quality time with the family.)

What are bands from Melbourne and Australia that we should check out?

Roby: At the moment, bands like SEWERCIDE, INTERNAL ROT, SPLIT TEETH, MORBID ANAL, BLACK JESUS, PISSBOLT & shit loads more, I just haven’t been out for a little while… Old!

What are the upcoming releases from your label?

Roby: CAPTAIN CLEANOFF – Rising Terror CD GROTESQUE ORGAN DEFILEMENT – Body Horror CD EXCRUCIATING TERROR – Divided We Fall (Re-press) CD & more.

Here are a few releases by Blastasfuk that everyone should check out

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November 19, 2014 at 10:00 am

Now Playing – October 2014

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This is a bit late but here it goes…


Scribe – Hail Mogambo

The third album by the post hardcore band from Mumbai continues where it left off on “Mark of Teja”. Named after the famous Bollywood villain Mogambo from the late 80’s hit film, Mr. India; the band further experiments with their sound on this album with the introduction of synths and also Vishwesh rapping on most of the songs. Listen to their first single “Cops, Cops, Cops, Cops” to find out why I have been listening to this album on loop lately.


Dhwesha – Sthoopa

Dhwesha are an anomaly in the Indian metal scene as their lyrics are in Kannada. The band play straight up death metal and wear their influences on their sleeve. The songs on the album sound a lot better than on the Yuddhabhumi demo that I heard a couple years ago. Sthoopa is a promising debut album from the Bangalore band. They are definitely a band that I will keep an eye out for in the future.


Phobocosm – Deprived

Deprived is described as “a suffocating and beastly dark death metal album with injections of doom, black and ambient elements throughout.” A few listens into the album you will understand exactly why. Phobocosm like to keep things simple unlike their peers from Montreal. Those who prefer listening to death metal with clean production should avoid this album.


Zero Gravity – Holocaust Awaits

Zero Gravity are from Indore, a city I least expected to have a metal band especially one with a female vocalist. Their first album has 8 tracks of death metal with catchy riffs. The album sounds good courtesy production by Ashwin Shriyan (Demonic Resurrection). A gem of a release by Transcending Obscurity Distribution.


Non – metal

Empty Yard Experiment – Kallisti

Empty Yard Experiment are one of the few progressive rock bands from the UAE. The band have matured as songwriters on their sophomore album, which is getting them attention across the world. I feel this is the best release from the UAE this year, along with Aramiac who were featured last month. The band put on a great show live with a lot of visual elements. They are touring the UK next month check the dates and more here.


Skrat – The Queen

The Chennai rockers are back all guns blazing with new album. Their latest album Queen continues with their style of uptempo rock that we heard on their previous album, Bring Out The Gig Guns. You can’t resist singing along to the infectious riffs and hooks. Skrat are at the moment my favourite rock band in India along with The Supersonics.

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November 12, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Introducing: Verse Vica

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Verse Vica

Who: Progressive metal band, Verse Vica. The bands consists of Paul Meisner (Guitar), Spencer Brunkhorst (Vocals), Tyler Shehan (Bass) and Greg Marcon (Guitar)

Where: North Carolina, USA

What: The band released their debut album ‘Endeavor’ last month. “We mostly wrote the songs in the order that they appear on the album.” said Paul Meisner about the songwriting process for the album. “We usually start with a guitar riff and then build other ideas off of that. Sometimes we’ll try to carry a theme of a repeating rhythmic pattern throughout a song, presenting it in different ways, or we’ll use polymeters to change how a section feels. Even though our song structure can be complex, we wrote the songs with the intention of having occasional sections that  we’ll repeat and come back to later in order to tie the song together. It took a long time to write and record the whole album, the project took over 1 year. We’re glad to finally have it out for others to enjoy it.”

How: The album was recorded at Paul’s studio. “This made it a very laid back and enjoyable experience, because we were able to take our time and not rush things.” said Paul about the recording process. “We’re very happy with the final product, and we learned a lot in the process”

Renowned producer Jaime King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale The Summit) mixed the vocals and also mastered the album. “Even though we didn’t record any of the music with him, having him mix the vocals and master the entire record was a great experience.” said Paul about working with Jaime. “He did a great job with making it sound how we wanted, and he had some great advice and input on things that helped us improve the whole package. Hopefully next time around we can record an entire record with him from the ground up!”

Endeavor’ sounds awesome and is a must listen of all fans of progressive rock/metal. Listen/Download to the album for free below

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November 6, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Azooma Interview

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Iran is not a country known for metal music, so when I got an email about Death metal band Azooma, I knew I had to feature them here.

The band are from Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran. They released their first EP “A hymn of the vicious monster” after being together for nearly a decade now. I spoke to about their vocalist Shahin Vaqfipour about their EP , recording it and being a metal band in Iran.


“It feels great. Because you do the thing which you know is right at your heart, No matter how wrong it might seem in other ones’ opinions.” exclaimed Shahin about being in a metal band in Iran. “It is something we know deep inside and we really love what we do.”

In a country where music is banned and you can get arrested for having long hair, it would definitely not be easy to meet like minded musicians and start a band. “We are lucky because we have known each other since we were teenagers” said Shahin about how the band was formed “I think, We got absorbed to each other by our minds, feelings and our thoughts. Not just the band members but everyone who has helped us through our journey which is a never ending story by itself.” The band consists of Ahmad Tokallou (guitar), Farid Shariat (bass) and Saeed Shariat (drums).

A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster

Last month the band put out their first release, a concept EP titled “A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster”. “It is about a person who thinks he is a victim of situations and all his misery is due to a monster who he has always afraid of and get chased by” explains Shahin. “But slowly it becomes clear to him that, he is the monster that he has been afraid of all his life. It is in everyone. Everyone has this opportunity to turn to a monster. The true power is not to let this essence, this instinct grow.”

“The whole process took almost a year and a half.  We specified the story and we gathered in our practicing place and told each other our ideas and opinions about it. The music and lyrics has created and made during those sessions and got matched together. We recorded guitar, Bass and vocals lines in our rehearsal room and the drum parts in Minus One studio” Shahin describes the songwriting and recording process for the EP.

The EP was mixed and mastered by Iranian producer Ehsan Imani in Mixter Blaze Studio. “It’s really enjoyable and great to work with him” said Shahin about working with Ehsan. “Because he listens carefully to you and get closed to your ideas and do exactly what you have in your minds.”

“A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster” has been released by Xtreem Music, a label that recently has been releasing bands from countries not known for it’s metal scene.  “We have this great friend, Mohsen who is the Chief Editor of Metal Shock Finland and he runs Stargazer Consultancy. We told him that we seek a good record label company for releasing our EP and signed a contract with him. He found this great company, Xtreem Music, which supports and has interests in real music.” said Shahin about how they got signed to Spanish label.

The band last year co-headlined the Persian Metal Fest 2013 along with french death metal band Gorod. “We had listened to Gorod songs and albums before Persian Metal in 2013 and we really liked them and were interested to perform with them and meet them.” said Shahin about the festival. “It was a really  great experience and we learned many things from them.”

Some of the metal bands from Iran recommended by Shahin are Ehsan Imani ‘s Rager Blaze, Kahtmayan, 5GRS, Scox, Mordab, Acrovaya, Reza Rostamina, Arsames, Master of Persia, Armaiti.

“Thank you for giving us your time and we hope to see Metal fans in India soon. Be sure that you will hear more about AZOOMA. Keep on going. Keep Metal alive. Stay crazy” said Shahin ending our interview.

Listen to “A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster” below

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October 1, 2014 at 2:42 pm

Now Playing – September 2014

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After the good response I got for this feature earlier, here is what I have been listening to in the past month.


Primitiv – Lords of Primitiv

The new single from Mumbai metal band Primitiv starts off with a catchy riff that you can’t help but headbang to. Awesome vocals by Nitin Rajan (Morticide). Check out the lyric video below to find out why I’ve been listening to the track on loop in the past week.


Aramaic – The Fallen

Aramaic are a Death/Doom metal band with oriental influences. I checked out the band as it has my friend Serge (Abhorred) on vocals and I was not disappointed at all. One of the best releases that I have heard recently by a band from United Arab Emirates.


Dying out Flame – Shiva Rudrastakam

The debut album by Nepali Vedic Death metal band, Dying Out Flame blew me away with it’s aggressive sound. Fans of early albums by Rudra from Singapore will enjoy this album. Good release by the Spanish label Xtreem Music.


7H. Target – 0.00 Apocalypse

I am not a huge fan of brutal death metal but have been listening to this album a lot while working out at the gym. As Kunal (Transcending Obscurity) described the album in his review “It’s like Transformers playing Brutal Death Metal”. The album features Ruslan “Mirus” Iskandaroff (Ex-Katalepsy) on vocals and has killer production courtesy Neil Kernon.


Non – Metal

Amogh Symphony – Vectorscan

On their latest release “Vectorscan” Vishal J Singh shifts Amogh Symphony into “Avant garde” territory. The album is “about the cosmic war between positive forces and negative forces of darkness in nano and pico level of matter of composition.” Read the entire story here. Vishal J Singh is a genius. In my opinion, this album is easily one of the best releases by an Indian band this year.


Hoirong – दण्डनीय अपराध

Dislike music with clean production? Give the new album from Hoirong a spin. Not sure how to describe the sound of this album as it has pop, disco, grunge and everything in between. Give it a couple of listens and I’m sure you’ll have a couple of songs stuck in your head.


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September 28, 2014 at 7:09 pm

Tides from Nebula Interview

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In 2009; I lived in Wroclaw, Poland. During the first month living there, I attended a music festival called Asymmetry. Some of the bands playing on that day were This Will Destroy You, Minsk, Blindead and also a new Polish band called Tides from Nebula. The band won a competition to play the gig and put on an impressive set. I really enjoyed their set and bought a copy of their album “Aura” which released a couple months earlier. The next year, 2010 I watched them live at the Knock Out Festival in Krakow. Since moving back to India, I have kept up with Tides from Nebula through their Facebook page and noticed that they have been touring a lot across Europe. Earlier this month, they announced a tour of India. I spoke to their guitarist Maciej Karbowski about the tour, their latest release “Live sessions” and more.

by Irn Bru

Band Photo by Irn Bru


“Feels awesome man! We never toured Asia before, it feels so unrealistic.” said an excited Maciej about their tour put together by promoter Karan Mehta (Outrage Festival).“I am waiting for the moment of leaving the plane, probably then I’m gonna realize that it’s really happening.”

“Everyone of us been looking for other guys who would be keen to play more atmospheric rock music, more space and ambience in it.” said Maciej about how the band started. “We asked some friends for help and in January 2008 we formed Tides From Nebula. Of course we had some bands before, years of experience, without it we would still suck probably.” The other members in the band are Adam Waleszyński (guitar), Przemek Węgłowski (bass) and Tomasz Stołowski (drums).

Poland is a country known for its death metal and black metal bands. However in the past 5 years, Tides from Nebula have reached the apex of the post rock scene in Europe. “It was not a conscious decision, it just happened.” Maciej explains how they decided to play post rock. “We met, started playing and it sounded like our first album, just like that. Our roots are rather heavy rock/metal, so thats why we focus on heavy rhythm section, essential for us.”

Last month, Tides from Nebula independently released a live album “Live Sessions”. “Before our spring tour we thought that maybe it’s a good idea to record something live in the studio.” said Maciej about the reason behind recording a live album. “We love that kind of recordings, they show bands real live sound. We do own our own recording studio, so it was quite easy to do, we were rehearsing for a tour anyway, just setup a couple of mics, asked our friends to film it, and it’s here.”

Last year, the band released their third album “Eternal Movement“. “It is basically our most positive sounding record I think. There are actually SONGS on it.” Maciej describes the album. “I kinda love it even more one year after releasing, love to play these tunes live.”

After their India shows, the band will heading back to Europe for a tour with After The Burial, Monuments and Dead Letter Circus in October. Post that they will be headlining 12 shows across Poland in November and then 5 to 8 shows in Europe before the end of the year. A hectic few months for the band. Tides from Nebula are also currently booking a tour with sleepmakeswaves and Skyharbor for March next year, which I am sure is going to be awesome.

When asked what to expect from their live performances, Maciej said “We don’t know what to expect showise, hopefully some people will attend. From our side, we will rocks your socks off, at least we will try to.”

Catch the Tides from Nebula at the following dates:

Tides From Nebula India Tour Poster

Here is my favourite song by Tides from Nebula “Tragedy of Joseph Merrick

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September 23, 2014 at 12:17 am

Until We Last Interview

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Until we Last  are a post rock band from Bangalore. I first heard about them when I interviewed Noor from The Eternal Twilight. The band were also featured in my last post “Now Playing – August 2014” where I described their “Earthgazing” EP as “A short release of just 4 songs, I was left wanting for more’; looking forward to a full length released from them soon.”

I spoke to guitarist Ketan Bahirat about the EP, post rock in India and also their plans for rest of the year.

Until We Last

Band Photo by Myriad Hues

“I started the band as a studio project back in 2011, the current line up (Ralston D’souza on drums, Chaithanya Jade on guitars and Paul Dharamraj on bass) came together around March 2013, and we’ve been jamming ever since.”

The band released their first EP “Earthgazing” a couple of weeks ago to rave reviews from the websites like Rock Street Journal, MTV Indies and also newspapers like The Hindu. “Earthgazing is a sound we’ve been working on together as a band for over 8 months.” Ketan describing their EP. “The concept of the EP revolves around the moment or time frame that humans are going through between Creation and Destruction”.

“The songs were written probably back in July last year, apart from Water and To Space and Back (which we’ve re-recorded for this EP, I’d launched them as singles previously).” “We started recording it back in December with Rahul Ranganath (guitarist of The Bicycle Days) who engineered it and later we sent it to Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor) for mixing. It was quite a process and we learnt a lot from the whole experience. The EP was mastered at AIR Studios, London. The process took just above 8 months. We wanted to get it sounding as good as we possibly could.”

In the past couple of years, there has been a surge in post-rock bands across India. “I honestly don’t see many other bands playing genuine post-rock.”  “There are bands influenced by it, surely. I got into post-rock 5-6 years ago. In fact, only after getting into ambient music, with the likes of Sigur Ros, Hammock, etc.”

After playing gigs in Pune and Bangalore in support of their EP release, Ketan says “We plan on taking this EP out on tour, playing as many shows around the country as possible. Hopefully we can launch more material as well as start recording our full length!” The next show for the band will be in Mumbai, they are part of the line-up for Control ALT Delete 6 on 14th September. Follow their Facebook page for more show updates.

Listen to “Earthgazing” below


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